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15 Fun Easter Egg Dye Kits

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Easter will be here soon, and it’s time to start planning a little bit. Gather the kids and snag some of these 15 Fun Easter Egg Dye Kits to work on together. They are all a blast and work well for groups of kids! Honestly, these are also wonderful for adults too. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy egg decorating. 

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15 Amazing & Fun Easter Egg Dye Kits for All Ages

Go wild and decorate Easter eggs like crazy this year. Trust me; when you see these terrific kits, you are going to be pumped about egg decorating. Take a look. 

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The Eggmazing Egg Decorator The Original Easter Egg Decorator Kit - Arts and Crafts Set - Includes Egg Decorating Spinner and 8 Colorful Quick Drying Non Toxic Markers [Packaging May Vary]

Eggmazing Decorating Kit

Makes for a fun and virtually mess-free way to color eggs with the kids. Get unique eggs every time with this kit.

PAAS Color Cups Egg Decorating Kit (Pack of 2) - America's Favorite Easter Tradition

Paas Easter Egg Color Cups

You can’t go wrong with a classic like Paas. This kit is easy to use, and you can toss the cups when you are finished for easy cleanup.

All natural easter egg dye kit

Eco Kids Natural Egg Dye Kit

Create all unique and colorful eggs with this all-natural dye kit. Then after Easter you can use the eggshells to plant the included seeds!

Easter Unlimited 24 Karat Easter Egg Coloring Kit, Multi

24 Karat Gold Eggs Kit

They’re not really made of gold but you just can’t beat the vibrant, shiny colors of this Easter egg decorating kit. Perfect for kids or adults who want a bit of glam this spring!

Ukrainian Easter egg decorative wraps

Ukrainian Easter Egg Shrink Wrap

OK it’s not quite dye but if you haven’t used these before these egg wraps are amazing for creating beautiful Ukrainian style Easter eggs. Even if you’re not much of an artistE Just apply the wrap to your Easter egg before boiling for a super easy Easter egg decorating idea.

Klever Kits 27 PCS Easter Animal Egg Dye Kit, Easter DIY Egg Decorating Kit with Mermaid, Dinosaur and Unicorn Theme Stickers for Easter Party Favor, Egg Hunt, Creativity Activity, Party Decorations

Animal Easter Egg Dye Kit

This fun kit has a little bit of everything. Great if you’re decorating eggs with multiple kids who have different interests. It comes with everything you need including dye, cups, and fun stickers.

PAAS Tie Dye Easter Egg Decorating Kit - America's Favorite Easter Tradition

Tie Dye Easter Egg Decorating Kit

This kit is perfect for creative kids who like to mix colors! You can create bright tie-dye effects easily with this kit. It takes a bit of practice but the results are really cool.

Easter Unlimited Holographic Star Egg Coloring Kit

Holographic Star Easter Egg Kit

If you are looking to make some visually stunning Easter eggs, this is the kit for you. Create holographic effects for an eggcellent presentation.

PAAS Easter Egg Dying Kits (Unicorn Egg)

Paas Unicorn Egg Dye Kit

Easter eggs take a magical turn with this unicorn kit. It transforms your Easter eggs into horned wonders that will bring a lot of whimsy to the Easter baskets this year.

PAAS Deggorating Party! Easter Egg Decorating Kit - America's Favorite Easter Tradition

Deggorating Party (Egg Decorating Party Kit)

This box comes with 9 different Easter egg decorating and dye kits in one! Perfect for an egg decorating party, classroom, or family who likes a lot of variety in their Easter egg kits.

PAAS Shake & Color Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Shake and Color Egg Dying Kit

If you want a super easy, mess free Easter egg dye option this kit is fantastic. Just add eggs and uncooked rice to the bag and shake it up. The result is beautiful speckled eggs!

Hiprup Easter Eggs Craft Painting Decorating Kit - 30 White Blank Easter Eggs, Hanging Plastic DIY Easter

Easter Egg Painting Kit

Try something new this Easter by swapping the dipped dyes with a painting kit. This one comes with everything you need including plastic easter eggs, paints, brushes, and a tonne of fun stickers.

Fun World Rainbow Eggs Easter Supply Deco 20pc 9' Egg Decorating Kit

Rainbow Eggs Decorating Kit

I love the rainbow effect this kit produces for vibrant one of a kind Easter eggs.

Paas Egg Color Snaps, Just Snap and Paint, Spring Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and Purple

Snap and Paint Egg Kit

If you want an easier way than cups of dye, check out this snap and paint egg dye kit from Paas. It is like using a q tip to create a one of a kind design.

Fine and Medium Tip Kistkas, Beeswax, 6 Dyes, Cleaning Wires, Candle, Stand and Instructions Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Pysanky Decorating Kit

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at decorating Pysanky Ukrainian style Easter eggs with wax now’s your chance. This kit has everything you need to get started. Don’t worry, it’s actually really easy! Great for adults and older kids to get in on the Easter egg dying fun.

Now that you have some great Easter egg dye kits to choose from it’s time to start the egg decorating fun! Whether you prefer to dye hard boiled eggs that you plan on eating later or opt to blow out the center for a traditional decorating idea, these dye kits are a great way to get into the Easter spirit this year.

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