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Gift Ideas for a Female Boss

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Finding a gift for your female boss doesn’t have to be complicated. Depending on your professional relationship and what you deem as “office-appropriate,” you can’t go wrong with something chic, fun, and unique to her! Check out our list of Gift ideas for a female boss below! 

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Picking a gift from this list is sure to show her just how much you appreciate her as your boss.

Some of Our Suggestions for Gifts for Your Female Boss

Show your female boss just how much you appreciate her and how she makes your office a great place to work.

Custom Leather Business Card Holder

Gift Ideas for a Female Boss personalized business card holder

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A simple case for their business cards helps them keep their cards safe and makes a great first impression. Add a monogram or a symbol that might be important to them for that extra touch.

Brewing Coffee Bottle

Brewing coffee bottle

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Perfect for those long days (or nights) in the office. Or, it could also be an excellent tool for their WFH setup.

Native Union Key Cable

Key cable

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Are they constantly losing their chargers? Is she always on her devices? Help her out with a key chain…that’s also a charger! 

Mini Cinder Blocks 

Gift Ideas for a Female Boss mini cinder blocks

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If she loves having fun conversation items on her desk or in her office, considering some cute desktop toys is a great idea. 

Custom Signature Stamp

Gift Ideas for a Female Boss customized signature stamp

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If your boss has to sign many documents in the day-to-day parts of her job, get her the stamp. Save her from writer’s cramp and get her something that she can use again and again.

Healthy Snack Subscription Box

healthy snack subscription box

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You really can’t go wrong with snacks. Delivering some of her favorite snacks (either once or as a subscription) is something that would lift her up daily. Amazon offers a variety of snack subscription options with a wide verity of types of snacks. 

Personalized Map Candle

personalized map candle

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Gift her a custom candle based on any location that she loves. Does she love her current city? Is she nostalgic for her hometown? Pick a place and make a custom surprise!

Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier

Gift Ideas for a Female Boss Colorful cool mist humidifier

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It plugs right into the USB port on a computer and creates a fun ambiance at the same time. Humidify that dry office air and enjoy the colorful vibes.

Cup Warmer for Desk

cup warmer for desk

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It keeps the coffee warm between meetings, plus it could be used as a wax warmer if she loves having fragrances in her office. What could be a better gift for a female boss? 

Custom Notebook

custom notebook

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Gift her something genuinely designed for her. These customizable notebooks allow you to choose a color and add a logo or a saying of your choice. You know, like “Best Boss Ever,” “She’s All That,” or whatever else you deem appropriate.

Personalized Charcuterie Boards

personalized charcuterie board

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A personalized charcuterie board for a variety of occasions would make a great gift. Newly married, engaged, housewarming, holidays – it’s perfect! Plus, it can always double as a serving tray.

Collapsible Hot/Cold Cup

collapsible hot and cold cup

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Available in a multitude of colors, these collapsible cups are perfect for carrying into the office with her favorite beverage. Then, at the end of the day, they just smash right down and can easily slide back into a bag for the ride home.

Boss Lady Engraved Pencils

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For the bosses who love to take notes, scribble, or draw. Or, maybe she just prefers pencils to pens? This set has just a little boss lady humor with a touch of utility.

Planner PRO

planner pro

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Bosses have a lot on their plates, so planners are always helpful. You might have to do some work to determine if she uses one or has a particular brand she likes, but the GoGirl Planner is a great place to start.

An Audible Membership

Audible subscription

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An Audible membership is an excellent gift for the ladies who are constantly working away at their computers. They can listen to audiobooks while they work, or maybe they just prefer some background noise – it’s up to them how they use it.

Coffee Subscription

coffee subscription

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Whether it’s for her to enjoy at home or at the office, bring the coffee to her! Amazon offers a variety of types (bags, K-Cups, monthly, quarterly, etc.) for every budget. Perfect gift ideas for a female boss. 

Juniper Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees

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Bonsai trees are meant to bring certain aspects of nature, such as simplicity, harmony, and balance, into our homes and offices. If she happens to like plants or gardening, this might be a nice addition to her collection.

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

pink Bluetooth speaker

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If she’s into listening to music or podcasts in her office, a small speaker for her office or home can be an easy gift for the female boss in your life! Plus, Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of colors and sizes to match the dΓ©cor.

You likely spend a lot of time throughout the year with your boss. Take some time and think about a gift that is thoughtful AND still professional. Plus, it is important to remember that you’re not just giving a token of appreciation but also a message of gratitude for their hard work. What type of gifts do you like to give to your boss? 

Thank you for checking out our list of gift ideas for a female boss!

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