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20 Mother’s Day Gifts for Coworkers

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You work with a great bunch, so when Mother’s Day approaches, you want to get something nice for a fellow coworker who is a mom. Since she isn’t your mom, and you guys aren’t family, it may be a bit tough to figure out what to get her. Check out some of these Mother’s Day gifts for coworkers, they are sure to please.

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Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Whether she’s a mom at work or someone who feels like a work mom to everyone in the office, these Mother’s Day gifts are a great way to show someone how much she means to you.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Coworkers: Close up of hands holding white coffee mug with black font that says "I run on tea, wine, & amazon prime"

“This mom runs on tea, wine, and Amazon Prime” Coffee Mug

Your coworker is a mom runs on tea, wine, and Amazon Prime to get through the week, or possibly even each day.

Silver earrings with golden coffee beans on the end hanging off the side of a coffee mug.

Coffee Bean Earrings

She loves coffee, so she will surely love these coffee bean earrings, right? I mean, they’re a bit goofy to me, but that makes them fun to wear too.

Watermelon patterned note and recipe holder with a pen beside it.

Watermelon Note/Recipe Holder

Help her keep track of her notes, recipes, coupons, or whatever else she needs to hold onto with a bright and cheery watermelon note holder.

Stemless wine glass with My therapy on it with a lounge chair with person holding wine glass on it.

“My therapy” Wine Glass

As a mother, her therapy after a long day is wine. No shame!

Close up of hand holding a can with a white koozie on it that says "cool moms club" with colorful font in orange, red, and yellow.

Can Koozie

When her personal poison is beer, or soda, she needs this cool moms club can koozie to keep her drink cold.

Two floral sleep masks, both light green with flowers on it.

Floral Sleep Mask

Moms are forever running on very little sleep, so help her get better sleep when she is able to sleep, with this beautiful floral sleep mask.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Coworkers: Jar with black lid with orange candle in it.

Southern Pecan Pie Soy Candle

While these soy candles also come in other scents, the southern pecan pie candle sounds like it smells really good.

Close up of fingers holding lop balm that says MIMOSA lip balm on it.

Mimosa Lip Balm, Orange + Champagne Flavor

Who wouldn’t love lip balm that comes in an orange and champagne flavor, and also keeps their lips moisturized?

White box with two light pink rose shaped soap.

Set of 2 Rose Shaped Soap

Floral shaped soap is beautiful, whether she uses it as decoration or uses it as soap, it will look so nice in her bathroom at home and make it feel more luxurious.

Three silver necklaces each with a round charm each with hand stamped of flowers.

Personalized Hand Stamped and Personalized Jewelry

If you know what her child’s birth month is, these personalized necklaces are a thoughtful way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

gold monogram initial necklace

Gold Initial Necklace

Sometimes you just need to get something simple, yet nice, and a necklace with her initial on it will do just perfectly!

floral keychain

Floral Keychain

Your coworker will appreciate this floral keychain for Mother’s Day this year. Not only is it functional, but it is also beautiful!

White coffee mug with black font that says "I run on caffeine and kisses #Momlife"

#momlife Coffee Mug

Mom life is full of coffee to keep her awake and plenty of kisses to keep her going. Help her drink even more coffee to keep things energized.

Modern Lavender Sachet

Help her stay as relaxed as possible with a modern lavender sachet she can carry with her wherever she goes.

Pink book with gold font that says "Jokes every woman should know by Jennifer Worick".

Jokes Every Woman Should Know by Jennifer Worick

Bring some light and laughter into her life with the jokes in this book. Maybe she will tell a few at work and get everyone cracking up.

White coffee mug that says "best work mom ever" all in different colored font.

Work Mom Mug

For the mom at work or someone at work who acts like everyone’s mom. Either way, work moms need appreciation!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Coworkers: Deluxe spa gift set, all white.

Deluxe Spa Gift Set

Self-care is important as a mother, help her enjoy her Mother’s Day even more with this deluxe spa gift set to do at home.

Thumbs up adjustable cell phone holder, purple thumbs up.

Cute Thumbs Up Adjustable Cell Phone Holder

She can watch Netflix for hours with her phone propped up on this cute thumbs up cell phone holder. We all need a Netflix binge on occasion.

flaming cooler bag for moms

Flamingo Cooler Bag

If she brings her lunch to work, she definitely needs this cheery flamingo cooler bag. It’s also great for picnics or the beach!

Round dark blue mouse pad with light blue floral patterns around it and ARS in the middle.

Floral Monogrammed Mouse Pad

When the two of you work at an office job, having her own personal monogrammed floral mouse pad, she will feel happier to be at her desk.

Our coworkers deserve to receive nice gifts from us on special holidays, and there is no much more special than being a mom on Mother’s Day!


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