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20 Gifts for the Letter Z for Adults

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Need to get an alphabet gift beginning with the letter Z? Unlucky that you got stuck with that letter! Never mind, we’re here to help. Whether the gift is for a family Christmas or a wedding, you’ll find something perfect on this list. Check out our list of gifts for the letter Z to find something perfect. 

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These Gifts Are Great 

for that letter z

Zippo Hand Warmer

This hand warmer is toasty gifts for the letter Z.

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This hand warmer looks pretty classy and will keep their hands warm all through the winter. How’s that for a gift people will actually use?


Gifts for the letter Z for those who are feelin' spicey.

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Manakish, black eyed bean fetch and amaranth stuffed mushrooms. These are all culinary delights that can be made with this Israeli za’atar spice. You could include a print out of these recipes to make this gift even more fun!

Zafu Meditation Cushion

This cushion makes a comfy gifts for the letter Z.

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This gift isn’t just giving a small meditation cushion. Oh no. You’re presenting the recipient with the chance for a lifetime of happiness and inner peace. How’s that for an alphabet gift?

Zak! Bowls

Gifts for the letter Z include these fun Zak! bowls.

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This colorful bowls are a fun design that will add a bit of color to any kitchen. You’ll just have to explain that they’re made by Zak! and that’s where the Z comes in! And if they’re learning how to cook, we have a gift list for beginners here

Zaq Oil Diffuser

This oil diffuser makes for zen gifts for the letter Z.

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This Zaq oil diffuser will spread delicious scents around any room. It’s a lovely gift suitable for any occasion. Here’s a list of our favorite oil diffusers if you need more ideas. 

Zassenhaus Pepper Grinder

Gifts for the letter Z include this fancy pepper grinder!

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This high quality pepper grinder will ensure that their meals are flavorful forever more!

Zen Garden

This zen garden makes a perfect gifts for the letter Z.

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Give the gift of contemplation with this beautiful tabletop zen garden. It might get a little annoying for the recipient though when everyone comes over to their desk at work, just to play with the sand!

Zero Water Filter

Gifts for the letter Z include this water pitcher that leaves water zero percent of impurities

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This is actually a pretty useful gift for the letter Z! This water filter will keep their water tasting fresh with none of that unfiltered nastiness!

Zebra Print Water Bottle

For those feeling fiesty, this water bottle makes great gifts for the letter Z.

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This cool water bottle will keep its new owner hydrated whether they take it work, the gym or are slightly embarrassed by the zebra print so they just keep it at home.

Zebra Mug

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I want this zebra mug! The 3D zebra handle makes this mug a great novelty gift that people can actually use.

Zentangle Coloring Book

Gifts for the letter Z that leave them feeling really colorful.

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Another relaxing gift (it’s all of this zen) that will add mindfulness, creativity and youth to it’s new owner’s life. They’ll feel like they’re six again!

Zen Calendar

A zen calendar is definitely for gifts for the letter Z.

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If the person you’re buying for gets a little stressed out, this zen calendar is a great gift choice. It’s pretty practical and the calming photos will hypnotise them into a state of zenned out bliss.

Zero Sugar Diet Book

Gifts for the letter Z for those who are healthy.

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Maybe only give this book to people who are already interested in healthy eating. I mean, you don’t want it to be taken the wrong way and have someone think it’s a hint that they need to get healthier! That would be awkward.

Zero Gravity Chair

This makes a perfect gifts for the letter Z for those that wish to defy gravity.

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I don’t know how this chair works – why is it zero gravity? Who cares? It’s cool.

Zigzag Cushions

Zigzag anything is fun for gifts for the letter Z.

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For anyone who loves a splash of colour in their house, these trendy zigzag print cushions will be the perfect gift!

Zodiac Sign Keychain

Gifts for the letter Z include this fun zodiac key chain.

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A fully personalized gift! Just get them whichever sign they are and who knows? They might actually use it!

Zombi-oply board game

Gifts for the letter Z include anything zombie!

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Horror movie fans will love this scary version of monopoly! With screaming humans and boxes of flesh this one definitely won’t get boring!

Zombie Feet Slippers

If people think they need a pedicure, this would be a funny gifts for the letter Z.

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Now I did say that there’d be something for everyone on this list! These zombie feet slippers are a joke gift that will be totally appreciated by the right person.

Zombie Survival Kit

Gifts for the letter Z that will save their life.

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This essential kit could help to save someone’s life so please, give it to someone you really love.

Zinc Alloy Cooking Tools

Practical gifts for the letter Z.

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Here’s a practical but smart kitchen item for the recipient who doesn’t have the sense of humor for some of the sillier presents!

Hopefully now you’re feeling a little bit better about being the one who has to get a gift beginning with Z! Which of these fun (and some sensible) gifts will you choose?

For more inspiration, here is the ultimate list of gifts that start with every letter of the alphabet.

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