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20 Best Pepe the King Prawn The Muppets Gifts

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Nowadays when people talk about a pop culture character named Pepe, they think of the meme-famous frog. But Pepe the King Prawn from the Muppets has a special place in my heart. I always thought he was one of the funniest (if not the most funny) Muppets characters. He may be small, but his personality is huge! Here are some gifts for fans of Pepe the King Prawn.

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Pepe the King Prawn The Muppets Gifts

Pepe T Shirt

Pepe T Shirt

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I think Pepe would approve of this shirt. It showcases his best side- all of them!

“Got Pepe?” Mug

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Though his full name is Pepino Rodrigo Serrano González, I think you get the idea. A sly way to show your love for this character.

Pepe Watercolor Art

Pepe Watercolor Art

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Who knew Pepe could look so cute! A beautiful piece of fan art.

“It’s Hard Out Here For A Shrimp” Book

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Advice from the man (or prawn) himself! Great for a good laugh and maybe even some life advice.

“Got Prawn?” Flask

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You never know when you need to sneak some liquid courage into a party. I think Pepe would wholeheartedly approve.

Pepe Vacation Action Figure

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Here we see Pepe in his natural state- vacation mode! Cute gift for kids to play with or adults to display.

Pepe Travelers Cup

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Pepe on the go! A great way to make sure everyone knows which cup is yours in the office.

Pepe Pullover Hoodie

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Show your Pepe pride! And stay comfy while doing it.

Pepe Autographed Photo

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Bill Barretta, Pepe’s ‘helper’, giving you his “best fishes”! A collectible to cherish forever.

“Got Pepe?” Water Bottle

Do prawns need water to survive? No idea- but you sure do.

Pepe Pillow Cover

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Curl up with this cutie at the end of the night. Or use it to scare your roommate. Either works.

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If Pepe is your favorite Muppets character, you’re in luck. Everything Pepe you could need all in one place. Just don’t go crazy!

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