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20 Retirement Gift Ideas for Police Officers

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The police officer in your life is retiring, but you aren’t sure whether you should get them a gift or not… and what retirement gift ideas for police officers to get them in the first place. Well, they served to protect their city for however many years they were on the force and a gift is a great way to show your appreciation for what they have done or just to say that they did a good job. If you’re looking to give a gift to new police officer or just a thank you, we got you covered there too. 

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If you’re a bit lost on what to choose for them… 

here are some great ideas to get them started. 

Retirement Gift Ideas for Police Officers

Starbucks Gift Card

Retirement gift ideas for police officers are gonna include one of his main loves, coffee.

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As a police officer, there’s a pretty great chance that they really enjoy their coffee. This Starbucks gift card will help them enjoy a coffee or two on you.

LOVE Blocks with Badge for O

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These blocks that spell out “LOVE” with a badge in the place of the O, would make a great addition to their home as they enjoy their retirement.

American Flag Plush Blanket

Because he's a true patriot, this would make a great retirement gift ideas for police officers.

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They are patriotic, so this beautiful American flag plush blanket shows how much you appreciate the sacrifices they made for their city and country. Plus it will keep them warm in the colder months too.

Medal Display Case

Retirement gift ideas for police officers include this case to help him display his honors.

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They will truly enjoy a nice display case to keep their badge and awards in mint condition, rather than collecting dust somewhere, and they may even place them somewhere for visitors or themselves to look at on occasion.

Monogrammed Burlap Beer Covers

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With more time at home, they can truly enjoy their beer without worrying about when they have a day off. These monogrammed burlap beer covers are an awesome choice to keep their beers cold, as you can have their initials placed on it and make it that much more meaningful.

Dunkin Donuts Original Blend Coffee

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Whether your friend actually fits the stereotype of loving donuts or not, this Dunkin Donuts gift card will be a nice gift. They could also choose coffee or have breakfast there as well as get a donut of their choice.

Thin Blue Line American Flag Towel

This retirement gift ideas for police officers lets everyone know his true colors.

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Send your retiring police officer friend to the beach in style with this thin blue line American flag towel.

Courage Keychain with Initial

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They have proven their courage over and over again, each time they put their uniform on and went to work serving and protecting their city. Give them this keychain to show how much you appreciated that, and add their initial to it to make it more personalized.

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts

Retirement gift ideas for police officers include donuts because, mmm, donuts.

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Instead of getting them a gift card to get their own donuts, why not buy them a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme. I mean, yum! They are a delicious gift!

Wooden Police Badge Decor with Name

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This wooden police badge wall decor with their name on it will be a nice piece of art for them to have up on the wall in their house, to remind them of all the hard work they put in as an officer.

“Have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous” Joshua 1:9 Travel Coffee Mug

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If your retiring police officer friend is a man (or woman) of faith, this Joshua 1:9 scripture travel coffee mug is a nice gift to remind them that God told them to be strong and courageous, and they have done just that.

Handcuff Whiskey Glass

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They will definitely enjoy this handcuff whiskey glass to make their drinks in at home. It’s a symbol of all their hard work in catching crooks and criminals.

Armchair Organizer

This retirement gift ideas for police officers really helps him relax!

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For all the time they will be spending now, relaxing with a game or a show on TV, they need somewhere to store their books, remote, magazines, and more. This is the perfect addition to their chair to hold all of those important items.

Monogrammed Hardback Notebook

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To write their memoir, they need a great hardback notebook with their name or initials, or maybe even their badge number, monogrammed on the front. They have certainly seen a lot of things in their line of work that they could write about to educate other people.

Nike Golf Balls

Retirement gift ideas for police officers include these golf balls.

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Get your retiring police officer friend these Nike golf balls so that they can spend more time putting on the green.

Thin Blue Line “United We Stand” Hoodie Sweatshirt

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Your friend will enjoy this thin blue line “United We Stand” hoodie sweatshirt to keep them warm in winter and show their pride in serving their city and country all those years.

“Family” Wood Sign

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As a symbol of how much time they will be able to spend with their family now, this “Family” wood sign is something they can be proud to display in their home!

Honor Courage Integrity Shirt

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They have shown all of these characteristics in their line of work, honor, courage, and integrity, so this shirt is the perfect gift to show that you have recognized those qualities in them and appreciate it all.

Body Massage Mat

Helping him relax is definitely retirement gift ideas for police officers goals.

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Your friend deserves to be pampered with this body massage mat after serving his city and country for so many years. It will help work out any kinks or tightness that he has accumulated in his service.

“Home is where my heart is” Framed Wood Sign

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They are now home to enjoy life a little more fully, so this framed wooden sign that says “Home is where my heart is” is the meaningful addition to their home.

Police officers work hard protecting us. When they retire, they deserve a nice gift to commemorate the event, and these gifts are all thoughtful and special for your friend or family member who is retiring.

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