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Best Cruella de Vil Gift Ideas

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I’m gonna let you in on a little secret really quick: There are people in the world who prefer villains to the good guys in stories. They look cooler, they usually have better super powers (when that applies), and, much like this guide’s main star, they have a far superior fashion sense! Cruella de Vil is one of Disney’s original villains, but the problem with that is it’s kinda hard to find a gift for someone who loves her as much as she loves puppies! But don’t worry! That’s what I’m here for! These are our best Cruella de Vil gift ideas! 

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20 Cruella de Vil Gifts Where No Dalmations Were Harmed In The Making

Let’s get started on these awesome Cruella gifts!

Tsum Tsum Mug

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This mug is the embodiment of many caffeine fiends before they’ve had their first cup of joe for the day. Any Cruella fan is sure to love this!

Cruella De Vil Costume Wig 


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Channel your inner Cruella de Vil with this iconic wig so you can live it up in style! Any Cruella de Vil fan would be thrilled to be able to play the part with this fabulous gift idea!

Red Satin Cruella De Vil Opera Gloves

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These red satin costume gloves are authentically unique, and full of character! Use these as an accessory to really bring your Cruella costume to the max!

Cruella De Vil Faux Fur Coat 



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This faux fur coat really tops off your Cruella De Vil costume for maximum villainy! Grab one for your favorite 101 Dalmatians fan who loves to dress up.

Cruella De Vil Loungefly Bag

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This officially licensed Disney villain loungefly bag is the perfect way to carry your accessories in style! This is a great gift idea for cruella de vil fans if you really want to put an evil grin on their face!

Funko Vinyl Figure

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Funko seriously has something for everyone! Even if your puppy kidnapper fan doesn’t collect these, they’ll love it!

Graphic T-Shirt

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Being evil has never looked as good as it does wearing this t-shirt!


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I personally don’t think an ornament necessarily only belongs on a Christmas tree, and maybe your fan feels the same way! Let ‘em hang their favorite villain wherever and whenever they want!

Cookie Jar

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Everyone loves cookies and you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous cookie jar! (We’ll blame you later if they end up turning their entire kitchen Cruella de Vil themed.)

Wine Glass

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This wine glass is perfect no matter how you look at it! And who doesn’t love glitter?!

Skater Dress

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This dress is so casual and comfy! Your Cruella fan will want to lay around in it while they watch their favorite movie all the time!

Art Over Music Sheet

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If you’re looking for a way to get a song stuck in someone’s head all the time, this beautiful piece of art is perfect!


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Holy moly these earrings are super adorable! Buy two pairs so you can keep ‘em too!

Vinyl Decal

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I’m not gonna lie, this decal is pretty terrifying. But so is Cruella de Vil, so that means it’s perfect for your fan!


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This custom made lantern is a one-of-a-kind addition to your Cruella de Vil fan’s home!

Phone Case

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Protect your Cruella de Vil fan’s expensive electronics with this super awesome phone case!

Hand Bag

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This handbag is inspired by your fan’s favorite movie and villain! There’s no way they won’t love this purse!

Soy Candle

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If this candle doesn’t soothe you, then no burning thing will. (I hope you sang that in your head the way I did. You didn’t? Oh…)

And there’s the 20 best Cruella de Vil gifts the internet has to offer! Did you find something you just had to grab? Give us a shoutout over on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and tell us what you got!

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