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20 Gift Ideas for Architects

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Architects are unique people, they think in certain ways and are born to create in a way that not many people understand. If there is a special occasion coming up for an architect in your life, this list is for you! It is the perfect place to find ideas of what gift to get for them. These gifts will really stand out to an architect, with the intricate designs and style.

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Creative Gift Ideas for Architects

Trigrid Pattern Wood Coasters

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A unique, architectural design turned into a wood coaster, these trigrid patterned wood coasters are some of the best decoration they could ever receive!

Big Plans Personalized Blueprint Journal

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This isn’t an actual place they can make blueprints, but every architect needs a place to jot down ideas!

“Architect because engineers need babysitters” Coffee Mug

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If the architect in your life chose to become an architect over an engineer, or loves whimsical things like this, they will love this coffee mug.

Personalized Compass and Ruler Necklace

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Personalize this compass and ruler necklace with their initial and watch them start to wear it everywhere they go.

“Eat, sleep, design, repeat” Shirt

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Everyone knows that all your favorite architect does is eat, sleep, and design (or think about designing).

Architect Building Design Wall Clock

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A clock inspired by a building design is the perfect one for the architect in your life to put up on the wall at home or in their office.

Buildings Hardcover Journal

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A beautiful and unique buildings hardcover journal for them to keep their ideas and other notes safe is always necessary.

“I spent the night with a model… that I made” Coffee Mug

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Instead of spending the night with people, they are often up late spending time with a model they made themselves.

Ginza Place Tokyo Architectural Print

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Frame this Ginza Place Tokyo architectural print so they can find the perfect place to hang it up and find inspiration from it when their inspiration may be waning.

Men’s Concrete Bar Necklace

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As an architect, they know that a building needs concrete to be stronger and more secure, and this men’s concrete bar necklace is unique and eye-catching as well.

Detroit Blueprint Necktie

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Whenever they have to dress up, they will love grabbing their new Detroit blueprint necktie to go with their outfit.

Architect Rhino Illustration Art Print

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Both cute and funny, this architect rhino illustration will look nice up on their wall.

Compass Earrings

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Compass earrings for the woman architect who takes her work seriously, but also enjoys dressing up.

“I’m an architect, I run on coffee and sass” Shirt

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Your favorite architect may run on coffee and sass alone!

Greek Island Art Tote Bag

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Greek buildings on bag will leave them feeling inspired, and the tote bag will be handy for carrying all of their tools and materials.

“I see you have graph paper, you must be plotting something” Coffee Mug

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In their mind, graph paper is always for plotting something!

Pastel Geometric Pattern Shirt

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Pastel geometric pattern shirts are all the rage for architects these days, don’t you know?

“I am the architect of my life” Throw Pillow

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Not only are they an architect as a career choice, but they are the architect of their own life as well.

Geometric Concrete Candle Holders

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What a unique decor choice for their home, while also making it feel more comfortable and cozy!

“Truss me, I’m an architect” Travel Mug

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Trusses are important for an architect, and you must trust them to put them in the right places to support the buildings!

No matter what kinds of things your favorite architect enjoys, they will love whatever you give them!

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