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20 Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter Y for Adults

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Are you looking for inventive gift ideas for the letter Y? If so, you’ll love choosing from this list of 20 gift ideas. From fitness fanatics to crafty creatives, there’s something on here for everyone!

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Gift Ideas for the Letter Y

With this collection of gifts, you’re sure to be their favorite. 

YETI Tumbler

If they get thirsty, this would be great for gift ideas for the letter Y.

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Who wouldn’t find a use for this awesome YETI Tumbler? Whether you take coffee to work in the morning or enjoy some hot soup during the middle of a long winter hike, this YETI tumbler will come in super useful.

Yoga Mat

Gift ideas for the letter Y are definitely for yogis.

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Inspire your friend to try a new sport with this easy to carry Yoga Mat! If they’ve always talked about getting into yoga this could be the gift that gives them the push that they need to finally make it happen.


These gift ideas for the letter Y mean you get to work out with ease!

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Yaktrax are a seriously great gift if you live somewhere snowy! Fitness addicts will love being able to run or hike no matter what the weather is (without any embarrassing slips and slides in the snow!)

You Are A Badass Book

You are a badass is definitely gift ideas for the letter Y.

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Need to get a gift for an ambitious young woman? This bestselling book will be right up their street. When they’ve got their multi-million dollar empire, they’ll know who to thank right?

Yankee Candle

Gift ideas for the letter Y include these yummy candles.

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A Yankee Candle is a gorgeous gift for any home owner. With its long lasting scent and cute jar, it looks good in any house. A great gift beginning with the letter Y!

Yarn Kit

If they are crafty, this gift ideas for the letter Y is definitely for them.

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Encourage the person that you’re buying for to learn something new with this Yarn Kit. Whether they want a new winter scarf or some handy fingerless gloves, with this kit they can make them just how they like! And if they already knit, try our list for knit lovers

Yahtzee Game

Yahtzee would be a great gift ideas for the letter Y.

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Dice games never go out of fashion and Yahtzee is no exception. You’ll be giving many a fun family night in with this gift!

Yerba Mate

Gift ideas for the letter Y definitely include caffeine.

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Transport your friend to South America with this gift of Yerba Mate. Who knows? They might become a morning person once they start experiencing the kick they get out of this!


Yurbuds are useful gift ideas for the letter Y.

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Music lovers can never have enough pairs of headphones. Especially ones like these that won’t fall out of your “yur”!


Bento boxes make gift ideas for the letter Y yummy.

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Add some brightness to your friend’s lunchtimes by giving them a cute YUMBOX bento box. There are loads of different colors to choose from so you can get one that perfect for them.


This gift ideas for the letter Y will make you want to head out onto the open seas.

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Ok, so unless you’re Richard Branson you’re probably not going to be buying anyone an actual yacht. (If you are, hello can we be friends?) This sophisticated piece of home decor is a pretty good alternative though. If you’re buying this for a dad who’s a boat lover, we have a list for that too

Yard Games

Yard games are fun gift ideas for the letter Y.

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Make their summer more fun with some adult friendly yard games. With this inflatable bowling set they won’t be able to get rid of their neighbours from their backyard!

Yard Lights

Gift ideas for the letter Y that light up your life.

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If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to decorate their home, these cute yard lights are perfect. Their simple rustic style will add some character to any backyard.

Yellow Retro Sunglasses

Gift ideas for the letter Y for your stylish friend.

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These yellow retro sunglasses will be totally appreciated by someone with a bold sense of style!

Yew Bonsai Tree Seeds

If your friend is a gardener, this gift ideas for the letter Y is sure to be a hit.

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If you need to get a gift for someone green-fingered these Yew bonsai tree seeds are an unusual idea. You never know, you might get them hooked on a new hobby for life!

Yixing Tea Set

Gift ideas for the letter Y if they love traditional tea.

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Tea lovers will appreciate this traditional Chinese Yixing tea set. Yixing tea pots are made using clay from Yixing in Jiangsu, China. Over time, the clay develops a coating that retains the flavour of the tea – pretty cool!

Yoda Mug

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Star Wars fans will totally appreciate this Yoda mug. Oh, I forgot to mention that it spins and stirs itself too!

Yogurt Maker

If your friend is healthy, this would be a great gift ideas for the letter Y.

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Health food fans will get super excited about receiving this yogurt maker! They’ll be able to control exactly what ingredients go into their yogurt and create their very own flavours.

Yudu Card Screen Printer

Gift ideas for the letter Y for those in your life who are creative.

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Creatives will have fun printing their own cards using this Yudu card screen printer. They could even turn them into placemats, gift tags or clothes!

Yuzu Marmalade

Gift ideas for the letter Y your friend can eat.

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Gourmet food connoisseurs will appreciate a gift of Yuzu marmalade. Made from rare Yuzu citrus grown in Japanese ocean side orchards, it’s meant to be the world’s greatest marmalade!

Which of these inventive gift ideas beginning with the letter Y are you going to choose? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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