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20 Welcome Back Gifts for Teachers

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When a teacher comes back to work, whether it is at the beginning of a new school year or after being off for some time for maternity leave or an illness, a welcome back gift will always be welcomed. Try to give them a useful gift that will come in handy for teaching, or something that will boost them up as a teacher. This could be anything from coffee or chocolate, to something that will be of use in their classroom. 

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Creative  Welcome Back Gifts for Teachers

We hope you enjoy our round-up. We also have welcome back gift ideas for professors

Indulgent Selection Gift Box of Coffees

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Every teacher who loves coffee will love this gift box of various flavors, including hazelnut, Hawaiian coconut, and caramel cream pie. All of these flavors sound luxurious!

Black Slide-On Cover for Large Disinfecting Wipes Containers

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As a teacher, they likely keep some disinfectant wipes in their classroom to keep germs and illnesses under control. This black slide-on cover will keep the container looking more visually appealing.

I Like Me by Ann Beverly

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Their classroom needs as many books as possible to keep promoting reading, and this I Like Me book by Ann Beverly is an excellent choice to teach self-love and appreciation for differences.

Pack of Mead Spiral Notebooks

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Most classrooms use many notebooks to keep logs, journals, do homework in, and more. They will find this pack of Mead spiral notebooks really handy for those purposes.

“Straight out of pencils” Shirt

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When they run out of pencils in their classroom, they are straight out of pencils. They will get a chuckle out of a lot of people when they wear this shirt.

Lysol Daily Cleansing Wipes

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No doubt about it, their classroom needs daily cleansing, which means these Lysol daily cleansing wipes will come in handy.

Personalized Tumbler with Kids’ Handprints and “Thank you for helping me grow”

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This will help your teacher stay hydrated during the school day in style.

Before School Coffee Mug and After School Wine Glass

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Most teachers need coffee before school to get through the day, and maybe a little wine after school to unwind.

Multi-colored Sticky Notes

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Sticky notes are handy to more than just teachers, imagine the many things they could use these for. Plus, they come in so many colors!

Origami Flower Bouquet

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An origami flower bouquet will keep their space in the classroom bright, without all the extra work of a real plant.

“Teach, love, inspire” Bracelet

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They spend their days teaching, loving, and inspiring the children in their classroom. It is a big job, but they do it with grace.

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

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Here is another great book to add to their class library, about a little blue truck that gets stuck on a road and the driver gets help from a bunch of friends he meets.

Neuron Cell Necklace

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If the teacher who you are welcoming back loves science, they will certainly love this neuron cell necklace. It might even be a great conversation starter with their class too.

Quilted Northern Tissues in Bulk

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Classrooms use a lot of tissues, kids are forever having running noses, especially the small ones. The teacher being welcomed back will be grateful for a bulk package of tissues that will last a while.

“Remind me to take attendance” Shirt

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When they first come back to school, they just may need a reminder to take attendance!

“Chaos Coordinator” Stainless Steel Tumbler

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As a teacher, they are likely a “chaos coordinator.” They take care of many children throughout the day, clean up messes, make sure everyone is on task, and lead the whole classroom through various activities.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

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Help them remind their students that they can be many wonderful things as they grow up and explore.

Purell Hand Sanitizer Bottle with Pump

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Since classrooms are famous for spreading germs, some hand sanitizer that has a pump, to use throughout the day, will come in handy to keep those same germs at bay.

Teacher Stamp Set

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This stamp set is something that will come in handy when grading papers or completing progress reports.

Pre-sharpened #2 Pencils Bulk Set

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When pencils get used and sharpened repeatedly, as well as just simply lost, they run out quickly. Extra pencils are always welcomed in a classroom, which makes them perfect welcome back gifts.

Whether they are coming back from summer vacation, or maternity or medical leave, a nice welcome back gift will make the teacher’s day!

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