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The Best Dog Costumes for Halloween

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If there is one holiday that dog owners look forward to every year, it’s Halloween! After all, when else do you have an excuse to dress your furry pal up? So if you are looking for some great costumes for your pooch, look no further! Here are 20 of the best dog costumes for Halloween!

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The Best Dog Costumes For Halloween You Must See

There is no one cuter in a Halloween costume than an adorable pup! These costumes are seriously awesome!

Bantha Rider

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Star Wars fanatics are going to love being able to incorporate their pooch into their family theme this year. Sure, we’ve all seen plenty of Darth Vader and Princess Leia costumes, but this Bantha rider costume is a bit more unique, and definitely more fun!

Lady Liberty

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Complete with a plush torch, and In Dog We Trust Book, this patriotic costume is great for pups of nearly all sizes.


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The streets on Halloween night are often flooded with ghosts. So, “Who ya gonna call?” Ghostbusters! That’s who. Turn your dog into the newest Ghostbuster with this amazing jumpsuit!

Paw Patrol

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Now your four-legged friend can become a member of the ever so loved Paw Patrol! Your kiddos are going to love having a real-life Chase, Marshall, or even Skye with any of these fun Paw Patrol costumes.


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I think you are really going to like this costume a latte! Especially if you are a coffee fiend. The whipped cream collar and straw hat are just too sweet for any dog!


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Does your pup chase the delivery driver? Well, how great would it be to dress them up like one? This UPS delivery driver package, complete with faux hands and a UPS package, would make an excellent costume for that protective dog of yours!

Lion Mane

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If you just so happen to have a large tan dog, this next costume is meant for you! It is just a simple lion’s mane. However, you’ll be sure to get lots of second glances while walking down the streets on Halloween night!

Cowboy Rider

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Yeehaw! This cowboy rider costume will pair perfectly with the family’s cowboy getup this year. Strap on your boots, grab your hat, and lasso up!


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Arg, Matey! Who doesn’t love a dog dressed up like a pirate? There’s no annoying eye patch, but it is complete with a faux hook, and a pirate hat!

Rocker Pup

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Gather the band; your guitarist is here! With this rocking costume, you can turn your pup into the star of the show. Maybe even play a little music on your phone while walking with your rocker pup.

Crocheted Taco

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This isn’t your average taco. This costume is crocheted by hand, for your furry friend. Be sure to order in advance so it can be crafted in time for Halloween.


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Da dum dum dum, da dum dum dum! Check out this adorable bridal gown for your sweet girl. Everyone that passes by will be gushing over a cute dress.


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This doggy tuxedo comes in multiple colors, and if you have multiple dogs, it will look perfect paired with the bridal costume up above.


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Alas, the fabled unicorn has been found! Okay, so maybe not, however, the little ones are going to love seeing a unicorn prancing around on Halloween.

Sushi Roll

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Skip the hot dog costume or a slice of pizza. Go with something a little more extraordinary, like this sushi roll dog costume.

Snow White

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If you happen to be a Disney fan, why not turn your pup into a Disney princess? Now, if only there were costumes for all of the 7 dwarves!

Hula Girl Costume

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Have you been dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation? Grab yourself a lei and a hula skirt to pair with your dog’s hula girl costume!


50’s Poodle Skirt

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Jump in the time machine with your pup, and exit wearing this 50’s poodle skirt! No pun intended!

50’s Leather Pup

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Have a male dog? You can still travel through the time machine with him, too! Check out this sharp-looking leather vest!

Doctor Costume

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You always knew your dog was smart. Why not get him this doctor’s costume? It’s both cute and funny! Plus, think of all the different ways you can dress yourself to have fake injuries! How fun!

Aren’t these The Best Dog Costumes for Halloween? Every one of them is going to make you giggle! 


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