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Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend

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Everyone goes through sad times and needs a little pick me up. If your boyfriend has been feeling down and you aren’t sure to to cheer him up, consider getting him a thoughtful gift. Finding the perfect gift that shows you care, want him to be happy, or just give him a good laugh is a great way to cheer him up. Our list of gifts to cheer up your boyfriend has something for everyone and we kknow he will be touched by how much you care. Check it our below.

Funny and Sweet Gifts to Cheer up your Boyfriend

Sometimes humor is the best medicine. But if the situation calls for something a little more serious, don’t worry we’ve included some sweet and sentimental gifts that we know your boyfriend will love. Gift baskets to personalized portraits of you and him – we have something for truly everyone! Hopefully these gifts will put a smile on his face and instantly cheer him up!

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend brown leather bracelet

Leather Bracelet

Showing your boyfriend you believe in him and to never give up is always a great way to cheer someone up. This handsome brown leather bracelet has the bold saying “Never give up” on the inside.

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend jar of smiles

Jar of Smiles

Love this one! It’s a unique and cute idea to help cheer your boyfriend up. It’s full of fun sayings and ways you love and care about that person.

love you candle

Vanilla & Lavender Scented Candle 

Candles are always a welcome gift in any home, and can easily bring a smile to anyone’s face. This one is beautifully scented with vanilla and lavender and has an adorable saying on it.

navy blue oversized blanket hoodie

Oversized Hoodie Blanket

Cozy in a hoodie! This oversized hoodie will for sure cheeryour boyfriend up. Its the ultimate relax outfit. It comes in tons of different colors and patterns too!

ultimate candy and snack package

Ultimate Snack Box

Who doesn’t love candy? This package is the ultimate snack box it comes with over 100 snacks and candys to enjoy together to help cheer him up.

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend - three crocheted poops.

Positive Poo

How can anyone be sad when given a positive poo! Adorably handmade with a cute little saying to help cheer you up! What makes it even better? It comes in three different poo-tastic shades!

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend - printable paper roses to go on top of jerky sticks.

DIY Meat Roses

Everyone knows flowers are a symbol of love and known to help make people feel better and overall cheer up! But maybe your boyfriend just isn’t into flowers, well we know he will love these flowers. DIY rose flowers made with his favorite jerky or meat stick!

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend - brown leather belt

Funny Belt

Every guy needs a good belt, this ones solid leather and comes with a funny saying on it that we know will instantly cheery him up. It comes in 6 snazzy shades too!

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend - caughty scratch card

Naughty Scratch Card

Hey, if all else fails to make him cheer up this definitely will! A naughty scratch card! Don’t worry, you ultimately decide which spot is the winner by selecting it at check out. You can also select full set of four or a surprise one so you both won’t know. Have some fun!

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend - white coffee mug that says cheer up fucker on it in black print.

Coffee Mug

This one gets straight to the point, cheer up! This humorous gift is sure to make him smile. Throw it with his favorite coffee or fill it with candy and you have a total winner.

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend - custom rick and Morty style portrait of boy and girl.

Custom Rick n Morty Portrait

Come on Morty! Lets go get one of these amazing Custom Rick N Morty style portrait! If your boyfriend is a Rick and Morty fan is will definitely cheer him up!

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend brown slipper


Not sure how anyone can be sad when they have on cozy slippers. Keep your boyfriends feet warm and comfortable with these amazing slippers.

plush happy pill

Giggling Plush Happy Pill

This ones a funny one. Its a giggling happy pill plush! A gag gift is always a great gift idea when someones feeling blue.

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend silver pocket hug in brown leather case

Pocket Hug

A sweet token to show how much you love them, this pocket hug can be brought with them everywhere and when they feel down or miss you they can take it out and give it a squeeze.

Romantic card game

Romantic Game

Plan a romantic evening to help cheer u p your boyfriend! Grab this fun card game and have a little spicy fun with him. It will for sure help cheer him up.

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend - movie night package with wooden box and snacks for movies

Movie Night Package

Plan a movie night with your boyfriend to help cheer him up. Let him pick the movie and bring this amazing movie night package bundle that has everything you need to snack on.

Gifts to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend - custom bobblehead

Custom Bobblehead

What boyfriend wouldn’t want a custom bobblehead of them? You can even have it styled in a fun costume or career style!

dancing pickle

Dancing & Singing Pickle

If you want something completely random and pretty silly, this dancing and singing pickle is the way to go. How can anyone be sad around a dancing pickle?

pizza box of socks

Pizza Box of Socks

Everyone loves socks! This one comes in a pizza box and even looks like a pizza all rolled up! How amazing is that?

funny card for men

Naughty Eggplant 3D Pop Up Card

What guy doesn’t like to be reminded? This ones sure to make him laugh and cheer him up.

More Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

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