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21 Father’s Day Gifts for My Boyfriend’s Dad

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Finding the perfect Father’s Day gifts for your boyfriend’s dad can be tricky, especially if you don’t know him well yet. Whether it’s a new relationship or you and your boyfriend have been dating for years, these gifts are perfect ways to show his dad you’re thinking of him on Father’s Day.

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Unique Father’s Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend’s Dad

Father's Day is Just Around the Corner!
Top Fathers Day Gifts At HomeWetBar This is a great place to find unique Gifts that will make him smile!
Engraved Whiskey Decanter

Your boyfriend’s dad doesn’t have to be hard to buy for! Take a look at these ideas that will make the perfect present for him. 

Father's Day personalized can cooler Gifts For Your Boyfriend's Dad

Personalized Can Cooler

I like these can coolers because they’re a step above the typical sleeves you see all the time. Great for holding whatever your boyfriend’s dad prefers to drink including beer and soda!

Golf Club Head Covers

Golf Club Head Covers

From classy to funny, there are plenty of golf head cover options out there for a guy who likes to golf. I love this set though; the colors and designs are cool and you can order them for a variety of club types.

UMAID Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate 8x8x1.5 for Cooking, Grilling, Cutting and Serving, Food Grade Rock Salt Stone On Steel Tray with Recipe Pamphlet Unique Gifts for Men, Women, Dads & Cooks

Himalayan Salt Cooking Block for Meat

These things are all the rage right now and you don’t want your boyfriend’s dad to be left behind when it comes to popular father’s day gifts, do you? Didn’t think so. Anyway, this is for cooking meat, perfect for the start of BBQ season.

Cord Organizer

Is your boyfriend’s dad always losing and tangling up his various cords? If so, he could definitely benefit from a cord organizer. Bonus: it’s personalized so he can easily tell which cord is his.

Ruin It - Fun Adult Party Board Game for Group Game Night - Ages 18+ (3-8 Players)

Adult Party Games

These are fun for you, your boyfriend, and his dad to play together! Card games are fun and light gifts for relationships that aren’t too serious or personal.

Scented candle Father's Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend's Dad

Unique Scented Candle

Scented candles are increasingly becoming go-to Father’s Day gifts for dads, so why not get one for your boyfriend’s dad if you don’t know what else to give him? Opt for something with a unique scent and brand, like these Kansas City Chiefs themed ones.

REHAVE Mothers Day Gifts for Husband, Boyfriend, Brother, Men Unique Birthday Gifts, Funny Gifts for Dad, Mom, Father's Day Gifts From Daughter Son – BBQ Cooking Chef Apron 3 Pockets, Kitchen Gifts

Funny Apron

You could also get him a nice apron, too, but I prefer the funny ones for Father’s Day gifts. Choose something that suits his sense of humor. If you’re not sure, this one is a pretty good dad joke so I think it will go over well.

BREO tech gadget gift box for my bf's dad


For the tech loving dad! These boxes come with a bunch of goodies including tech, home goods, and gadgets curated together. You can give a single box or get him a subscription for something that keeps him surprised all year long.

Sauce Goddess Spice 4 Tin Gift Pack - Elevate Your Culinary Adventures with Our Flavorful Spice Rub Collection. Ideal BBQ Rub for Grillers, Gourmet & Aspiring Chefs. Seasonings and Spices for Cooking

Spice Rub Set

You can never have too many spices and small gifts sets like this make perfect Father’s Day gifts for you boyfriend’s dad, especially when you’re newly dating. Practical, yes, but also something that’s almost universally liked so you know he will actually enjoy his gift.

Custom Man Cave Sign

Does your boyfriend’s dad like to hang out in his man cave? If so, he needs one of these signs to let everyone know its his own special space.

Father's Day spa Gift set For Your Boyfriend's Dad

Beard Care Gift Set

If your bf’s dad is one of those beard guys upgrade his self care routine with some luxe beard products. This set comes with soap, balm, and other goodies to keep his beard in top shape all summer.

Cocktail Smoker Set

If he’s into making cocktails this is a major upgrade for any home bar. This set comes with everything he needs to get started with cocktail smoking including the smoker, torch, filter, wood chips, and brush to keep it clean.

To make it even better, this set also includes a glass with custom engraved lid for a personalized touch!

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Night Black

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Father’s Day is the start of summer so what better time to help your boyfriend’s dad listen to all his tunes? This portable Bluetooth speaker has great sound quality and it’s waterproof so he can take it anywhere.

Personalized Golf Divot and Ball Marker Set

Personalized Golf Divot and Ball Marker Set

If your boyfriend’s dad is a golfer then he’ll definitely find plenty of chances to use this gift set. Great for golfing with buddies so he knows exactly which ball maker is his.

Funny it's not a dad bod it's a father figure t-shirt

Funny T-Shirt

You really can’t go wrong with a funny t-shirt when it comes to Father’s Day gifts.

Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener

Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener

If he’s a beer guy fill one of these up with a 6 pack of his favorite brew. Love that it comes personalized and has a bottle opener; perfect for carrying some brewskis to the backyard or patio.

willway BBQ Meat Branding Iron with Changeable Letters Personalized Barbecue Steak Names Press Tool for Grilling Valentine for Gifts

Custom Branding Iron

How cool is this? This branding iron has interchangeable letters so you can make whatever custom message will fit on the plate. Talk about a one-of-a-kind gift, and something that your boyfriend’s dad is definitely going to have fun playing with. Sounds like there’s a steak with your name on in the future… Literally.

National Parks Travel Map

These push pin travel maps are really popular right now but I love this unique spin. If your boyfriend’s dad is the adventurous type, grab him one to keep track of his adventures. There are other options if you’re not in the US too!

Personalized robe with monnogrammed initials

Personalized Robe

Everyone should have a monogrammed robe with their initials on it in their lives. Work with your boyfriend to customize this for a unique and soon to be beloved gift for his dad.

Elite Mixology Bartender Kit 20-Piece Boston Cocktail Shaker Set for Mixing with Stand- Indestructible Bar Accessories Bartending Kit, Cocktail Bar Set, Bartender Set, Bonus Recipe Cards Bar Tools

Cocktail Set

There are two reasons you might want to get your boyfriend’s dad a cocktail set. First is if he’s into making cocktails but still doesn’t have all the accessories. Second is if he has no cocktail making supplies at his house and you want him to have all this stuff there when you visit. Either way you win with this father’s day gift!

Assorted wine and information gifts for your boyfriend's dad

Some Great Wine

If you’re not close to your boyfriend’s dad yet but want to give him a Father’s Day gift wine is almost always a great go to option. Bring one with you or have a gift basket, like this sommelier set, shipped right to his door.

Your boyfriend’s dad is going to love that you thought of him for Father’s Day when he opens one of these gifts!

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