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20 Thank You Gift Ideas for Police Officers

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Police officers are here to serve and protect us from just about anything. But when it comes down to it, they deserve a ton of recognition and thanks that they usually don’t receive. Let’s work to change that. Here is a list of 20 thank you gift ideas for police officers.

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Thin Blue Line Travel Mug

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A travel mug with a reminder that the community sees that they are protecting us.

Hand-Painted Coffee Mug

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This hand-painted mug is beautifully crafted and perfect for that morning cup of coffee.

Police Officer Ornament

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Thank your police officer with this beautifully made ornament.

Marvel’s The Avengers

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The Avengers is a great superhero movie for all ages. Perfect for a police officer.

German Shepherd Plush

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Commemorate the common police dog too!

The Original Ghostbusters

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The 1984 version of Ghostbusters is also a great movie choice.

To Kill a Mockingbird

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It’s always nice having some classic literature on the side when you have free time. Gift this to a police officer for when there is a quiet moment.

Caramel Coffee Cake Flavored Coffee

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Coffee cake flavored coffee? What? This coffee from Dunkin Donuts is absolutely delicious.

Carmex Lip Balm

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Working those long ours in all sorts of weather conditions can really dry out your lips. Thank them with the gift of smooth lips.

Activated Charcoal Scrub

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Activated charcoal scrubs make your face feel smooth for days. They are nature’s secret to smooth skin.

Working Hands Hand Cream

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Soften up those hands as well. This hand cream definitely does the trick.

KIND Bars</h3

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Sometimes, finding time to eat while on the job is tough. Having some energy bars on-hand is always a good idea.

Waterproof Insulated Gloves

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These gloves can get through just about anything, just like a police officer.

Ball Point Pens

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Pens are really good at two things: writing and getting lost. It seems like no matter how many pens you buy, you always need more a few months down. Help a police officer out and gift them some new pens.

Weiser Candy Chocolates

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Chocolate is the best way to show anyone that you care about them and what they’re doing. Give the gift of chocolate with this pound of Weiser Candy chocolates.

Volcano Candle

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This calming candle smells like a tropical island. Sweet!

Fleece Blanket

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A nice, warm fleece blanket for those late night writing reports at home.

Spiral Notebook

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Another staple to keeping organized. Keeping a notebook handy is great regardless of your profession, but these vital helping professions require a quick memory and jotting down notes is a great idea.

Fishing Combo Kit

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Police officers need a break from work too! A fishing trip is so relaxing, make sure they’re prepared for it with this fishing kit.

Fishing Tackle Baits Kit

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This tackle kit is perfect for catching trout, salmon, and bass fish.

Those are 20 unique thank you ideas for police officers. What ideas were your favorites? Tell us in the comments below. If you choose to get any of these, be sure to let us know! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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