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20 Fathers Day Gifts for Grandpa From Baby

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If there is a new baby in the family, he or she would want to buy grandpa a Father’s Day gift! Have a peek at this list of unique Father’s Day Gifts For Grandpa From Baby. He is going to feel so warm and thankful for such a touching and thoughtful gift. I am sure you will find a terrific gift that will be cherished for a long time. 

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20 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts For Grandpa From Baby

Father's Day is Just Around the Corner!
Top Fathers Day Gifts At HomeWetBar This is a great place to find unique Gifts that will make him smile!
Engraved Whiskey Decanter

Grandpa is going to love receiving a present from the baby in the family! Look at all these options.

Fathers Day Gifts for Grandpa From Baby - Soundwave art - black background with red soundwave with white font .

Soundwave Art

Soundwave Art is a unique way for you to leave a message for your loved one. Include the sound of baby’s heartbeat or the sweet sound of him/her cooing to create the perfect Soundwave gift for Grandpa.

White print with a golden handprint made to look like a trophy with black font above that says "World's Best Grandpa Award"

Worlds Best Grandpa Award

Grandpa will most definitely feel like the Worlds Best Grandpa receiving this super cute award with his grandbabies handprint.

Silver keychain with a silver fishing hook on it and a fish shaped charm that says Grandpa's little fishies, with 3 other rectangle charms with names and birthdates on them.


This sweet little keychain will remind Grandpa of one of his greatest blessings every time he looks at it.

Wooden rectangle sign, with white font that says "Grandpa's fishing buddies" with white clothespins holding various photos of kids fishing.

Photo Display

Grandpa will have an extraordinary place to store, and showcase, some of his favorite photos and keepsakes of his grandchild as long as he has this Photo Display.

Fathers Day Gifts for Grandpa From Baby - Red leather shaped dish with a black footprint in it.

Leather Catchall Tray

Grandpa can treasure these moments forever with a one-of-a-kind keepsake from his grandchild at this stage.

Matching black t-shirt and baby onesie. Both saying Drinking buddies on it with white font, a sunset with a silhouette or a milk bottle and beer bottle.

Drinking Buddies Matching Shirts

Grandpa can match with his new tiny drinking bunny with this cute and funny t-shirts. Cheers!

Framed white print of a grey footprint made to look like a hammer. Font below says "when it comes to being an awesome Grandpa you nailed it!"

Footprint Art

Babies are indeed not babies for long. They grow so quickly, and it’s nice to have sweet memories of them at this stage. This Footprint Art helps you to do just that.

VILIGHT I Love My Grandpa Gifts from Grandchildren - Picture Frame for Pregnancy Announcement to Grandfather - Holds 2 4x6 Photos

Photo Keepsake

All you have to do is add one of Grandpas favorite photos of him with his grandbaby to this sturdy Photo Keepsake and watch him light up with joy when he receives it.

Just Grandpa and Me (Little Critter): A Book for Dads, Grandpas, and Kids (Look-Look)

Grandpa Books

There are so many cute grandpa books out there that you can give for Father’s Day from a baby. It’s a great way to start out the library over at grandpa’s house so he can read to the baby.

White baby onesie with a tool box on it that says Grandpa's little helper below.

Cute Baby Onesie

If grandpa already has everything he needs this baby onesie is a cute gift or way to surprise him on Father’s Day. Baby might not be old enough to help yet but that won’t stop their grandpa from taking them along to “help” with all his projects.

Wooden artwork with a man golfing and four white gold balls beside him each with a grandchild name on it. Above it says Best Grandpa by par.

Best Grandpa Sign

This sign is a cute gift if you have a baby and other kids of different ages or want to get together with your siblings to get a group Father’s Day gift for your dad.

Fathers Day Gifts for Grandpa From Baby - Eight different color socks each with a babies face all over them.

Custom Baby Face Socks

Struggling to find the best Fathers Day gifts for a hard to shop for grandpa that can be from the baby? Look no further, I think I found the perfect gift. These cute custom socks are going to be grandpa’s new favorite, I just know it.

Grandpa Magic: 116 Easy Tricks, Amazing Brainteasers, and Simple Stunts to Wow the Grandkids

Grandpa Magic Book

If this baby is his first grandchild get the new grandpa a helpful book for Father’s Day from the baby. This one has a bunch of cool ideas and tricks that will wow the grandkids, including this little one when they get older.

Silver fishing hook that says "New fishing buddy arriving soon. Baby Gonzalez"

New Baby Announcement

Instead of shopping for Father’s Day gifts for a grandpa from a baby are you looking for something special to give from a baby to be? Use Father’s Day as a fun way to announce that your dad or father in law is going to be grandpa with a custom gift.

Two white coffee mugs shown, one that says Love William with a baby face on it and the other says World's best grandpa.

World’s Best Grandpa Mug

There’s a million cute grandpa mugs out there to choose from but nothing can be more adorable than one with your baby’s face on it! I can almost promise he’ll keep this forever.

Father's Day golf ball, white golf ball with a larger black handprint and a smaller blue handprint that says Happy 1st Father's Day Love Alex.

Father’s Day Golf Ball

This golf ball is customizable so you can write any special message to grandpa you’d like. Perfect for a golf loving grandpa from the baby (and future golf buddy).

Brown welcome mat that says "Grandkids welcome parents by appointment only" in black ink.

Funny Welcome Mat

These silly mats are great to put at the front door or in grandpa’s shop.

Fathers Day Gifts for Grandpa From Baby - Man standing outside in the snow wearing a dark grey long sleeve sweatshirt that says Grandpa est 2023 in white text.

Grandpa Sweatshirt

If grandpa is on the younger side or likes trendy clothes this varsity style sweatshirt is a great way for him to celebrate being a new grandfather to your baby. It comes in a bunch of trendy colors and is personalized with the baby’s year of birth, aka when he became a grandpa!

Wooden photo holder that says I love you grandpa, Happy father's day. With four snap shots of a grandfather with his grandkids.

Wooden Photo Holder

This comes with the photos printed for you for an easy complete gift idea! Order it to gift in person or send in the mail for a thoughtful long distance Father’s Day gift to grandpa from a baby.

Above view of a brown jacket opened to show a light grey t-shirt with black text that says "You can't tell me what to do You're not my granddaughter"

Funny Granddaughter T-Shirt

In my experience when all else fails all dads (including grandpas) love a good funny shirt for Father’s Day. This one is a cute if the baby happens to be a granddaughter!

Grandpa is going to love these Father’s Day gifts from the baby! There’s definitely a few gems in here that I know he’ll want to keep forever.

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