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20 Birthday Gifts for 15 Year Old Girls

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Teenagers are not always the easiest to buy for, especially when they are teenage girls! It’s no wonder that you are at a loss of what to get her for her fifteenth birthday! Check out these ideas to at least get you moving in the right direction for her gift this year.

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Creative and Unique Birthday Gifts for 15-Year-Old Girls

Natural Lip Balm Set

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Natural lip balm will make her lips feel healthy and moisturized, especially if her birthday is during a time of year where they are left dry and chapped.

Pink Llama Pillow

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This pink llama pillow will look great on her bed, a chair in her room, or wherever she chooses to toss it on a whim.

Hummingbird Temporary Tattoo

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Hummingbirds are small, mighty birds. She can wear this hummingbird temporary tattoo for as long as it stays on her skin to remind her that she is a mighty lady.

“Blessed beyond measure” Shirt

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While she may not always realize it, she is blessed beyond measure!

“Keep calm and trot on” Colorful Horse Mug

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If she loves horses or riding horses, she definitely needs a mug like this for whatever hot beverage of choice that she likes to drink.

A Young Woman’s Guide to Making Right Choices by Elizabeth George

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Every teenager needs a guide that helps them make the right choices because all of those decisions can be hard!

Wooden Dragonfly Necklace

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A beautiful piece of jewelry that isn’t the typical silver or gold, a wooden dragonfly necklace will be an attention getter in a good way.

Hooded Owl Blanket

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This hooded owl blanket will help her keep warm in style!

Silver Flower Earrings

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Flowers are always beautiful, throughout the year, and they will look exceptional on her ears.

“You are loved” Hand-Lettered Coffee Mug

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Make sure that she has a constant reminder that she is loved because even when she hears it from her family, it sometimes goes in one ear and out the other.

Butterfly Necklace

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Jewelry can certainly be the way to her heart for her fifteenth birthday, and the good news is that she can never have too much.

Goat Yoga Shirt

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For the fifteen-year-old yogi, a goat yoga shirt is fitting and also pretty awesome as well!

Roll On Perfume Oil

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At her age, she may be interested in wearing perfume more often, and a roll-on perfume is a great way for her to wear it without your whole house smelling like it!

Sterling Silver Mountain Range Ring

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If she has a soul for adventure, she needs a sterling silver mountain range ring to wear.

Personalized Travel Journal

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Traveling is fun at any age, and at fifteen-years-old, that is prime time for keeping a journal of all the amazing things she sees and experiences.

Panda Bear Shirt and Shorts PJ Set

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Pandas are adorable and this shirt and shorts pajama set certainly look cozy.

Minnie Mouse Necklace and Earrings Set

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For the Disney loving fifteen-year-old, a Minnie Mouse necklace and earring set is the perfect birthday gift.

“I’m trying to be awesome today, but I’m exhausted from being so freakin’ AWESOME yesterday” Coffee Mug

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She was so awesome yesterday, that she can’t muster the energy to be awesome today! It’s a tragedy!

“She is more precious than rubies” Hand-Lettered Journal

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Remind her that she is more important to you than anything else with a journal just for her.

Hitop Geometry Dot Casual Canvas Backpack and Bag Set

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She will be set up for school or sleepovers with this stylish backpack and bag set.

Fifteen is a great age, or at least it can be! Make sure she has a lovely gift for her lovely birthday!

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