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20 Promotion Gifts for Your Husband

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After years of hard work your hubby has been promoted and is about to embark on the next step of his career. All of the late nights have finally paid off and it’s time to spoil your man and acknowledge all of his hard work and sacrifice.

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Promotion Gifts for Your Husband

FujiFilm Instax Camera

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Take pictures as you celebration his promotion with the FujiFilm Instax Camera. There’s nothing better than getting instant pictures as the night rocks on. Love camera booths at parties? This is the next best thing!

Handcup Pencil Holder

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Keep your husband stocked with writing supplies by giving him a hand! If he’s notoriously searching for pens or pencils he won’t have to look any further than his desk. And, you won’t have to worry that he will keep taking your pens.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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This is for the gaming obsessed hubby. And, with an ergonomic design, he can enjoy hours of gaming after he spends time with you. Illuminated so the keys are easier to see, and gamers love it. Probably best to keep this keyboard at home because it’s probably a bad idea for the new boss to walk in on him gaming.

Water Garden Fish Tank

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Sometimes work can be stressful. Caring for the office goldfish is a great way to relax when it’s a tough day at work. This tank also uses an aquaponic system to fertilize plants at the top of tank. Very earth friendly!

Tabletop Succulent Plant Terrarium

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There are a lot people with green thumbs, but your husband isn’t one of them. Fortunately, this terrarium has been created with that in mind. Succulents are extremely hardy and easy to take care whenever hubby is away from the office.

Get Shit Done Mug

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Sometimes people just need a strong reminder to get things done. This mug does that without mincing words. This mug is great for the procrastinator or the super-competitive employee who is ready to kick some butt in their new job.

Concrete Desktop Planner

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This unusually designed pencil holder also doubles as a plant container. Beautify your office and never lose a pen again. Built out of concrete, this office piece is great for the industrial loft that your husband works at.

Star Trek Spock With Ears Socks

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This gift is for the ultimate Trekkie. Wear these socks under a serious suit to keep things light. Just be careful when crossing your legs in a meeting-your colleagues might see the ears peeking through.

Amazon eGift Card

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Sometimes, the easiest promotion gift to give is an eGift card. If you aren’t sure what your husband would like, or he’s a bit…picky, this is a great way to let him in on the fun of choosing a promotion gift that is right for him.

Rock Paper Lizards Spock Mug

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For the ultimate Big Bang Theory fan. Hopefully his new colleagues will understand how to play Rock, Paper, Lizards, Spock-if not, he could teach them and show them the picture on the mug for a better understanding of how this game works.

Star Trek Original Series Tote Bag

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Your husband’s promotion is at a new company that has a much more relaxed dress code. That gives him the opportunity to share his love for Star Trek subtly. This bag is big enough to carry his new laptop and light to carry.

Hollinox Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp

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While this lamp can’t be used in every workspace, if your husband’s new promotion moves him to a company that is much more relaxed then he can amaze his colleagues by having the coolest lamp in the company. A replica of the Millennium is illuminated for all to see. This is for the serious Star Trek Fan.

Apple MacBook Air

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Time to upgrade your husband’s 2011 MacBook Air. Each year it just gets sleeker and sleeker. Since he’s an Apple guy for life, his promotion is a great time to treat him to some new technology.

MacBook Tablet Case

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Now that you gave your husband that new MacBook Air, protect it with a well constructed felt cover that will protect his new laptop from the daily wear and tear of carrying around a laptop in back pack. This case also has room for his cell phone and other miscellaneous items.

Sensation Premium Wood Headphones

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For the person who works in a shared space, these gorgeous headphones are great way to listen to music while getting work done. These headphones are as functional as they are gorgeous. Just lock them up or remind your husband to bring them home when he’s finished with work.

Analog Turntable

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Records are making a comeback, but that old record player your husband used to have bit the dust a long time ago. This turntable perfectly marries old school vinyl, with new technology. There’s even a USB port so that you can connect it to your laptop. Nice.

Kind of Blue Record Miles Davis

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Need a new record? Start with this jazz classic by Miles Davis. Not everyday at the office is great, but playing Kind of Blue and having a cold beer is a great way to unwind after a stressful day.

Blue Train Vinyl Record John Coltrane

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Feel like adding more records to the collection? You can’t go wrong with John Coltrane. Listen to jazz at its finest after a tough day at work.

Echo Dot

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Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else answer all of the questions that come up. Gift your husband (and you) an Echo Dot and leave all the talking to her.

Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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Every time you listen to your husband’s podcast the sound is kind of scratchy. Smooth it out with a new microphone.

There’s nothing better than spoiling your man after a huge win! He will appreciate that you noticed how hard he worked to make it happen.

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