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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Garbage Men and Women

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Give your garbage man or woman a little thank you for all the hard work they do. Whether it’s your own personal service worker or someone you know who does this profession, get them a little something this Christmas to show your appreciation.

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Gift Ideas for Garbage Men and Women

Garbage Person Shirt

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They’re a garbage person, now they can show everyone even when they’re not wearing their uniform.

Personalized Memo Pad

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Get them something unique and personal with this customized memo pad. You can even change out the character to one that resembles your very own garbage man or woman.

Collecting Garbage Book

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Give them some garbage men and women inspiration with this book. It’s all about uplifting stories from their fellow garbage collectors.

Oscar Mug

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Everyone’s favourite trash lover makes the perfect mascot for every garbage collector… Hopefully they’re not as grouchy, though.

I Heart Garbage Trucks Hat

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They’re big, they’re strong, and they pick up lots of garbage. What’s not to love about garbage trucks?

Emergency Snacking Kit

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Maybe they get hungry (hangry?) while out collecting garbage so gift them this emergency snacking kit.

Christmas Tree Ornament

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For Christmas give them a an ornament for their tree. Perfect for garbage men and women!

Garbage Can Squeeze Toy

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Maybe picking up all that trash has got them a little bit aggravated. Let them take out their frustrations on a trash-can shaped squeeze toy.

Marvelous Cornelius Book

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If your garbage man or woman has kids this book is a perfect Christmas gift for the family. It’s about a garbage collector who heroically made a difference after Hurricane Katrina.

Funny T-Shirt

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For the garbage collector with a sense of humour, this shirt is perfect. Who’s waking you up early in the morning with their noisy truck? That’s right, your gift recipient.

Ramblings of a One-Eyed Garbage Man

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This is actually a book of emotional poetry written by a man who spent his life as a garbage collector.

Women’s #Garbage Collector Shirt

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Garbage women don’t get enough recognition in this male dominated job so get her something special like this fitted sweatshirt. She’s not a garbage man, she’s a #garbage collector.

Trash Collector Vinyl Decal

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Sometimes they’re not driving the garbage truck so with this decal they can let everyone know what their real passion is.

Christmas Shirt

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It’s an interesting request but hey, no judgement here. This “All I want for Christmas is trash” shirt seems like a great gift for the garbage man or woman with a good sense of humour.

Woke Up Early Shirt

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For all those people complaining that the garbage man woke them up early. How do they think the garbage person feels?!

The Law of the Garbage Truck Book

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According to this book, people are like garbage trucks. This book will give your garbage collector some interesting perspective that’s been in front of them this whole time.

Trash Hauler Ornament

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A perfect Christmas gift, this ornament uses Scrabble tiles and a trash can to say “trash hauler”.

Garbage Man Ave Sign

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This garbage man sign would be a perfect gift for someone you don’t know very well but still want to get a little something for.

Crocheted Garbage Truck Hat

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This handmade garbage truck hat will keep any garbage man or woman’s head toasty warm all winter long.

Handmade Christmas Ornament

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This ornament is handmade with plasticine and has a little figure sitting inside a garbage truck. The best part? This gift can be personalized to include a man or woman, other people, or basically anything else you’d like.

Garbage men and women have a tough, dirty job that deserves a little something to say thank you. Make sure to put yours on your Christmas list!

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