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More than 18 Gifts For Father’s Day You Can’t Buy at a Store

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This Father’s Day, give a few gifts that you can’t find in the store.  I brainstormed and thought of more than 18 ideas – I am sure there are more I could add.  I really hope these ideas help you give a Father’s Day gift that is a piece of your heart, something that speaks volumes about how special he is.

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More than 18 Father’s Day Gifts You Can’t Buy

This list of Father’s Day gifts includes photos, letters, giving of your time, and creating memories together.  I hope something on this list helps you – don’t forget to pin the post so you can come back.


Think beyond a posed picture of your family. Find a photo taken from your past that captures either a memory of him or maybe something that reminds you of him. Frame it, but go one step further. Write a note explaining why this picture is so special.


If you don’t have a picture, don’t worry. Take time to write that letter instead. Spend time on the letter. Explain something you appreciate about him. Reminisce about a memory you experienced together. Tell him something he taught you. This letter will mean the world to him.


Do you know what your dad’s favorite meal is? Cook it for him.  Even if you aren’t known as a fantastic chef, the act of preparing his favorite foods will tell him how much you love him. There is also something about eating together that creates lasting bonds too.


Laughter is a wonderful way to connect with other people.  What is your dad’s sense of humor like? Find some things to laugh about together. Maybe even learn a few new jokes and try them out on him. Even if you fail, it will be funny!


Yeah, this one isn’t for every guy. Some guys think hugs are a great way to show affection. Others are uncomfortable with the entire thing. Which one is your dad? Hugs is on the list because if your dad appreciates hugs, give him one. It doesn’t cost a cent!


Back in the 80s, there were homemade mix tapes. In the 90s, it was mixed CDs from downloaded songs. Today, you can create an entire playlist on Spotify or Apple Music. The sentiment of handpicking songs has outlasted through the years. Find a list of songs that remind you of your dad and share it with him.

Cup of Coffee & Chat

Just spending time with your dad is priceless.  Offer to brew the coffee yourself at your house or even take him out to a local coffee shop. Spend time talking about what interests him the most. Ask questions. Learn about his life. Often what dads miss most as their children grow up is just spending time with them.

Yard Work

Another Father’s Day gift that doesn’t cost money is doing yard work. Is your dad independent and stubborn? If he doesn’t want to take a break and let you do it by yourself, then do the yard work together. In fact, he might enjoy that more, doing things with his child.

Board Game Time

There are quite a few board games that are more cooperative than competitive. I recommend Pandemic. In this game you work together to beat the diseases before they take over the world. It’s amazing how well you get to know someone when you have to work together to solve a problem.


Appreciation doesn’t cost a dime, but it can change someone’s life.  Any of these ideas can show your appreciation, but nothing beats the impact of saying it. Look him in the eyes and tell him how much you appreciate him. Bring up a specific example of something he did that made a difference in your life.

Sharing What Lessons You Learned From Him

The next Father’s Day gift that doesn’t cost anything is telling your dad a few of the lessons you learned from him. Was he a hard worker? Did he teach you how to stand up for yourself? As a parent, it really impacts your heart to hear that your kids actually learned something from you. Share it with him in a letter or just tell him face to face.

Help With A Current Project

What is something he is working on right now? Jump in there with him and help him with it. Even if it is something you really don’t enjoy, spending time with him doing what he loves will send a clear message of love. He will really enjoy that time with you and might even appreciate the help.

Public Recognition

What has your father accomplished that deserves recognition? Do something that will mean the most to him. Maybe you can take out an ad in the newspaper. Gather friends and family for a dinner in his honor. Or if he is a private individual, stand up at a family dinner and raise a toast to him.

Something He’s Asked & You’ve Always Put Off

I bet you thought of something already! Surely there is something he’s asked you for help with or mentioned something in passing. Maybe you’ve put it off for years because life just got in the way. Imagine the look of shock on his face when you suggest jumping back into it together.


Whatever you choose to do with him, inject some humor into the mix. Keep it lighthearted. Keep an eye on your attitude. If you are doing something with him as a requirement or as a means to an end, he will know! So make sure you bring up funny stories from the past or do whatever makes you both laugh.

Ask Him To Teach You Something

Is there something he is really good at that you never quite learned? Ask him to teach you. It will encourage his heart to know you still need him and want to learn from him. Plus, the time you spend with him will bring you closer to him and teach you more about being a dad.

Go Somewhere New

Where is a place you both have never visited? Go there together. Create new memories together. When you experience a new place together, you are building a bond that will be tough to break.

Donate Time Together

This next idea might not be for everyone. If you have a dad that will go volunteer somewhere together, do it!  Maybe you can spend time building a Habitat for Humanity house. Or perhaps you can organize food at a food pantry. Any time you spend together volunteering will bring you closer together.

Video Slide Show

There are a variety of online video editors that make this a cinch! Create a collage of photos and videos of your dad through the years. Don’t forget to splash in a few thoughts from your heart about how much your dad means to you. This gift will be treasured for years!


These are just a handful of amazing and nearly free Father’s Day Gifts. Remember: give your time and attention and share your heart. It’s a gift that means the most and can’t be purchased.

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