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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma From Baby

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Just because baby is too little to make macaroni necklaces and sweet homemade cards for grandma that doesn’t mean that you still can’t give grandma a gift. These ideas are perfect choices to give a grandma from your sweet baby.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma from Baby

Grandma Picture Frame

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Grandma loves pictures of her grandkids so make sure you include one of your baby. The message is perfectly baby-friendly, too!

Generations Necklace

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A gift from you and your baby daughter. This would make a wonderful keepsake and grandma is sure to be happy with something so sentimental.

Personalized Shirt

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Baby is a gift in itself! Surprise grandma with a personalized shirt when you go visit with baby on Mother’s Day.

Becoming Grandma Book

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A great way to get a new grandma excited for the joys of being a grandparent. This book is all about how becoming a grandmother changes a woman’s life.

Grandma Footprint Art

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This custom print uses your baby’s actual footprints for a cute keepsake to give to grandma.

Grandma Sign

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A little something for the proud grandma to display in her home.

Grandmother Book

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Things have changed since her kids were little and grandma might need some refreshers on parenting. Help her study up on those as well as family dynamics to make being a grandmother the best experience it can be.

Personalized Picture Frame

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Grandma will be so excited to get a picture of her grandbaby in this personalized frame she just might tear up. Perfect for home or to take to work.

Handprint Frame

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Sometimes we forget how little baby’s hands were!

Grandma Statue

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This sentimental statue will make grandma feel really special. It’s the sort of thing she’ll be proud to display.

Twin Frame

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Is grandma double blessed? This frame is perfect for siblings or twins!

Memories Keepsake Book

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Give this to grandma from the baby for Mother’s Day and when baby is grown they’ll have an amazing gift in return.

Photo Session

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Take some photos of baby, either professional or DIY, and include this cute grandma chalkboard sign. Give the photos to grandma for Mother’s Day.

Grandma Gift Set

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This bundle is a 2 in 1. There’s a sentimental photo frame as well as a visor clip included to remind grandma to drive safely.

Mother’s Day Plant

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This handmade porcelain plant pot can be personalized. It’s nice to give grandma something practical.

Generational Frame

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Grandma is going to love this multi-generational picture frame. Make sure you put the pictures in the frame before gifting!

Travel Bed

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Looks like it’s time for baby to start having sleepovers at grandma’s!

Grandma Countdown

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If the baby isn’t quite born yet you can still get something for the Grandma to be, like this countdown picture frame.

Long Distance Frame

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Being away from your grand baby is hard so help grandma feel better on Mother’s Day. It’s completely customizable, too.

Fingerprint Pendant

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Baby can help you make this wearable fingerprint jewellery. Perfect for the proud grandma!

The only thing better than these gifts are smiles from your baby!


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