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20 Gift Ideas for Passing the Bar

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Passing the Bar is a very big achievement and should be celebrated. It’s the culmination of years worth of hard work and the start of a new chapter in life. Help the new lawyer in your life celebrate with a gift that recognizes all the effort they put in, from undergraduate work to graduation from law school, this is just the beginning!

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Here are 20 gift ideas for passing the bar:

World Map Watch

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Give them the world literally. These people have achieved a lot.

Travel tumbler

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For the achievers in life.

Unique bracelet

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Something small and sentimental.

Meander sandals

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Perfect for the new work closet.

Bonsai sculpture

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Perfect office décor. You are awesome!

Emerald chandelier earring

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Statement pieces always say the right things.

Teacup Set

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Perfect for the little office tea parties. How cute.

Teal Wall Decor Gift

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Art that speaks for itself is just absolutely amazeballs!

laptop sleeve

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A nice and cute gift for a lady.

Pizza Sweatshirt

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You are what you eat… you also wear what you eat.

Gold Coffee Mug

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With all the work she’s constantly doing, please be the one to remind her.

Monogram Scarf

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Sophisticated, perfect for the job that lies ahead, plus she won’t lose it, Bonus!

Coral Silk Tie

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A little motivation for the job that lies ahead.

Docking station

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Perfect for that corner office their always talking about.

Travel Mug

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Just because they’ve made it in life doesn’t mean they should forget who they are.

Superhero Cufflinks

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Bring a little play time to the office.

Travel map

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Now that they are done with the serious stuff, it’s time to plan that holiday.

Personalized Zippo Lighter

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Not only did they just pass the bar but now even the lighter thief can’t touch them!

Black Gun Key Hook

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The signature don’t mess with me gift. Classic!

Black Leather Flask

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When the going gets tough… drink!

Go out and celebrate the good news with your friend, they will truly appreciate that and the gift you are bringing them of course!

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