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20 Gift Ideas for Deployed Troops

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It’s hard to know what to send our deployed troops who are serving the public  with the highest mission: to serve and protect. As citizens we forget that sometimes they need gifts that are both practical and fun to balance out the weight of war.

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Gift Ideas for Deployed Troops

Nintendo Entertainment System

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If your favorite troop is deployed in an area that has electricity, then this nostalgic gaming system is a great gift to help keep them entertained.

Cards Against Humanity

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Cards are always a great gift. Easy to carry even though the topics this game covers can be controversial.

Moleskin Notebook

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One of the best ways to work through the monotony of a long-term deployment is to journal about the experience. Slim and sturdy these notebooks are a good place to write the next Good Morning Vietnam screenplay.

After This We’re Getting Pizza Water Bottle

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Troops always need water, and sometimes you just have to poke fun at a tough situation.

Mini Presso Espresso Machine

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For the coffee obsessed this mini espresso machine keeps troops caffeinated without taking up too much space. Remember to send pre-ground coffee with it.

This One Time I…game

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For the more, ahem, mature adults out there this card game gets players to share all their awkward moments.

Polaroid Instant Camera

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Smartphones might not work depending on where your favorite troop is deployed. This camera will. Create instant memories during the good and bad times.

How to Eat In the Woods

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Troops have some of the best survival skills out there, but, many of them still have no ideas how to forage in the forest. This will keep people from eating poisoned mushrooms.

Experiment, Fail, Repeat Mug

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Whenever troops need some motivation, this mug will do the trick!

Pineapple Lasercut Journal

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This journal is a little bigger than what we would typically send a deployed loved one. But, it’s such a beautiful place to share memories that we would do it anyway.

Paper Scissors Rock Spock Iron On Patch

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This patch can’t be sewed on a uniform, but it can be sewed on a favorite jean or leather jacket.

Sand Box

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Don’t give this to a troop member who is deployed in the desert. Use the sandbox for mindful contemplation.

Army Man Bottle Opener

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After a long day protecting our country, being able to open a nice bottle of beer with ease is is the best feeling in the world. You may hear some jokes if you give this Army man to a Navy Seal.

Zippo Chrome Lighter

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A classic lighter that can be used for lighting campfires when there aren’t any matches around.


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Every war movie has one man (or lady) who plays a mournful tune with a guitar. Switch it up to something light with a Ukulele instead.

American Flag Bandana

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Bandanas are a great for keeping hair out of one’s face, covering one’s nose and mouth on a windy day, or wiping your face after a workout.

Bicycle Playing Cards

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Cards should always be around for those quiet moments when the troops just need to relax.

Go Clean Set

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Help your favorite troop keep things clean and organized. This set has bags for laundry, shoes, and more.

Love What You Do

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A cute purse for the trooper who needs a little pick-me-up when they are on recreation time.

Amazon eGift Card

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Not sure what to send? An eGift card is the perfect way to say I Love You without sending the wrong thing.

Our military troops work hard daily to keep the world safe. Spoil them every chance that you can get. And, don’t forget to send them cards!

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