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20 Gift Ideas for a Hiker

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Do you know someone who lives and breathes the outdoors? Hikers are always on the hunt for nifty accessories to take with them out on the trail. Help them out with these cool and practical hiking gifts.

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Gift Ideas for a Hiker

Swiss Army Knife

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A swiss army knife is the perfect accompaniment to hiking and everyday adventures. You’ll be surprised how many times a hiker will need a knife in the woods.

Lightweight Camping Stove

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Nothing is better than a warm meal at the end of a long day’s hike, for that there are camping stoves.

Hiking Socks

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Hikers are forever wearing holes in their socks. A hiker can never have too many quality pairs of socks.

Microfiber Towel

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Microfiber towels are the ultimate towel. They are lightweight, super absorbent, and dry quickly. It’s the perfect towel for outdoor activities.

Ultralight Sleeping Bag

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Hikers love anything ultralight. Sleeping bags that are ultralight and compact are the ultimate.

Footwear Traction

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If you live in a cold area, footwear traction comes in handy for snowy and icy hikes.

Emergency Blanket

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An emergency blanket is hopefully something they’ll never have to use, but it is an essential item to have.

Selfie Stick

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Selfie sticks are great for documenting solo hikes or group shots.

Dry Sacks

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Good for hiking, kayaking, or any kind of adventure travel. Dry sacks are designed to be watertight and keep your things free from moisture.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

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Ask any hiker what the worst thing about hiking in the summer is… the answer is guaranteed to be mosquitos. Any hiker will appreciate something to combat them.

Collapsable Water Bottle

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This collapsable water bottle folds down compactly for easy storage and ease of carry.

Head Lamp

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For evening or early morning hikes – any time it is dark, a hiker could use a head lamp.

Insulated Lunch Box

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Hikers need fuel. This insulated lunch box will keep food warm or cold so they have the perfect meal when they finally get to their lunch spot.

Portable Solar Panel Charger

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Yes hikers are trying to get away from technology by going out into nature, but for those that also like to carry their gadgets this solar panel charger is perfect.

A Womans Guide to The Wild

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For the woman hiker, especially those intrigued by multi day trips – this book is a great and useful read.


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Journals are a good way to document ideas from the day and reminisce over a great hike at a later time.

Folding Camping Chair

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Sometimes sitting on hard pointy rocks really isn’t that comfortable. That is where a lightweight folding camping chair comes in handy.

Hiking Poles

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Distributing weight evenly is the key to a successful hike. A good set of hiking poles can do wonders taking pressure off hikers’ precious feet.

Touch Screen Gloves

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It’s the 21st Century and we’re all taking photos with our smart phones. Sometimes you hike in the cold and don’t want to freeze your hands – for that there are touch screen gloves.

Wine Travel Bag

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Because really, what better way is there to appreciate a gorgeous view than with wine?

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