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20 Gift Ideas for Geography Teachers 

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We’ve trekked all around the world to bring you some of our top 20 gift ideas for Geography teachers! Check out some of our world-renowned finds, great for end of year presents or geography buffs!

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Gift Ideas for Geography Teachers

Geography teachers are in a world of their own, so get them something truly unique! Check out some of our finds!

Levitating LED Globe

This desk ornament is truly something spectacular! Make your geography teacher those most popular in their whole department with this levitating magnetic LED globe!

2019 Almanac by National Geographic

Nat geo and geography teachers go together like peanut butter and jelly! Grab one of these practical almanacs for your teacher’s desk for reference, or at home for pleasure reading? Who knows, it’s probably like magazines to them.


The classic game of world conquest will have your geography teacher trouncing the competition at family game night! Who knows they might even bring this gift into the classroom! Either way, you’re teacher is bound to get a few laughs out of this one!

Insulated Lunch Tote

Where in the world is my lunch?! This fashionable insulated lunch tote features a really cool geographical map print! Spruce up the lunchroom by gifting your favorite geography teacher this excellent accessory!

Wine Bottle Bags

These sleek drawstring bags feature an old-timey cartography print that makes the perfect solution to that old bottle of wine that’s getting gifted to your geography instructor as a gift this year!

World Mug

In the teaching game, it’s all about the mugs. This heat-sensitive ceramic mug changes an earth scene from day to night in what will have the rest of the department heads raving! Grab this cool desk mug for your favorite geography teacher!

Flag Dominoes

These dominoes feature the various flags of the world! Make a neat setup on your teacher’s desk to surprise them, or add them as a fun accessory to a geography teacher’s gift basket!

Scratch-off Map of the USA.

This stylish wall map features a rich, detailed geopolitical map of the United States. Help your geography teacher scratch off and follow their travels throughout the land of the free!

Map Potholders

Who said Geography had no place in the kitchen? Grab this must-have kitchen accessory for the teacher, venturing their way into the world of cooking! Adorned with a timeless map design, they’ll never go out of style.

Old School Book

Literally, this vintage 70’s geography book features lots off cool pictures, maps and has some really neat retro charm! Can’t go wrong with a collectible!

Globe T-Shirt

This tee puts it simply, ‘Teach’ is displayed over an image of the earth. It’s the perfect gift for your geography teacher to show their pride for mother earth and the power of teaching!

Geography Stamp

Teacher’s love, em! And how else will they reward your son or daughter for an awesome job well done? This ‘out of this world!’ stamp let’s geography teachers add some flair to their grading!

Map Pencils

This set of custom cartography pencils are adorned with a map image that will set them apart from their student’s and let them show off their geography pride in style!

World Map Tie

This necktie featuring a great geometric geographical design is the perfect gift for the geography teacher who has it all! They’ll be turning heads at their next staff meeting!

Best Teacher Mug

We don’t need to state the obvious, but you wouldn’t be looking for a gift if they weren’t the greatest teacher out there! This classic ceramic mug says it all.

Silver Globe Charm

This silver charm is an adorable addition to any geography teacher’s necklace or charm bracelet. If they don’t already have one going gift them a chain too for the ultimate geography teacher’s present!

Geography Teacher Lanyard

Lanyards are standard practice in the world of teaching! If your geography teacher wears an ID card, get them one of these awesome lanyards featuring a globe and textbooks to really show off their style in the hallway!

Globe Notepad

Personalized gifts are always a unique way to show you care! Give your geography teacher something special with a personalized notepad with their name on top of each slip!

Personalized Globe Necklace

This personalized globe necklace is absolutely adorable! Featuring a charm letter and a small earth charm, it’s a great end of year gift for that geography teacher who really made a difference!

Map Bowtie

Bowties are perfect for hipsters and teachers alike! Grab one of these eclectic and fun bowties for your favorite geography teacher; If they haven’t already started a collection, it’s something that will have a special place in their heart!

No need to travel the whole world just to come across some truly unique finds! Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to let us know which of these gift ideas for geography teachers really hit the spot!

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