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Gift Ideas for Yoga Teachers

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Looking for the perfect gift for that yogi on your list?

I never thought to get a gift for my yoga teacher. She would absolutely LOVE it if I did. These suggestions are so perfect.

They would probably tell you that there is no such thing as perfect, unless of course you’re talking about complete acceptance of imperfection, making it perfectly imperfect. But that’s a philosophical discussion for another blog and another post.  This post is to point you in the right direction to finding a gift that will take the yogi on your gift list straight to nirvana, and no matter what your budget, I’ve got the perfect gift on my list for the yoga instructor in your life.

1. A yoga pass, workshop, or festival pass.

Yoga teachers love yoga, this probably goes without saying.  But so many of us don’t do a good job of making the time for ourselves, or  lack the funds to be able to get to yoga or purchase passes, attend workshops or buy festival tickets at our leisure.  But not only do yoga teachers want to be attending these things, they need to be.  A teacher is only as good as their own practice and their practice can’t grow, flourish or stay inspired without getting to be a traditional student now and then.  A big component of yoga philosophy is self-care, and this gift will help the yoga teacher on your list to take some time for him/herself, making it a gift they will truly appreciate.

2. Jewellery

Yoga jewellery, more specifically. From companies such as Satya that make yoga inspired fine jewellery, to companies like Mala Collective who make traditional prayer beads, to the artisan jewellers on Etsy or Instagram who have everything in between, yoga inspired jewellery is everywhere and there is something to suit everyone.  Not only is it a lovely gift, it’s a great way to ensure a unique one for the yogi in your life.  It’s unlikely they’ll have the piece of jewellery that you hand pick for them and it’s a way for them to show off their yogic life style without having to rock yoga pants every day.

3. Donations

Not to the teacher, but to a good cause. Many yoga teachers are minimalists.  They are also concerned with caring for others, animals and the environment, and with giving back – a concept called karma yoga – making donations the perfect gift.  Do some good in the world, spread the love and help the yoga teacher on your list keep the clutter to a minimum by donating to their favourite cause. Not sure what that might be? Two great options that are influenced by the yogic lifestyle are yogini Sean Corne’s Off the Mat, Into the World which focuses on sustainable activism and social change and actor and philanthropist Ian Somerhalder’s Ian Somerhalder Foundation which shares the yogic philosophy of the interconnectedness of all beings and aims to positively impact the planet and animals.

4. Clothes or gift certificates.

Yoga clothes are expensive and yoga teachers need a lot of them.  Most teachers go from studio to studio throughout the day and teach multiple classes.  Between commuting and working up a sweat in class, never mind any hot yoga they may teach, their clothes don’t always make it to the end of the day smelling or looking great and it’s not very professional, or considerate, to show up smelling bad and looking disheveled to teach.  On top of that, the philosophical component of yoga teaches us that cleanliness is an important factor of the practice and discourages coming to the mat soiled.  Unfortunately, the salary of a teacher is not ideal to be stocking up on $80 yoga pants.  Most teachers would love to get some new yoga clothes (or gift certificates to put toward them) to add to their rotation and lessen the amount of weekly laundry they have to do.  Want to make it extra special? Skip the Lulu Lemon and research lesser known and environmentally sustainable companies, or those with a focus on giving back, such as Love Zuvi who’s leggings are made of recycled pop bottles, or Nomads who make environmentally friendly, fair trade clothing out of natural organic materials; or get your Google on and find local, near local or home-country made clothes that have a smaller footprint and promote local economy.

5. A trip to a yoga retreat.

This one is a huge expense and isn’t going to be on everyone’s gift giving list, but if you have a yoga teacher in your life that you are very close to, such as a spouse, child, parent or sibling, and you want to show them some love in a big way, this is it.  Yoga retreats are a break from the hustle and bustle of regular life and a great way for the yogi in your life to immerse themselves in quiet contemplation and their practice for a while. Locations vary from exotic trips to far-off locals, to local resorts that are an hour or less from home.  Punch in yoga retreats with your chosen location and you’re sure to find the perfect fit for the yoga vacation the yogi on your list’s dreams.  If you are looking for the ultimate yoga gift, a yoga retreat is the answer.

If you’re looking for even more ideas, may we suggest our list of Gift Ideas for Yogis?

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