Gift Idea for Athletes

Gift Idea for Athletes

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Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post!  I saw these hangers and immediately thought to myself, “where were these when I was in high school?!!”

Gift Idea for Athletes

Where did I see them?  Over at Shannyn’s super-awesome site called Beautiful Giveaways!  Yes, the giveaway part is true.  If you head to this post before June 26, 2013, you can win your very own.  If I win, I am going to donate the credit to the local figure skating club, which is my sport of choice!

Okay, so what am I talking about?  These are awesome racks for displaying your medals!  Do you need a gift idea for your spouse who is into triathlons?  Boom!  Done.  Maybe your spouse is one of those people who is still madly in love with everything princess, so you could pick up one of these:

All_You_Need._._.Pixie_Dust_24x1_These all come from Allied Medal Displays, conveniently located at  Most are $45-60, making them just about right for a nice birthday present or Christmas present.  They would also be great for your kiddo, as there’s many sports available too.  Me, I’d pick the fencing one.  I fenced in university and it is so much fun!  There’s just that negative side effect of being black and blue in the summer from all the bruises, when your weapon is รฉpรฉe.

You want to see what they look like with medals on them?  Don’t worry, I stole this picture from the internet.  I don’t think Dani will mind, as long as you go check out her blog – Weight Off My Shoulders, where she tells you all about how she lost a bunch of weight and took up running!  Now she has so many medals she had to get a second medal hanger.


PS – they also have completely customizeable ones, so if your partner has a really dumb running nickname that you can’t stand, you can show your undying love by getting a custom labeled medal display rack… that says something else.

There you go folks, a perfect, man-friendly and woman-friendly gift idea for the athlete in your life.  Maybe you could use them for science fair medals too, I don’t know what they give out these days ;-)


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