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Riverdale Gifts Fans Will Love

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If you are a fan of Riverdale, check out these unique gifts below. You will find a variety of items that fit the perfect Riverdale fan. From shirts to decor pieces for your home or office, we have you covered. Be a Riverdale Vixen with these fun gift items below that are perfect for any occasion and any time of the year.

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Unique Riverdale Gifts

Riverdale Vixens Crewneck Sweatshirt

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Look like a Vixen in this handmade realistic Riverdale sweatshirt

Riverdale Vixens Candle Set

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Celebrate your Riverdale addiction with these sweet and sultry candles

Southside Serpents Hoodie

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Show your love for the notorious Southside Serpents in this cozy hoodie

Crocheted Jughead Hat

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This handmade hat will show the world your love for brooding Jughead Jones

Cheryl Blossom Prayer Candle

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You’ll need help from the Lord if you buy this candle

Jughead Pop’s Poster

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Jughead is bae and so it this poster

Riverdale Autographed Pilot Script

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Put this collectible in your home for all Riverdale fans to see and envy!

Southside Serpents Signet Ring

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Look like a real Serpent with this handmade signet ring

Betty and Jughead Customizable Mug

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Choose the colors and type of mug/cup so you can show your #Bughead support!

Archie Comics Board Game

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If you like Riverdale, you’ll love this board game inspired by the Archie comics

Betty Pop Collectible

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Collect the whole gang of Pop! collectibles, starting with Betty Cooper

Riverdale Blanket

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This cozy throw blanket is perfect for watching Riverdale with the whole gang!

Riverdale Varsity Jacket

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For the Archie in your life, this jacket is sure to please!

Cheryl Blossom Necklace

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Aspire to Cheryl’s level with this cherry choker necklace

Riverdale Squad Goals Mug

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Drink your morning coffee with Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead

Riverdale Vixens Pin Set

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This set of pins includes Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl, along with matching stickers

Riverdale 6 Book Pack

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If you love the TV series, these books will definitely satisfy your craving for more!

Riverdale Map Canvas Art

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Find your bearings with this art print of the town of Riverdale

Jughead Jones Crown T-shirt

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Look, am I biased towards Jughead? 100%

Riverdale Tote Bag

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Proclaim your love for Riverdale to the world with this simple cotton Riverdale tote bag.

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