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Zombie Gifts that will Wake You from your Sleep

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The best way to the undead’s heart? Through brains! (Or any gift on this list)

The Best Zombie Gift Ideas that will Wake You from Your Sleep | Walking Dead inspiration | Undead gifts | Zombie Party Ideas | Fun Birthday Presents for my Girlfriend | Zombie Christmas presents for my boyfriend

The Best Ever Zombie Gifts

The Zombie Survival Guide

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This book is a must have for any zombie fan, as it gives you the necessary skills to survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Wine Holder

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Any true zombie lover needs this realistically creepy zombie to store their wine for them in (zombie) style.

“Zombies Esat Brains, So You’re Safe” Tshirt

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If you know a zombie lover who also happens to be snarky, this is the shirt for them!

Zombie Pen Holder

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Any WAlking Dead fan would love to stab a zombie with, so stab away at this pen holder.

Zombie Survival Rules Print

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The lucky recipient of this killer poster will be reminded of zombie apocalypse survival skills everyday

Unicorn Zombie Terrarium

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This unicorn comes with his own glass dome to call home and is the perfect gift for the most magical of your zombie lovin’ friends.

Caught Zombie Ring

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Proudly display your caught zombie with this snowglobe-esque ring.

I Love You for Your Brains Print in Frame

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Remind your friend why you really love them

for their braaaaaains!

Color CHanging Zombie Mug

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Freak out the rest of the office with this playful color changing mug that reveals zombies

Zombie Survival Kit

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This kit includes multiple items including a zombie hunting permit, which all zombie hunters truly need

Zombie Tomb Chocolate

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What’s better than the undead? Ah yes, the undead + chocolate

Mombie Shirt

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Whetehr your mommy friend is a zombie lover or just a crazy busy mom she’ll get a kick out of this shirt!

Zombie Heart Hands Statue

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Proclaim your love zombie style with these zombie hand in the shape of a loving heart.

“I’ll Love You Till The Zombies Get You” Keychain

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Another way to proclaim your love with some zombie flair, this personalized keychain is the perfect gift for your significant other!

“Brain Food” Personalized Pyrex

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Not only funny, this personalized bakeware is practical for any zombie obsessed chef.

The Golfing Dead

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A card game for all ages, this game takes classic golf and zombifies it.

Zombie Dog Toy

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Dogs can love zombies too!

Zombie Treat Jar

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Store your brains

whoops, I mean cookies

in this zombie treat jar that is sure to ward off non-zombies.

Zombie Guts Gummies

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Eat your heart (well, brains) out with these zombie guts gummies!

Zombie Action Figures

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Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a big bucket of zombies!

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