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20 Thank You Gifts for Bridal Shower Hosts

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Your Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid has put a lot of time and effort into your bridal shower. It is a good idea to get them a little gift in return for all of that hard work. Check out some of these ideas!

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Thank You Gifts for Bridal Shower Hosts

“A Best Friend is like a four leaf clover, Hard to find and lucky to have” Notebook

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For your best friend who is hosting your bridal shower, get them this notebook with a cute and touching quote on it to take notes in!

Bridesmaid Wine Glass

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Give your bridesmaid this nice wine glass to serve as a reminder of all the good memories you two have of helping put your wedding together!

Maid of Honor Water Bottle

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Your maid of honor needs to stay hydrated throughout wedding planning and the wedding itself. It will also always be there to help them remember their prized role as your maid of honor later on!

Pure! Spa in a Basket

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Get your bridal shower host a spa basket gift set so they can pamper themselves after a job well done!

Bridesmaid Coffee Mug

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Your bridesmaid will appreciate this bridesmaid coffee mug to enjoy their coffee in and remind them of the importance of their role in putting together your bridal shower.

“You’re a Gem” Print

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Show your bridal shower host what you think of them by getting them this “you’re a gem” print to put up on their wall.

Dear BFF Coffee Mug

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Your bridal shower might also be your best friend, and if they are, you can gift them this “Dear BFF” letter coffee mug to drink their morning coffee from.

“Live well, Laugh often, Love much” Inspirational Quote Print

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Another print to hang up on their wall: “Live well, laugh often, love much.” It reminds your bridal shower host that they should live life to its fullest and live, laugh, love throughout their day.

Art Naturals Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs are a nice way to relax in the bath. Your bridal shower host will appreciate this gift to relax and rejuvenate after putting the shower together and helping it run smoothly!

Lavender Soy Candle

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Candles are relaxing and set an ambiance in your home that makes it much more mellow and cozy. Your bridal shower host will appreciate the lavender scent as well!

“If friends were flowers, I’d pick you” Flower Journal

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Does your bridal shower host enjoy writing and making notes? Get them this “If friends were flowers, I’d pick you” journal as a token of your appreciation.

“Thankful for for Such a Sweet Friend Like You” Engraved Spoon

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Not everyone will appreciate an engraved spoon as a gift, but someone who hosts dinner parties or other get togethers on a regular basis might especially like this large spoon engraved with the quote “Thankful for such a sweet friend like you” on it!

Bridesmaid Tee Shirt

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Yet another bridesmaid gift, this time in the form of a tee shirt. They can proudly wear this at your bachelorette party or anywhere they want!

“Drift Compatible” Matching Friendship Keychains with Initial

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To remind your bridal shower host that your friendship will still be as strong as ever, even after you get married, you can get these matching friendship keychains with initials on them. They take one and you take the other. It can serve as a reminder for both of you to make sure your friendship stays strong and lasts a long time!

Starbucks Multipack of Gift Cards

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Chances are, your bridal shower host will find these Starbucks gift cards useful for outings or their morning coffee!

Flower Pens, Assorted Colors

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Flower pens are adorable and these come in a variety of colors. They can use them at their desk or wherever else they need to jot down notes!

“My best friend gave me this shirt” Tee Shirt

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Get your best friend this tee shirt to show your pride in your friendship and say thank you for hosting the bridal shower!

Bridesmaid Keychain with Birthstone

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This bridesmaid keychain is personalized by adding your bridesmaid’s birthstone. They will be proud to hook their keys on it because you took the time to put that personal touch on it!

Pink Bridesmaid Sports Cap

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A cute bridesmaid sports cap is so awesome for your bridal shower hat. Just like the bridesmaid shirt above, they can wear this at the bachelorette party or for any occasion they desire to!

Manicure/Pedicure Set

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Everyone needs some pampering once in awhile and this manicure/pedicure set will allow your bridal shower host to do their own nails from the comfort of their home!

So when your bridal shower is over, remember to show your appreciation to the host with a nice gift that they will love!

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