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Best Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas for February

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Although the red rose is the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day, it is not February’s birth month flower. Instead, the violet and primrose are tied to February. Check out our list of birth month flower gift ideas for February below! 

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What is the Birth Flower for February?

Violet and primrose are the birth flowers for February. The violet has been associated with innocence, remembrance, faithfulness, and love. Primrose is thought to provide safety and protection from evil spirits and signify youth and renewal. 

Botanical Background of the Violet and Primrose

Violets: Usually found in Europe and Asia, the violet is indigenous to temperate regions in the Northern Hemisphere. From the genus of the Violaceae, there are over 400 species of violets in the genus. This plant is one of the earliest flowering plants in the spring. Its flowers vary in color – sometimes found in blue, yellow, cream, or white!

Primrose: The primrose is a member of the genus Primula, with over 500 species. This flower is one of the first to bloom in the spring. During the spring, creamy yellow flowers appear in clusters on an upright stem. They then turn into white or pink blooms. Primrose blossoms have a sweet, slightly tangy scent.

Gift Ideas for February Birth Flowers

February Primrose Bookmark

Best Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas for February bookmark

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This stainless steel bookmark is a treat for book lovers! The bookmark could easily be used in a book they’re reading or as a marker for a journal or planner.

Primrose Flower Pendant 

primrose flower necklace

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This silver necklace pendant primrose flower necklace is romantic and darling. February birthdays will love having this stylish piece to show off. 

Primrose + Teakwood Travel Tin Candle

primrose tin candle set

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A unique spin on a February birth flower gift! The herbaceous floral scent of primrose, mixed with amber and wood, topped with a bit of spice and jasmine.

Primrose Snap Pouch  

primrose magnetic snap closed pouch

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These pouches are great for carrying pens or pencils, sunglasses, chargers, makeup, and more! Plus, they’re handmade for a special touch. 

Primrose 16 Month Calendar

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If they love actual primroses, they’ll enjoy the bright colors in this U.S.-based calendar. Complete with full-color pages with mini-cutouts for a desk calendar.

Primrose Sticker Pack

Primrose stickers

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Simple, hand-drawn floral stickers that would look beautiful on a laptop or water bottle. Any primrose lover or February birthday will love these. 

Violets Wall Art

violets February flower wall art

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This beautiful wall art of February birth flower – Violets, is perfect for any wall space. 

Pink Primrose Stationery Set

Best Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas for February primrose notepad set

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This simple pastel set would be ideal for someone who loves to write letters and cards. It might also make an excellent gift for a child learning to write!

Violet Silver Ring

Violet ring
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If jewelry is something they love, you can’t go wrong with this engraved February birth flower ring. 

Beaded Violet Hair Clip 

beaded violet flower hair clip

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This beaded violet hair clip would be great for a child’s birthday or Valentine’s Day gift in February.

Violet Essential Oil 

Violet Essential Oil
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Let the sweet smell of violets feel the room! Use with any diffuser to help unwind after a long day. 

Violet Solid Perfume

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Made of organic jojoba oil, beeswax, and fragrance oil, the sweet smell of violet is packaged into a small tin.

VIOLET – Birth month flower notebook

February flower violet notebook

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This simple notebook highlights the significance of the violet but could also be a journal, address book, or used at work or school.

Sweet Violet Soy Candle

sweet violet candle

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This natural soy wax candle is free of harmful chemicals and uses a natural cotton wick. Enjoy the combination of violets, berries, and other floral notes for about 15-20 hours.

Violet Flower Pop Socket

Violet flower pop socket for phone

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For a subtle touch of violet, this is a perfect item for when someone is using their phone. Works as a stand or an extra grip to ensure they don’t drop their smartphone.

Gourmet Violet Marshmallows

violet flavored marshmallows

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Violet flavored marshmallows – These last for about four weeks from the date they’re ordered.

Personalized Flat Note Cards

violet personalized note cards

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Personalized gifts are always popular. These would make excellent think you notes or just a simple way to send a message to someone they love.

Organic Violet Tea

Violet loose leaf tea

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This loose leaf tea is colorful and fragrant. It can be brewed to drink hot or cold.

Violet Flower Headband

Best Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas for February violet flower headband

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A simple floral headband for children. Great for photos or for them to wear for a dressed-up experience.

The pinks and purples of primrose and violets are delightful for the month of February. Symbolizing youth and renewal, these flowers are the perfect first spring blooms. Thank you for reading our list of Best Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas for February.

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