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20 Christmas Presents for 12 Year Old Boys

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Your sweet twelve-year-old is soon going to be a teenager. Before he becomes a teenager, you are wondering what to get him for Christmas this year. Something witty, fun, or exactly what he dreamed of are some of the things that will bring a smile to his face. Check out some of these awesome ideas for him below.

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Awesome Christmas Presents for 12-Year-Old Boys

“Superheroes were not built in a day” Shirt

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This is a fun shirt that also reminds him that he can be a superhero, even when he feels defeated sometimes. There is still tomorrow!

Hunting Shell Christmas Ornament

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If he likes to hunt, the hunting shell Christmas ornament is a great gift for Christmas this year.

Personalized Motorcycle Name Decal

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Young boys almost always love motorcycles, which means this personalized motorcycle name decal will look nicely on his window or laptop.

“Just play” Sports Art Print

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Remind him that sometimes it is good to just play a sport, and that he doesn’t have to win all the time. It is fun simply to play the game and be a good teammate.

“Pizza dreams” Pillowcase

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Pizza is life, and he probably already dreams of it on a regular basis!

Football Key Fob

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A football key fob is a handy place to keep his house key so he doesn’t lose it and get locked out.

Cement Soap

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Cement soap will keep washing his hands much more interesting!

“I work out. Just kidding, I take naps.” Shirt

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As a twelve-year-old boy, he is likely starting to think more about working out. That’s why this shirt is both realistic and funny.

Skull Mug

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Having hot cocoa or coffee in his new skull mug will soon become the highlight of his mornings.

Spider Charm Bracelet

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If he likes manly jewelry, he will certainly love this spider charm bracelet. He might even get to creep some girls out with it at school!

Water Resistant Kindle Case

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As an almost-teenager, he needs a way to keep his Kindle dry in case it rains, or he drops it in the tub or toilet, you never know what will happen with it!

Personalized Gamer Phone Stand

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A personalized gamer phone stand makes it easier for him to watch videos and kick back, eat, or do whatever else while he does so.

Kingdom Hearts III Game

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The Kingdom Hearts games have been around for a long time and this newer version is super popular!

“Installing muscles, please wait” Shirt

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His muscles are constantly growing and now he can tell the whole world!

“Born to ski” Print

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For the kiddo who loves skiing, this print will look excellent framed and hung up on his wall or hung up on its own like a small poster.

Stranger Things Watercolor Poster

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If he is a fan of Stranger Things, he will rave about his new watercolor Stranger Things poster!

“What would MacGyver do?” Shirt

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He just may need to ask himself, “What would MacGyver do?” from time to time!

Motorcycles Coloring Book Prints

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If he loves to color or draw, and thinks motorcycles are awesome, he will really enjoy this coloring book that seems like it was made just for him.

Deadpool Watercolor Poster

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Deadpool is a popular movie and if he has seen it and likes it, a poster seems only natural, right?

Minecraft TNT Pillowcase

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Every twelve-year-old boy needs a Minecraft TNT pillowcase for his bed.

Gift buying for the almost teenager in your life doesn’t have to be extremely difficult, I mean look at all these awesome choices right here!

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