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20 Gift Ideas for Alpine Climbers

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Alpine Climbers are a hardore group of people. Always pushing themselves past their limits to reach that next goal. Help them achieve their dreams with these 20 great gift ideas.

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Gift Ideas for Alpine Climbers

Climbing Holds

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Help them set up a dream playground at home with these holds so they can practice even on cold rainy days.

The Freedom of the Hills

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This book is the holy grail of alpine climbers and the newest addition always makes a perfect gift.


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This bag is a great gift that will keep the alpine climber organized with a place for every piece of gear

Ice Axe

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Alpine climbing almost always involves some ice in those high elevations and this ice axe is a beauty of a tool.


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It is extremely important to keep warm and dry and this jacket is a great choice for the climber.


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Keep the sun and wind off the climbers face while they are outdoors for many hours at a time.


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Keep the climbers hands warm with these fun gloves


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Falling rock is a common occurrence in the climbing world, so keep their head safe with this fun helmet.

Belay device

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Alpine climbers always work in pairs and belay a rope between them, this device will make that much easier.


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This is a required safety item, whether on a rock face or traversing across a glacier, a harness is always required.


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Any alpine climber will love these trekking poles for the traverse to the start of the climb

Mac and Cheese

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This may not be the first thing thought of for a gift, but freeze dried food is a great source of energy for the alpine climber and nothing is better than mac and cheese.


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Alpine climbs usually start before the sun rises, so this headlamp is a great gift choice.


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These crampons are a great choice to dig into the ice and snow


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Protect their eyes from the glare when the sun comes out.

Water bottle

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Keep a climber hydrated with this great water bottle.

Snap Hooks

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These are great for the trad climber to create holds as they work their way up the mountain.


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An alpine climber likes to plan future routes so these will help them map out the face of the mountain.


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A wonderfully shaped pant that will be comfortable even under the harness.


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Keep dry and warm even in deep snow with these breathable and waterproof gaiters.

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