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20 Thank You Gift Ideas for My Nanny

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Your nanny has put in a lot of time for your family, to take care of your kids and your home while you are working. They put your mind at ease and help you worry less so that you can actually focus on the work you are doing. A great way to say “thank you” for all they do, and show them how much they mean to you and your family, is to get them a sweet gift.

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Thank You Gift Ideas for My Nanny

“Thank you for teaching, caring, loving, inspiring, pushing & believing in me” Bracelet

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Your nanny teaches, cares for, loves, inspires, believes in, and pushes your kids to succeed every day that she works for you.

“You have held our tiny hands for a moment, but will hold our hearts forever” Picture Prop

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Their nanny might just be their nanny, but if she is a good one, she will likely have a place in your kids’ hearts for a long time and this picture prop is a beautiful way to tell her as much.

“It takes a big heart to teach little minds” Water Bottle

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Someone who teaches and cares for little ones has to have a big heart. It is not an easy job, and is often very challenging. This water bottle gets the message across that you appreciate their big heart, and can also help them stay more hydrated.

“I love you nanny such a lot, you’re as special as can be” Sign

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Your kids’ nanny is super special to them and you!

“Raising little humans like it’s my job” Coffee Mug

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Coffee is life, and raising humans is their job, literally! They need that coffee to survive!

“Behind every sane family is a superhero nanny” Candle

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Behind every sane and successful family is a nanny who is like a superhero! This candle is a good way to remind her that she needs to wind down.

“Thank you for helping me grow” Tumbler

Your nanny helps your kids grow everyday, both their minds and their bodies.

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“Fairy godmother” Shirt

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A nanny is kind of like a fairy godmother. They come in, do their job, and leave the family for better when they leave for the day.

“The world’s coolest nanny” Bag

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She is the world’s coolest nanny, no doubt about that. Her new bag will come in handy for carrying things for herself and the kids to work.

“I workout, just kidding, I chase toddlers” Coffee Mug

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Their workout plan is chasing toddlers, which is a good and tiring workout plan, indeed!

Infinity Pearl Necklace

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Jewelry is always a nice gift, and this infinity pearl necklace is simple yet pretty.

“I love to teach” Heart Keychain

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Your nanny loves to teach your kids new things and help them grow their minds.

“We love ______” Coffee Spoon

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For something simple, especially if she uses a spoon at your house for her coffee, this personalized coffee spoon for your house will make her feel even more at home.

“If you don’t believe in angels, you haven’t met my nanny” Sign

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Your nanny is like an angel in your life, you certainly can’t deny it.

“You don’t scare me. I successfully negotiate with toddlers for a living” Shirt

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Nothing scares your nanny, she deals with toddler negotiations, fights, poop, and more that would scare the average person!

“Bunches of love from ______” Box Framed Picture

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Show her that you have “bunches of love” for her with this personalized box framed picture.

“Best nanny ever” Bracelet with Birthstone and Initial Charm

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Simple and to the point, her new bracelet with her initial and birthstone will show her how important your family sees her and what she does.

“Whatever, I’m getting fruit snacks” Shirt

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If she loves fruit snacks as much as the kids, she really needs one of these shirts.

Soothing Foot Rub and Minty Foot Bath

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After a long day of chasing after your kids and chaeffering them to various places, she might need a foot rub and bath to soothe her aching feet.

Chocolate Teddy Bear

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Most nannies love chocolate, and a chocolate teddy bear is extra sweet!

Good nannies are hard to come by, which is why making sure they are appreciated and shown that appreciation goes a long way in keeping them there and working for you!

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