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20 Gift Ideas for a Painter

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Painters make the world a more beautiful place. They create magnificent art with their paint brushes and tell stories through their canvases. Whenever you need to give them anything, however, it can be hard to pin down what exactly they might like. We are here to help with that. Here are 20 gift ideas for a painter.


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Gift Ideas for a Painter

Productivity Project

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Everyone can be a little bit more productive. A painter especially can appreciate all of the advice from this book as the author details staying productive while following creative pursuits.

Eat, Pray, Love

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For those who need inspiration and motivation to create a life that they love: look no further than Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Pukka Organic Tea Bags

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Tea is amazing and does absolute wonders for creativity. Between the caffeine and everything else in these herbal wonders, they will be creative, happy, and full of deliciousness.

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

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If tea isn’t their thing, then give them some good ole espresso. It’s delicious and still perfectly caffeinated.

Clean Air Plants

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Paint fumes are THE WORST. And pretty bad to be breathing in all the time too. Help keep their air clean around the house with some nice house plants.

Jade Plant

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This plant is great because it requires very little maintenance.

Creative Plant Holder

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They can grow their plants in something just as creative as they are!

Multicolored Plant Pots

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These plant pots can go in any room of the house!

Wood Box Art Supply Chest

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This art supply chest is gorgeous and perfect for holding all of their art supplies.

Paint Water/Not Paint Water Mugs

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While this is funny, it is definitely a problem that many painters face. Which one’s coffee, and which one is full of used brown paint? Take the guessing right out of it.

Painter’s Inspiration Sign

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Inspiration to paint from the soul. Remind them to make every painting from the heart.

Artist’s Palette Necklace

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Comes in two different options for the chain: Sterling Silver and Copper.

Art Enables Us Sign

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Art is truly a gift.

Watercolors Tote Bag

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They can use this tote to carry their art stuff around town! Or they can use it to carry groceries. Both are important uses.

Initial Coffee Mug

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Add a personal touch to their morning coffee with these beautiful black coffee mugs with their initials in gold on them.

Black Paper Sketchbook

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Black sketchbooks are great for painters because the paper is usually more durable, sketch lines are harder to see, and colors pop out more in them.

Spiral Journal

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This hand-painted journal would make the perfect addition to their homes. It’s absolutely beautiful too!

Stained Glass Phone Case

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This phone case looks awesome and perfectly ties into their love of art. It fits many different phones, too!

Truffle Trio Chocolate Box


These chocolate truffles are scrumptious! They have wine pairings as options as well!

Bluetooth Speaker

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This allows easy access to all of the music and podcasts that they love while painting. Just connect it with their smartphone or tablet and they can listen to anything.

Those were our 20 gift ideas for a painter. Tell us in the comments below which ideas you liked best, and if you choose to get any of these, be sure to let us know! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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