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20 Easter Gift Ideas for My Classroom

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If you are a teacher you might want to buy something small for all of your students. Or you might want to buy little gift bags and create a little goodie bag for each student to wish them a happy Easter. I found some really cute items that you can buy, some are homemade items to add even more of a personal touch to the gifts. I hope you all enjoy all these fun gift ideas as much as I do, they truly make me all “hoppy” for Easter!

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Slap Bracelets

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I remember playing with these when I was younger and had a blast. They are stiff bracelets and when you slap them on your arm, it rolls up like a traditional bracelet. Fun prints and colors that kids will love.

Keychain Whistles

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This is a fun one to stuff in a little goodie bag. What kid doesn’t want a loud whistle to blow over and over again? Comes in a variety of pretty colors.

Slime Putty Eggs

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These are such a pretty color and this slime is stuffed inside a clear Easter egg. This is a great Easter gift option for younger kids. Provide them with hours of fun playtime.

Jumping Frogs

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When I was pretty young we got these one year as a gift from our teacher, they are a blast. You push down on the bottom part of the frog and then let go and watch it fly up like it is jumping.

Rabbit Erasers

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You can never have too many erasers and these cute bunny rabbits are just precious. I am sure any little kid would be over the moon to get one of these to use for school.

Rabbit And Chick Finger Puppets

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How darling are these? Your students can slip them on a finger and have an instant friend they can play with!

Puzzle Erasers

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These are erasers but also fun puzzles for your students to try and complete. The erasers come apart and then they can work to piece it back together to make it whole again.

Easter Bunny Soap

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These little bunny soaps are amazing. They look like chocolate bunnies but to even go a step further they are chocolate scented! I can only imagine kids wanting to wash their hands more often if the soap smelled like chocolate.

Treat Tubes

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Fill these tubes with little candies, fun little items like I have listed here as a special gift. They are handmade toppers, so it makes the gift extra special for your class.

Pencil Toppers

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Let your students have fun with these pencil toppers that are Easter themed. They add so much to a plain old pencil and will make them working on school work a bit more enjoyable.

Easter Bunny Tic Tac Toe

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An Easter gift that is tasty and fun to play with. The pieces for the tic tac toe game are little treats, so once they are done playing they can enjoy a little candy.

Some Bunny Loves You Crayon

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I love the packaging and the special thought that went into these. It is a simple but really thoughtful and fun gift for your students. Print off a free Easter coloring page to pair with this crayon, and you have a perfect gift.

Chick Candy Bar Wrappers

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Dress up a plain old candy bar with this feathery chicken wrapper. I love the feathers, it makes it so much fun, and I am sure it makes the candy bar taste a bit better too!

Chick Stress Balls

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These little chicks light up and when you squeeze them they change shape a bit. Great for destressing or just playing around and they feel so cool.

Floppy Bunny

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These little floppy bunnies would be perfect for younger kids. They come in a variety of colors and are soft and cuddly.

Dino Eggs

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This is a great idea if you have some boys in your class. Or maybe a girl who loves dinosaurs. I like to do these for boys and then pick something more girly for girls so everyone is happy. Or buy a mix and let the kids pick what they want.

Invisible Ink Pens

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Colorful pens that when you write, you have to use a special light to see, like a spy. They are so fun and kids love them. The light comes with it, so it makes a perfect and complete gift.

Plush Animal Puppets

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These are soft and cuddly and fit perfectly on little fingers. You get a variety of animals so they can have more than one to fill their fingers and play with.

Floral Hair Ties

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If you do say the dinosaur eggs, this is another option that is more for girls. It gives the boys what they want and girls something fun to put in their hair.

Egg Bubbles Necklace

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Who doesn’t love bubbles? These are fun Easter egg-shaped bubbles that are a necklace. I know that the kids will love this gift and will enjoy playing with it.

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