22 Gift Ideas for the School Secretary (Who Really Runs the Show) -

22 Gift Ideas for the School Secretary (Who Really Runs the Show)

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Everyone knows that the school secretary is the unofficial boss of every school. The savvy teacher knows to get the school secretary on their side. So do the parents. If it’s her birthday or any day, check out our list of gift ideas for the school secretary. Any of these will be sure to put you on her good side!

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And, if they are genuinely nice-spoil them rotten for all of the great work that they do.

What to Buy for a School Secretary

So what do you get the fairest of all?  Any of these goodies will do! 

Personalized Name Plate

If your school’s secretary doesn’t already have one, give them a personalized name plate that can be put on their desk. It’s not just practical; it will also make them feel special at work every day.

Personalized Labels

These are handy for any educator to keep important supplies where they belong. No more missing stapler!

Inspirational Sign

Make your school secretary feel special every day with an inspirational desk sign. It can be set up in the office so everyone who comes in can be reminded of the good work they’re doing at school.

Gift ideas for the school secretary include an amazon gift card of course!

Amazon E-gift Card

Give the gift of an digital gift card. This will take the pressure out of trying to figure out what you should buy.

This gift ideas for the school secretary definitely include this mug.

You May Speak Now Mug

To assert authority sometimes you have to make a bold statement. This mug does the trick!

Moody cards are perfect for gift ideas for the school secretary.

Moody Cards

Is your favorite school secretary too busy to talk? Help them communicate their needs with these great cards. The “I’m freezing one is a favorite!”

Her coffee is always cold so this gift ideas for the school secretary will really make you a rock star.

Coffee Warmer

Sometimes it’s hard to step away from the front office. This coffee (or tea) warmer keeps your favorite pick me up from getting cold. Anything coffee related makes great gift ideas for the school secretary.

Pens are always hot commodities so this is perfect for gift ideas for the school secretary.

Capless Gel Ink Pen

There’s always someone making off with the cheap pins. Buy the school secretary the nicest pen in the school and secure it to their desk!

This makes the gift ideas for the school secretary list because she probably does need to calm the *uck down.

Calm the F#ck Down, An Adult Coloring Book

It can sometimes feel like you’re constantly dealing with people who are freaking out about something. This coloring book is an homage to all of the thoughts that run through a school secretary’s mind but they can’t say out loud. And, clearly, this coloring book is for after hours only.

Memos for shitty people, funny joke coloring book with a purple and blue pencil crayon.

Memos to Shitty People (Adult Coloring Book)

Every person who works has had to deal with shitty people. This coloring book helps you work through the stress of dealing with them.

Gift ideas for the school secretary include these black gloves.


Give the gift of gloves because they are the least offensive gift you can give to someone.

Who doesn't need a red swingline stapler as a gift ideas for the school secretary?

Red Swingline Stapler

Even though many resources are now digitally based. Sometimes it’s nice to have a sturdy stapler for those projects that the secretary seems to always be working on.

Black t-shirt with colorful font that reads I'm a school secretary that's why!

Secretary T-Shirt

Sometimes the school staff just needs to share how much they love and respect the school secretary. This t-shirt does the trick!

Gift Ideas for the School Secretary: Black stainless steel mug.

Stainless Steel Mug

Your school secretary brought up that he would like to save money on his coffee expenses. With this mug, he can brew up a great pot of coffee at home and bring it everyday-piping hot!

This gift ideas for the school secretary really helps her tell the truth.  Blue sock that says I love my job HAHA just kidding.

I Love My Job-Ha Ha Just Kidding Socks

There are days when you don’t love you job. Wear these socks when that happens.

Adorable cat socks with ears at the top of the socks. Light blue, yellow, pink, white, and grey.

Kitten Socks

Own your crazy cat lady love by wearing these socks!

Grey socks with red toe tips, with black font that says If you can read this one one and the other says Bring me a glass of wine.

If You Can Read This, Bring Me A Glass of Wine Socks

These comfy socks will communicate your needs as you rest your feet and relax on the coach after a long day at work.

apple ipad

Apple Ipad

Bring your school secretary into the 21st century with an Ipad.

White chromebook.


Give the gift of a Chromebook so that your school secretary can write their life story with ease.

Computer monitor shown.


Most of the gifts on this list are for making your favorite secretary’s life easier away from work. This monitor will make her job easier.

Black fitbit shown.


We’ve all been there, sitting for way too many hours each day. Giving the gift of a FitBit will help your favorite secretary stay healthy.

Hand holding up a black kindle.


Giving the gift of a Kindle will help your school secretary manage their reading obsession. They will no longer need to carry every book that they are reading.

Many bumble bee bobby pins.

Bumble Bee Bobby Pins

The staff will often joke that “she is as busy as a bee.” These lovely pins will drive that point home.

The school secretary is a vital part of every school community. Always remember to treat them with kindness and respect so that they will keep your schedule free.If you’re a parent, these gift ideas for the school secretary are the perfect way to say thank you for them caring for your kids!

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