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20 Grandparents’ Day Gift Ideas for Grandmas

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For that special day in September, when it’s Grandparents’ Day, surprise your grandma with a nice gift that will makes her smile. Your grandma helped make it possible for you to come into this world and to be in the place you are today. She has been there for you day in and day out, loves you unconditionally, and supports all you do. If you are at a loss of what to get her for Grandparents’ Day, then the following list will help you a lot!

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Grandparents’ Day Gift Ideas for Grandmas

Personalized Grandma Blanket with Grandkids’ Names

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Not only will this personalized Grandma blanket with her grandkids’ names keep her warm, it will also be something she truly cherishes

Family Birthday Board Reclaimed Wood Look


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Help grandma keep track of everyone’s birthdays with this family birthday board made out of material that looks like reclaimed wood

“First mom, now grandma” Shirt

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First she was a mom, now she is a grandma. She rocks at both!

Custom Engraved Recipe Box

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She can keep all of her tasty recipes in this custom engraved recipe box. It is beautiful too!

Pewter Ring Dish with Tree Personalized With Initials and Birthstones

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Personalized with initials and birthstones of kids and grandkids, this family tree pewter ring dish will become her favorite place to take off her rings or set her keys

“My greatest blessings call me gigi” Personalized Wood Block

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Your grandma’s greatest blessings are her grandkids. If she’s not your “gigi,” you can personalize this wood block with whatever name you use for her!

“Glamma Est. ____/She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes” Coffee Mug

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When she became a grandma, that was one of the happiest days of her life! This coffee mug is a good reminder of that wondrous day, with a quote that will remind her that she is sparkly and makes life better in so many ways

Personalized Photo Cube

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Decorate this photo cube with memories, and she will love placing it on a table or bookshelf. Then she can flip it around to show off the different pictures too

“Nana Bear” Shirt

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Grandma will go to great lengths to keep her grandkids safe!

Personalized Pillow for Grammie/Grandma with Grandkids Names

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This personalized pillow reminds me a bit of the show Friends with how the names are separated by little hearts, so it would make the perfect gift for a grandma who loves the show

“Grandchildren make life more grand” Wall Art

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Frame this “Grandchildren make life more grand” wall art it to make it even more special and complete for Grandparents’ Day

“Grandma’s hold our hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever” Candle Holder

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Add a candle and make this a full set. She will be forever in your heart, even when she isn’t holding your hand

“Little Masterpieces” Art Clothesline Pins Display

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Help her put her grandkids’ art on display with a beautiful “Little masterpieces” art clothesline display

Willow Tree Grandma and Grandpa Figurines

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This inspiring Willow Tree set of Grandma and Grandpa figurines is so special and lovely, yet simple. Warning: It may cause tears of joy!

How to Babysit a Grandma by Jean Reagan

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A cute book for the grandkids and grandma to read together will make both their faces light up!

“Being nana… my happily ever after” Plaque

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Being a grandma is something she has dreamed of for a long time!

“Rockin’ the grammy life” Shirt

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Grandma always rocks the grammy life, which means she will find immense joy in wearing this shirt

“Grammy’s house, where cousins go to become best friends” Block Decoration

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Your grandma’s house is where you and your cousins became best friends, playing together and spending time with your grandparents!

“Grandy: a mama that’s earned her stripes” Coffee Mug

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Your grandma earned her stripes when she raised her own children, now she is enjoying being a grandma and she is grand at it!

Personalized “Nana’s little blessings” Pennies Keychain with Grandkid(s) Names

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Personalize the pennies with your name, or her grandkids’ names, and she will love putting her keys on this keychain

Grandmas are so special to our hearts. She deserves gifts all year long, but definitely on Grandparents’ Day, so make sure it’s something she will absolutely enjoy

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