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20 Hilarious Shirts for Cyclists

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Everyone loves a funny shirt, but sometimes it is hard to find funny shirts for the cyclists in your life. Look no further, there are a whopping twenty choices here to tickle their funny bones! They range from mildly funny to absolutely hilarious.

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Hilarious Shirts for Cyclists

“Bike Now, Beer Later”

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To convince themselves that their biking is worth it, they might use beer as incentive. Or, maybe they just love biking and beer drinking equally. Either way, this shirt is fun!

“Is My Bike Okay?”

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For that friend who spends a lot of time keeping their bike in working order, you know if they were to crash, their first words would be, “Is my bike okay?”

“Bike Hair, Don’t Care”

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Sort of like riding in an open convertible, one will come home with bike hair after riding their bike for a while.

Unicorn on a Bike

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If your friend loves unicorns and bikes, this shirt with a unicorn riding a bike will be something they wear with pride!

“Put the fun between your legs”

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A hilarious pun. If your friend likes these kinds of jokes and also loves riding a bike, this shirt is the perfect fit for them!

“I love it when my wife lets me go cycling”

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The big print on this shirt says “I LOVE MY WIFE” but when you look closer, you see the words in between that say that they love her when she lets them go cycling. It may look like a normal shirt from a distance but is super hilarious and sure to get you laughing as you get closer!

“World’s okayest cyclist”

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For that cycling enthusiast who isn’t the greatest but loves riding for the fun of it, get them this “World’s okayest cyclist” shirt.

“Born to ride, forced to work”

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Your favorite cyclist has to go to work, but they love to bike. Oh the sacrifices they must make!

“You own a car, not the road”

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People who are driving often don’t see those who are on bikes, and it can get super frustrating to those who ride and experience the rudeness and lack of consideration on a regular basis.

“I know I ride like a girl, try to keep up”

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For the “girl” who rides so fast that you have trouble keeping up with her, get this shirt to help her flaunt it!

“I’m a cycleholic on the road to recovery… just kidding…”

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Your favorite cyclist is not one to give up their bike, so the very thought that they would even do so is a bit funny.

“I do my own stunts”

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If your friend does their own stunts on their bike, or you know, crashes a lot, then this shirt is perfect for them!

“Please don’t run me over”

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Whether the drivers or the biker is the one who is reckless, this shirt that says “Please don’t run me over” would be very fitting for your friend!

“Velosaurus” Dinosaur Skeleton Riding a Bike

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Do you have a dinosaur and bike lover in your life, get them this shirt with a dinosaur skeleton riding a bike. It’s both cute and funny! If they have kids, then it will be a hit with the kiddos as well.

“I was cycling before it was cool”

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Another way to say they’re old, huh? They have been cycling for a long time, and it only recently became “cool” to ride your bike everywhere, whether for fun or for functionality!

“I’ll be on my freedom machine”

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With the wind in their hair and their fast forward movement, their bike is their freedom machine!

“On a bike ride, no one asks ‘Are we there yet?’”

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When riding bikes, it is rare to find someone who is solely focused on the destination, it’s more about the ride and journey to get there!

“Cyclist only because Freaking Awesome is not an Official Job Title”

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Cycling is “Freaking Awesome” but they can’t put that on their resume, can they?

Whale on a Bike

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Yet another creature riding a bike, on a T-shirt. This time it’s a whale and sure to be a hit with almost anyone they meet!

“Cheaper than therapy”

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Biking is cheaper than therapy, and they can ride away their cares and troubles instead of paying for a therapist.

So many choices for your favorite cyclist! How can you choose just one? If you truly can’t choose, you can always grab a bunch and have them stored away for future occasions!

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