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20 Gift Ideas for Jokester Dads

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Does your dad like to make jokes? (Is there any other kind?) Well these gift ideas for jokester dads are pun-believably funny and perfect for your dad joke making dad.

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Hilarious Gift Ideas for Jokester and Prankster Dads

They’re fun, they’re funny, and they’re sure to drive you and/or your mother crazy. Get them for your own dad or a dad in your life who loves a good (lame) joke!

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Engraved Whiskey Decanter
My Dad Thinks He's Funny

My Dad Thinks He’s Funny Book

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Kids pick up on dad jokes early on… And how bad they are. A perfect gift for a dad who thinks he’s funny from a kid who doesn’t agree.

T.J. Wisemen, Inc. Remote Controlled Fart Machine #2 with Boom Box Technology - 15 Realistic Sounds - Wireless with 100 ft Range

Remote Control Fart Machine

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At least these remote controlled farts don’t smell. But they are hilarious for adults and kids alike!

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle - Playful Prank Practical Jokes, Christmas Gag Gift with Customizable Messages, Fits All Holders, Record, Replay & Surprise, Easy 9-Second Recording Toilet Paper Spindle

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

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This replacement toilet roll spindle lets you record your own custom message. It’s motion activated so it will play every time someone uses the toilet paper.

Hi hungry, I'm dad hoodie

Hi Hungry, I’m Dad Hoodie

Give poor dad a break and let his clothing to do the talking for a change. The classic dad joke!

The tears of my children mug

Tears Of My Children Mug

You know what dad? This one actually isn’t funny. (But he will think it is.)

Fairly Odd Novelties Pizza Pouch, One size, Clear

Portable Pizza Pouch

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You may think it’s a joke gift but dad will be over the moon if you include a piece of pizza. Get ready for him to proudly wear this around the house while munching, though.

DEANCO Prank Kit-Joke Box-Ultimate Gift Set-Practical Jokes-Party Favors -30 pcs - Pranks for Kids Age 10-12 - April Fools Jokes

Mega Prank Kit

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If you jokester dad is more of a prank kind of guy this kit is perfect. Stuffed full of family friendly and perfectly irritating practical joke ideas.

Competitive Toilet Slam Dump Set

Slam Dump Kit

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For the dad who spends too much time in the bathroom and also has a sense of humour Slam Dump is the perfect bathroom accessory

Welcome to the Club: 100 Parenting Milestones You Never Saw Coming (Parenting Books, Parenting Books Best Sellers, New Parents Gift)

Welcome to the Club Book

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This is a book for the new jokester dad: It’s full of hilarious parenting milestones no one tells you about but everyone goes through.

Blue Q Men's Funny Crew Socks - Gifts for Dad, Grandad, Pet Dad (fit shoe size 7-12)

Aint No Bad Joke Like a Dad Joke Socks

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These honest socks will keep dad’s feel toasty warm. Perfect for the bad joke loving dad who has everything.

I'm not sleeping just resting my eyes pillow

I’m Not Sleeping Pillow

Great for the couch! Dad can rest his weary eyes on this pillow but definitely not sleep.

The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes: 1,001+ Punny Jokes Your Pops Will Love Telling Over and Over and Over...

The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes

Buy on Amazon

Sometimes dads need a little bit of help perfecting their dad joke game and that’s OK.

Dad Joke Fuel 15 OZ Coffee Mug by LookHUMAN

Dad Joke Fuel Mug

Buy on Amazon

All of those puns require a lot of energy. Make sure dad stays energized with the help of this mug.

Cheesy Award for Cheesiest Dad Jokes

Dad Joke Award

Recognize dad for all his hard jokester work with this cheesy award. Finally he will get the trophy he deserves!

Clarkson Potter Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers

Punderdome Game

Buy on Amazon

This game has you creating your own hilarious puns. The question is: can you out dad joke dad?

The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History, and Made Wordplay More Than Some Antics

The Pun Also Rises Book

Buy on Amazon

Sometimes jokester dads need to be serious, too. This book covers the history of puns in language and argues their importance.

Playmat Car Track Shirt for Dad Gifts for Dads Fathers Day Play Cars Roads on Back Mens T-Shirt Medium White

Play Cars T-Shirt

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The perfect shirt for tricking kids into giving you a back massage. The dad joke’s on you, kids!

Emergency Dad Jokes Mug

Emergency Dad Jokes Mug

Just in case dad hasn’t fulfilled his DJPM (dad joke per minute) requirements this mug has it covered.

Funny Birthday Gift Winosaur 16 oz Wine Glass Housewarming Present Anniversary Gifts Friend

Wine o Saur Glass

Buy on Amazon

Is your dad a wine guy? Nothing is safe from puns, not even this glass. As a bonus, wine also makes dad jokes more tolerable.

Prank Pack “Nap Sack” - Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Funny Gag Joke Present Box - by Prank-O - The Original Prank Gift Box

Nap Sack Gift Box

Buy on Amazon

This fake gift box will definitely surprise dad. Just put the real gift inside for some great laughs. Warning though: he may be upset that the contents is not actually a nap sack sleep hood.

Even if dad’s jokster antics make your eyes roll these gift ideas are sure to make him laugh. Isn’t laughing at your own joke the most important part? No?

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