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20 Mother’s Day Gifts for Aunts

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If your aunt has been there for you thick and thin, and is a mother herself, it is only natural to get her a gift for Mother’s Day as well. Sometimes our aunts are like a second mother or step up to take on the roll of a mother in our lives, and then they definitely deserve a special gift this holiday. There are so many awesome things to choose from, and there are only some of them listed here!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Aunt or Sister

These thoughtful gifts are a great way to spoil your aunt this Mother’s Day – whether you go with something funny or thoughtful, she’ll love that she wasn’t left out. After all, she’s like a second mother to you!

“You are always in my heart” Keychain

Your aunt will always be in your heart, no matter what!

Lemonade Wax Melts

Lemonade wax melts will get her house smelling like lemonade and summertime.

Women's body wearing a black t-shirt with white font that says Blessed aunt.

“Blessed aunt” Shirt

She is a blessed aunt, to have you in her life!

Teardrop Stud Earrings

Teardrop stud earrings will make her ears look even more elegant, and she can wear them with any outfit since they would go with both casual and dressy clothes.

Close up of hands holding a white coffee mug with pink font that says AUNT, with roses below and under the roses more pink font that says like a mom only cooler.

“Aunts: like moms only cooler” Coffee Mug

An aunt is like a mom, but they are so much cooler. This mug will give her a smile every morning as she sips her coffee.

Black t-shirt with white font that says "my role at family functions is to look the best and drink the wine".

“My role at family functions is to look the best and drink the wine” Tank Top

Is your aunt’s role at family functions to be dressed nice and drink all the wine? This tank top would be awesome for her to wear on relaxing days.

Above view of a square jewelry dish with gold and black spots all over it and black and gold font that says "rings & sparkly things:.

“Rings & sparkly things” Jewelry Dish

Every aunt needs a place to set all of her rings and other sparkly belongings, and what a pretty jewelry dish to put them in!

Silver keychain with a round charm that says holly's fairy godmother" and a star wand charm beside it.

“Fairy godmother” Keychain

Your aunt is sometimes your fairy godmother, she makes your wishes comes true and adds to your life on so many levels.

Personalized Garden Apron

If she is a gardener, she needs a personalized garden apron to keep as much of the dirt off of her clothes as possible, especially when she decides it’s a good idea to garden in her regular clothes.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Aunts: Three block wooden signs one with a big A on it the other with UNT on it and lastly a poem about being an aunt on the last block.

“Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend” Sign

Your aunt gives you hugs like a mother, keeps your secrets like a sister would, and shares love with you like a friend does.

Cooking Classes, various cooking items shown.

Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

Does the aunts in your life love to cook? Splash out and get her an online cooking course from Rouxbe. There are tons of class choices and as a bonus, she can bake or cook you delicious delicious food while she takes a course! Click here to read a full review of Rouxbe.

white infinity scarf with pink, orange, green, and blue marks all over it.

Pink Infinity Scarf

This beautiful pink infinity scarf will go really nicely with her outfits and keep her neck warm or covered when necessary. Who needs a sunburn anyway?

favorite niece coffee mug

Favorite Niece Coffee Mug

It’s an unspoken rule that you are her favorite niece!

Four wooden signs, one dark, one light, and one grey all with the saying "the best moments are auntie moments".

Auntie Wood Sign

If you go in on a gift with your siblings, this beautiful sign will make her day.

The Cotton & Canvas Co. Best Aunt Ever Beach, Shopping and Travel Reusable Shoulder Tote and Handbag

Best Aunt Tote Bag

Aunts always need to carry something around… This tote bag is a cute way to make her feel special while also giving a practical gift.

Mannequin with a white tank top with a crocheted pink flowered scarf.

Floral Crochet Scarf

A unique scarf that is a floral crochet instead of cloth. It will catch the eye and be the envy of so many people who see your aunt wearing it.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Aunts: large white jarred candle with a white label that says "the cool aunt" in black font.

Cool Aunt Scented Candle

Every cool aunt needs a nice smelling soy candle to give their home a delicious aroma.

Black t-shirt with white font that says "my aunt is definitely cooler than my dad".

Funny Aunt T-Shirt

This is the perfect gift for your dad’s sister (AKA your aunt). She’ll love wearing it to every family function from now on!

White cuffed bracelet with black font that says "auntie est. 2016"

“Auntie est. _____” Bracelet

If you are your aunt’s first niece or nephew, or your child is their first niece or nephew, this is a super cute idea to forever remind her of the year she became an aunt or great-aunt.

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Best Aunt Ever Flower Pots

Perfect for May weather! Give these cute pots to your aunt to remind her how great she is… You can even pre-fill them with her favorite succulents.

Coffee mug set with candle, wooden spoon, and teal coffee mug.

Best Aunt Coffee Mug Gift Set

She is the best of the best, but sometimes she needs a little reminder!

Spoiling your aunt for Mother’s Day will make it even more special for both of you. You will make her happy and you will find joy in making her happy.


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