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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for College Students

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With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start shopping for gifts. If you have a college student who’s coming home for Christmas this year, they’re probably looking forward to some family time after being away studying. Surprise them with these stocking stuffer ideas for college students! (

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for College Students

These stocking stuffers have plenty of practical and fun gift ideas for anyone who’s in college, whether they’re in dorms or at home. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what a not-quite adult, but definitely not-kid needs, so hopefully, these inspire your Christmas shopping this year. (and don’t worry, if you need a gift for a professor, we got you covered. 

Lip Balm

Lips get chapped, especially in the wintertime. Lip balm is always a great, practical stocking stuffer for guys and girls.

Academic Planner

You can get smaller academic planners that will fit perfectly into a stocking. What’s great about Christmas is you can pick up a planner for the next year!

RFID Blocking Card

If they’re away at college chances are they’re also carrying their own credit card. Get them one of these RFID blocking cards so no one can skim their information and make life even harder for the broke college kid.

Comfy Slipper Socks

Studying is hard. Make it easier, especially on cold winter mornings, by including a pair of comfy slipper socks into your college student’s stocking.

Student Planner Stickers

Help college students stay organized by giving them some student planner stickers in their stocking. These are a cute way to turn a boring planner into something a little more motivating and fun.

Emergency Car Rescue Tool

If they’re driving back and forth to college, you’re probably worried about accidents. Make yourself feel a little bit better with this potentially life-saving tool everyone should have in their vehicle.

Exercise Accessories

There’s lots of great exercise equipment that will fit into a stocking and help keep your college student healthy. These jogging straps are a great choice for a runner, though. Other ideas might be things like skipping ropes, fitness trackers, stretch bands, and water bottles.

Dish scrubbers

Dishes are just a fact of life. Make washing them just a little bit more fun with this college student stocking stuffer idea.

Party Games

College isn’t all about studying! Give them some party games as stocking stuffers so they can have some fun with dorm mates and friends. These are also great icebreakers.

Pencil Case

One of the more practical stocking stuffer ideas for college students, a sturdy pencil case, can really help. You could be even more awesome by filling it with supplies!


It’s December, after all. Get college students some warm mittens as a stocking stuffer so they can keep warm on their way to class.

Extra Phone Chargers

College students are always losing, breaking, or otherwise in need of extra phone chargers. Save them time searching by putting a few backups in their stocking so they plenty in an emergency.

Bedside Caddy

This super useful bedside caddy is great for dorm beds. They tuck it under the mattress, and it holds a drink and their phone.


Be the hero of the 8 am class and late-night study sessions! Most college students survive on nothing but caffeine and coffee one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for college students.

Microwave Ramen Cooker

When two college stereotypes meet, this is what you get. This handy microwave cooker will cook their instant ramen noodles to perfection. Add a few packs of their favorite brand to the stocking, as well!

Portable Drinking Game

If your college student happens to be old enough to drink, then you can help them be the lift of the party with this gift idea.

Fun Magnets

Perfect for the mini-fridge or a dorm room magnet board! Just because they’re an adult doesn’t mean they don’t want some fun in their lives.

Travel Toiletry Organizer

This is great for college students who are living in dorms with communal showers. They can put all their toiletries in this sturdy bag and have everything they need altogether. No more forgetting something!

Room Decor

You can make college dorm rooms really cute with just a few accessories. Fairy lights are popular right now and small enough to easily fit in a stocking.

Slightly Naggy Keychain

Just because they’re off to college doesn’t mean they’re not still your baby! Give a college student a little something to remind them that you care while they’re away.

Command Hooks

These are great when you live somewhere where you can’t make holes in the wall. Give college students some extra storage for things like coats or backpacks or smaller hooks to hang pictures around their room.

Craft Kit


Making crafts can be relaxing, and college is pretty darn stressful. Give a college student a small craft kit in their stocking for them to do when they have some free time and need to unwind.

Microwave Breakfast Maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and college students need a good one to set them up for learning success. Unfortunately, most don’t have time, or a full kitchen, to make eggs. Microwave to the rescue!

Portable Battery Bank

Sometimes your devices die at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of class. Make sure college students have portable battery banks so they can keep their phone charged all day long.

Tool Set

Chances are they’re going to come across times in college where they need tools. Give a set like this that covers the basics and is small enough to fit in their stocking.

TV Stick

Chances are college students who can’t afford cable. Give them a TV streaming stick in their stockings so they can watch Netflix on the TV.

Gag Gifts

There’s so many out there like these funny fake parking tickets. College students will get a laugh out of pranking their friends!

Laundry Bag

You could easily squish one of these into a stocking! This handy laundry bag also has laundry doing instructions, perfect for a college student.

Lucky Exam Pencils

Everyone needs a little bit of extra luck now and then. These lucky exam pencils are one of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas for college students because they’re fun, thoughtful, and practical.

Conversation Starters

A great way to break the ice at college, especially if they’re only a few months into their freshmen year.

Caffeinated Chocolate

It’s a snack, and a pick me up all in one! Caffeinated chocolate is great to have on hand when studying for exams or those early mornings after staying up too late.

Desktop Games

Sometimes when you’re writing a paper or studying, you need to take some short breaks. Some fun desktop games, like this one, are a great way to “take 5” and be more productive.

Portable Fan

Classrooms, libraries, and dorm rooms at college can get hot and stuffy, even in winter. Having a portable fan on hand can make things a little bit more comfortable.

Toiletry Organizer

If they need more space than just a little travel bag, a toiletry organizer like this one is perfect for taking along to communal showers in college. There’s plenty of space to store all their must-haves for getting ready in the morning!

Temperature Controlled Mug

Of course, a travel mug is an excellent addition to any stocking, but this mug is one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for college students. It’s temperature-controlled via an app, so their morning classes always include the perfect cup of coffee.

Funny Pillowcases

You can’t fit a whole pillow inside a stocking, but you sure can put a pillowcase or two in there. College students will love, or love to hate anyway these hilarious choices.

Holiday Popper

Christmas is all about the toys when you’re a kid. Just because you’re shopping for a college student doesn’t mean that tradition has to completely die. Add a holiday-themed toy like this funny elf ball popper.

Adult Now Mug

Funny mugs are always a win! Find something that’s college student appropriate like this one.

Nail Clipper Set

This is one of those things that people don’t realize they need until they have it. If your college student has a cheap set or worse none at all, they’ll definitely appreciate these nail clippers and accessories.

Meme Stickers

If you’re looking for something small and fun to add to a college student’s stocking, look no further. Meme stickers, like this one, will bring them joy as they stick them on their devices, textbooks, or around campus.

Magnetic Poetry

These are fun to have when you have shared spaces. College students can entertain each other by creating beautiful; college themed magnetic poetry on the fridge.

Sticky Note Set

Probably the most practical thing you can get for a college student. This set has sticky notes and oh so essential flags that they can use for marking pages in their books.

Mini Safe

They might not have a tonne of precious belongings when away at college, but a mini-safe is a good way to keep what they do have secure.

Shower Sandals

If their residence has communal showers, this is one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for college students out there. Not only are they great for keeping them from slipping, but the antimicrobial properties will also hopefully prevent foot infections.


Much like the sandals, slippers give college students a way to walk around in comfort while protecting their feet. Perfect for late-night trips to the vending machine.


Whether it’s a great set of earbuds or a pair of noise-canceling headphones, college students are going to be using these a lot. Make their lives better by picking up a new pair to tuck into their stocking for Christmas.

Funny T-Shirt

T-shirts roll up and fit inside stockings and are always a welcomed gift idea for college students. You can get them something based on their interests or a funny college-themed t-shirt like this one.


You’re never too old to want snacks in your stocking! Give them a taste of childhood or buy the expensive treats they just can’t afford on their broke college student budget.

A College Journal

College is a blur of classes, exams, and time with friends. This book encourages them to write down one line a day to help remember this important time in their life.

Microwave S’mores Maker

Because generally, they don’t allow you to have bonfires on campus, and sometimes you need s’ mores.


Sorry, you’re an adult now, and you get socks for Christmas. Chances are, though, they’ll appreciate them.

Wallet Multi-Tool

This handy tool has all kinds of practical uses to get college students out of almost any bind. It’s even a cellphone stand!

Adult Reward Stickers

Look, being an adult is tough. College professors don’t put little smiley face stickers on your assignments, either.

Study Cards

There really isn’t a better study tool than flashcards. These make great stocking stuffer ideas for college students and will definitely come in handy come exam time.

Dry Shampoo

College students don’t always want to bother taking a full shower just to feel clean. That’s where dry shampoo comes in! Plus, it fits well in a stocking.

Mini Desk Vacuum

These mini vacuums are a cute and fun way to clean up little itty bitty messes. Don’t forget to put batteries in their stockings too!

Sleeping Mask

This is especially handy if they’re in a shared dorm room. Sometimes your roommate is awake, and you want to be sleeping, but there’s still a light on… Sleeping mask to the rescue!

Starving College Student Cookbook

Mouthwatering dishes that even the most inexperienced, laziest college student can cook up. Delicious and practical, a win-win.

Tote Bag

You always have uses for tote bags while in college. They can hold books, groceries, extra snacks, or whatever! Plus, they roll up small enough to easily fit inside a stocking for a perfect Christmas gift idea.

Desk Mug Warmer

No one likes writing half an essay only to realize that your cup of coffee is stone cold on your desk. A desk mug warmer like this one can save your poor college student from that tragedy.

Nintendo Switch

Although you can get them any game console, they might enjoy the Nintendo Switch is an excellent choice for college students because it’s portable. Unbox this baby, and it should fit inside their stocking for a pretty awesome Christmas surprise.

These stocking stuffer ideas for college students truly will set them up for success when they return to school after Christmas and the holiday break. Shopping for other people in your life? Check out these additional stocking stuffer ideas:

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