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Gift Basket Ideas: For Those with a Sweet Tooth

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth? Surprise them with a gift basket that they are sure to love. We have searched high and low to design the ultimate Sweet Tooth gift basket gift ideas that we are sure both you and your recipient will love.

Please, can I have all of these gift baskets to satiate my sweet tooth?? They're perfect gifts for me!

1. Survival Kit Care Package

Those with a sweet tooth just cannot survive without their sweets. Give them a gift basket that has all of the essentials that they need to survive their sugar cravings.

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2. “Like a Kid in the Candy Store” Care Package

This is the mother load of all care packages. It’s perfect for college students who may be feeling a little homesick.

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3. Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

Chocolate, Caramel, and popcorn all in one basket? What more could anyone need, it is the best of all worlds.

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4. Ghirardelli Tower

Any Ghirardelli lover will love this thoughtful gift.  They have been craving for this chocolate overload.

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5. Candy Crate 1980’s Classic Retro Candy Gift Box

Give them a blast from the past. It’s the perfect gift basket for those born in the 80’s.

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6. Indulgent Snacks Gift Box

You know the sweets that we love to indulge in. This gift basket has it all. From snickers to Grandma’s Cookie, your recipient will have it all.

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7. Candy Crate 1990’s Retro Candy Gift Box

90’s babies are sure to love this retro surprise. It has the Baby Bottle Pops, Pop Rocks, and more.

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8. Doctors Bag Retro Candy Gift Basket

Full of the old-fashioned nostalgic candy that their sweet tooth has come to love. It has everything that the doctor prescribed for the sweet tooth syndrome!

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9. Wine Country Gift Baskets Tower of Sweets

This decorated tower will immediately make their tongue and taste buds start tingling. It is eye catching and once unwrapped the sweets will make even you want to drool. Their sweet tooth deserves only the best and this will provide it with nothing less.

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10. Ultimate Movie Night Gift Bundle Care Package

The perfect surprise for movie buffs that love sweets. During their next movie night, they can enjoy watching their favorite flick while also indulging in the best movie sweets.

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11. All Time Favorites Snack Attack Gift Basket

This is the ultimate gift basket for junk food junkies. It even comes with an M&M plush so they have something to always remind them of this amazing gift.

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12. Junk Food Candy Snacks Care Package

Twix, Cracker Jacks and more are the perfect thing to send to a loved one who is away. College students love waking up to this on Halloween. It even includes enough to share with other fellow sweet tooth’s.

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13. Milk Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket Set

This is a milk chocolate lovers dream. It features the highest quality milk chocolate sweets, which will almost make your recipient melt when they unwrap it.

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14. Happy Birthday Candy Bouquet

Because who needs cake when you can have a candy gift basket on your special day?

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15. Get Well Soon Retro Nostalgic Candy Gift Box

Candy is the perfect cure to help a sick friend or relative feel better soon.

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16. Sweet Retro Candy, Car Cookies Packed ’57 Chevy Classic Cruiser

It’s the perfect gift for the classic car lover in your life.

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17. Sweet Sensations Cookie Candy and Treats Large Gift Basket

Show them just how much they are loved with this deluxe gift basket. It should last them a week…if not more!

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18. Holly Jolly Christmas, Deluxe Mix Celebration Gift Tower

Surprise the family with a goody box that can soothe everyone’s aching sweet tooth.

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19. 1940’s Classic Retro Candy Gift Box

The older the better, right?

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20. Fun and Games Care Package Gift Box

You cannot go wrong when you bring board games and candy as a gift. It’s time to make some memories!

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