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Gift Ideas For Dental Assistants

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Dental Assistants play a very important role in the dental world. They work hard to help keep the place running and ensure everyone leaves with a sparkly smile. So when it comes time to find them a gift you know it has to be really good, check out these Gift ideas for dental assistants below to find the perfect gift today.

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If you weren’t aware the first full week of March every year is dedicated to Dental assistants so make sure you grab a gift for that special Dental assistant in your life. Of course you don’t have to wait until March to show you appreciate them. You may be looking for a gift to celebrate them graduating, getting a new job, or just because. This list has a great selection.

Ultimate Gift Ideas For Dental Assistants

From socks to tooth shaped drinkware…that’s right tooth shaped drinkware! Check it out, we have a filling you will find some awesome gifts.

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Funny Sock Set

Every Dental assistant needs this toothy sock set! Not only are they hilarious but they are pretty darn stylish!

Dental Assistant Coloring Book: Funny and Relatable Coloring Book Gift For Dental Assistants

Dental Assistant Coloring Book

Read the cover of this coloring book and try not to laugh? How funny is that. This hilarious dental assistant themed coloring book would make an excellent gift.

Gift Ideas For Dental Assistants: Custom embroidered dental assistant jacket. Navy blue jacket shown with a stitched on white tooth with Valerie Dental assistant in pink stitched beside tooth.

Custom Embroidered Dental Assistant Jacket

How perfect is this jacket? Not only does it look very professional but it can be customized to not only spot their job title but also their name.

Gift Ideas For Dental Assistants: Close up of a woman hands holding two custom name tags, both with a smiling tooth and a name in black font beside it.

Personalized Name Tag

Every dental professional needs a name tag, so why not get a cute one that everyone will love! These adorable personalized name tags have a smiling tooth beside their name.

Gift Ideas For Dental Assistants: two hands each holding a tooth shaped shot glass, with one shot glass below on the table.

Tooth Shaped Shot Glasses

Who doesn’t want to drink from a tiny tooth! These unique tooth shaped shot glasses make a funny gift that are sure to be a huge hit.

Dental Gifts for Dental Assistants on Dental Assistants Recognition Week, Christmas and Birthday, 20 oz Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler - DENTAL ASSISTANT LIFE

Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

Perfect for water, coffee, or tea! This 20oz Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler sports the saying Dental Assistant Life so they can let the world know what they do for a living.

Large white pen holder shaped like a tooth.

Tooth Pen Holder

How great would this look on a Dental Assistants desk? (It also can be used to hold toothbrushes). Its funny but practical, everyone needs a pen holder after all.

milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate shaped teeth.

Chocolate Teeth

Know a Dental Assistant with a sweet tooth? Well these chocolate teeth are PERFECT for them. Comes in Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. Or go crazy and get a mix package.

White shoes with black outline of teeth all over them.

Tooth Patterned Shoes

The coolest shoes around! Pretty sure every co-worker will be jealous and want pair when they rock these at work. So get ready to be titled the best gift giver when you buy these.

Nutty Toys Super Slow Rising Jumbo Squishy Tooth - Soft & Scented Stress Relief Present Top Valentines Day Gift Idea for Kids Teens Boys Girls Adults Him & Her, Best Dental & Dentist Gifts 2024

Squishy Stress Tooth

Working in the dental world can be stressful! So why not get them this adorable squishy stress tooth! Not only is it cute but it works really well. It comes in blue and pink striped.

Printable white dental assistant definition print.

Dental Assistant Definition Print

This printable Dental Assistant definition print would look good on anyone’s wall. Grab a nice frame and throw it in a gift bag and you are ready to go.

Dental Assistant: Funny Gift Idea For Dental Assistant Coworker, Boss, Team Leader, Office Manager, Work From Home Staff Employee Appreciation | 6x9 Blank Lined Dental Assistant Notebook & Journal.


Honestly who doesn’t need a good notebook. This classic black notebook not only will come in handy while at work but it also has a nice saying on the front to remind them how awesome they are.

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Wine Glass

Wine glasses are always an appreciated gift! This ones etched to say Dental assistant making it more personal. You can throw in a bottle of wine if you want to be their favorite person.

Above view of a black long sleeve sweatshirt with white font that says Dental assistant on it.

Dental Assistant Sweatshirt

Who doesn’t love a cozy sweatshirt! This one has Dental assistant boldly on the front letting the world know the important job they have. The best part? It has five color options to choose from!

Golden Tooth Enamel Pin

Majority of dental jobs won’t allow the worker to wear much jewelry, so why not get them this little gold tooth they can pin onto their scrubs or work outfit. Fashionable but also stays within the recommended dress code.

Close up of hand holding a light blue sticky notepad with four different cartoon teeth at the bottom.

Dental Notepad

Dental Assistants will do their fair share of taking down notes, so why not give them a fun little notepad! Who could look at this notepad and not smile after all?

Black lunch bag with light blue font that says Rachel and Dental Assistant.

Personalized Lunch Bag

Practical and Personalized! This lunch bag would make a perfect gift for any dental assistant in you life. Comes in black or Grey and many color options for Name and job title.

White candle in a jar that says Back & Body hurts #DentalAssistant

Back & Body Hurts Candle

A funny play on Bath & Body Works this Bath & Body Hurts candle is a funny gift idea that is sure to bring a little chuckle to everyone that sees it. #BestGiftEver

White card with a green board with font that says Tooth be're awesome! happy dental assistant week. With a cartoon tooth holding a toothbrush.


A nice card is always a welcome gift, you can add it to a gift or toss in a gift card! This ones perfect to give during dental assistant week, which is the first full week in March.

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Hilarious Blanket

This list of gift ideas absolutely wouldn’t be complete without this hilarious dental assistant blanket! Every square inch of this blanket has a funny saying about being a dental assistant.

That concludes our list of gift ideas for dental assistants! We hope you found something amazing! If you are looking for more ideas for other dental workers check out these gift ideas for dental hygienists and dentists. Happy Shopping!

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