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20 Gifts for a Minimalist

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Maybe you’ve heard the term “minimalism” before – it’s become a way of life for many people who are looking to simplify their lives and habits. Minimalism isn’t just about not buying things or not owning things, but more about what an individual’s priorities are and what they decide actually adds value to their lives. If you’ve got folks who practice minimalism in your life, look below for some ideas that won’t be tossed into the trash by your minimalist pals!

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Gifts for a Minimalist

Food Gifts

Most people need food, so this is usually a safe idea! They get to reap the benefits (the food) of the gift, without leaving many materials behind.

Baking Mixes

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If this person likes baking, this is simple! Gift them some baking mixes so that they can get busy in the kitchen!

Steaks for the Grill

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If your friend is a grill-master, this is a no-brainer! Help stock their freezer with their steak of choice. Consider seafood if your friend isn’t a meat eater.

Gift of Wine

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Wine makes a great gift for all occasions! Your friends can drink it, cook with it, or take it to a party. It’s usually consumed in a short amount of time and takes up only a small amount of space.

Bento Bags

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Bento bags are great for grocery shopping or farmer’s market trips! The small bags usually fold up easily into the larger bags for simple storage. Aside from grocery items, these bags can also be used for travel or craft projects.

Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

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These are two very basic kitchen staples that don’t take up much space, but get lots of use!

Meal Kit Subscription

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With all of the options available for meal kit subscription boxes, this is a great gift idea. There are options available for all kinds of diets – vegetarian, paleo, low calorie, gluten-free, and so on. They can decide when to have the meals delivered and they can cook and enjoy the meals on their own schedule!

Private Wine/Beer Tastings

Have a winery or brewery nearby? Arrange a one-on-one tasting experience for a fun afternoon!

Service Based Gifts

Minimalists are looking for simplicity, so any gift of service could be a thoughtful gift without any actual items that pile up around the house.

Make a home cooked meal

Meal Train Tips

Inviting them over to your home for a celebratory meal makes for a great evening of fun and friendship! Or, order your favorite takeout meal together for a fun night in!

Offer an Evening of Babysitting/Pet Sitting or Help with Chores

Rather than an item that someone really doesn’t want, offer to help with the kids or chores! They’ll appreciate the help and the time off instead. Bonus points if you offer to help with tasks that they really dislike!

Host a Drive for Charity

Is there a charity that your minimalist friend supports? Instead of gifts, ask for cash donations or host a drive for that charity’s most needed goods in honor of your friend!

Experience Gifts

Experiences make a great gift for minimalists as they are gifts that don’t clutter up their living areas or end up in the garbage. Often, these gifts of experience happen outside of the home so it’s less likely that they’d have to bring anything home at all!

Museum Memberships

Museum Membership

Museum memberships are great gifts for minimalists. Often these gifts are great for the recipients as well as the organization that hold the membership. If your minimalist friend is a lover of education or the arts, this might make a very practical gift.

Event Tickets

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If your minimalist friend is a sports junkie, a theatre lover, or avid concert goer, this is a safe choice! Cover their tickets for their favorite event for an amazing gift.

Theme Park Passes

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This is a great gift that doesn’t require any space in the minimalist home! Give them some passes so they can have a great day out at a theme park.

Night at the Movies

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A pack of movie tickets or concessions gift cards are an easy option! This treat is better than another item that just piles up at home.

Day at the Spa

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Schedule a massage, haircut, or mani-pedi as a gift! A gift of pampering is much better than another set of dishes!

Classes or Lessons

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If your friend is interested in learning a new skill or musical instrument, this is helpful and fun! Even if they want to learn more about gardening or about a specific craft, there is probably a class available.

Logistical Gifts

Yes, adapting a minimalist lifestyle requires some work. You can help your minimalist friends meet their goals with some of these gifts.

Help with Hauling

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Have a truck? Consider offering your help when it comes time for your minimalist friend to start downsizing their furniture and other possessions.

Wireless Paper & Photo Scanner

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Help them scan their precious photos and documents into the cloud so they can eliminate their paper clutter. These small scanners sync with computers, tablets, and smartphones!


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Most minimalists part with their books sometime during the minimalism process. This is a gadget, true, but one where they can store some of their favorite texts without needing a ton of physical space.

Streaming Services

If they still have a television, consider gifting them a few months of Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video streaming! No TV, consider gifting a few months of Spotify or Pandora for the music lovers.

With whatever you choose to give, make sure it’s a gift that takes their goals of minimalism seriously. They’ll appreciate your efforts!

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