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20 St. Patrick’s Day Gifts for Teens

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With St. Patty’s Day coming up, a nice little gift for your teen may not seem like a big deal but could spur a love for the holiday. Not only that, but they will appreciate this little gesture from you, whether they act like it in the moment or not. Some cool St. Patrick’s day gifts for teens are listed below, ones that are unique and that your teen should find interesting.

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St. Patrick’s Day Gifts for Teens

Even if your teen isn’t super into celebrating St. Patrick’s Day they’ll at least appreciate receiving one of these themed gifts!

“I put the SHE in shenanigans” Shirt

Does your daughter have a habit of doing anything that could be considered “shenanigans?” Then she definitely needs this shirt for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day Icee Slime

St. Patrick’s Day Slime

Slime is all the rage right now, with kids of all ages. This slime is aimed more at adults with the beer glass, but I think it’d a nice asmr or stress relieving gift for teens that won’t make them feel like a little kid.

Knit irish leprechaun coffee cozy

Irish Coffee Cozy- Leprechaun Holding Pot of Gold

If your teen loves coffee and picks up coffee on the way to school or work on a regular basis, they need this Irish coffee cozy with a leprechaun holding a pot of gold on it.

Leprechaun and Rainbow Earrings

These adorable leprechaun and rainbow earrings will be fun for her to wear to school or anywhere else she chooses to wear them.

Luck charms cereal charm bracelet for teens

Lucky Charm Bracelet

This lucky charm bracelet will bring your teen luck throughout the day and beyond! Based on the cereal, any teen who likes kawaii accessories will love this charm bracelet.

Dinosaur holding a clover shirt

“Rawr” Dinosaur Holding a Four Leaf Clover Long Sleeve Shirt

If your teen has a little “rawr” in them, this shirt with a dinosaur holding a four leaf clover is the best gift you can give. Chances are they will love wearing it too.

Lucky irish coin keychain

“Ireland” Keychain

The Irish and Ireland are part of what started St. Patrick’s Day, so naturally, an “Ireland” keychain makes a perfect gift this holiday. It might even bring some luck!

St. Patrick’s Day Bookmark gifts for teens

St. Patrick’s Day Bookmark

For the teen who is a bookworm, a St. Patrick’s Day bookmark will help them keep their place in their books.

“May the luck be with you” Shirt

Help bring the luck to them with this “May the luck be with you” shirt, and bonus points if they like Star Wars.

Heart shamrock enamel coffee mug

Shamrock Coffee Mug

This shamrock coffee mug is so simple, yet so awesome! They will love drinking their coffee, tea, or hot cocoa out of it.

Four Leaf Clover Scented Candle

Four Leaf Clover Scented Candle

A scented candle just might make their room smell better, after all, teenager’s bedrooms rarely smell very good!

925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklaces Dainty Simple Good Luck Irish Celtic Knot Triangle Necklaces

Celtic Knot Necklace

A beautiful necklace for your beautiful daughter this St. Patrick’s Day. The Celtic knot is a traditional Irish symbol.

Four Leaf Clover Folded Notecards with Envelopes

Four Leaf Clover Folded Notecards with Envelopes

This set of four leaf clover folded notecards and envelopes are perfect for your teen to write notes, letters, or cards to friends or family, even after the holiday is over.

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“Lucky” Tote Bag

Your child is lucky, every day you provide for them. This “lucky” tote bag will certainly come in handy for school, going to a friend’s house, or going wherever they need to go.

Irish sloth riding a llama t-shirt

Irish Sloth Shirt

Sloths are not only awesome, but they have a ton of things in common with your teen. They’re both slow and lazy! This one is riding a llama because… Why not. Your teen will love it.

St Patricks Day Bucket Hat, Unisex Fashion Print Outdoor Green Shamrock Bucket Hat for Women Men Teens

Shamrock Bucket Hat

Somehow bucket style hats have come back in style among teens. If your teen is into this fashion, get one of these cute St. Patrick’s day themed hats; there’s so many different color and pattern options. This is a great idea for teen boys!

St. Patrick's Day Irish Novelty Knee High OR Crew Socks - for Women or Teens -Variations LUCKY SHAMROCK IRISH HORSESHOE (My Lucky Socks - Crew Socks)

My Lucky Socks

If your teen needs some extra luck on St. Patrick’s day these socks are a cute gift idea. They could even wear them on other luck-needing occasions. You know, like a test.

St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

Now, if your teen has a sweet tooth, they will love gobbling up these mini St. Patrick’s Day cookies! Yum!

St. Patrick's Day Lucky Gift Package

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Gift Package

This is cute to give on St. Patrick’s day but would also be great gift for a parent or grandparent of a teen who can’t be there to give something in person. There’s a teen-friendly assortment of lucky themed goodies, including snacks and cute tags.

Ireland Irish 4 Leaf Clover St. Patrick's Day Hat for Men Women Embroidery Shamrock Baseball Cap Hat

Shamrock Ball Cap

Now that it’s March and getting more sunny your teen probably needs a new hat. Use your St. Patrick’s day gift giving as an excuse to give something practical, but still themed like this green embroidered shamrock cap.

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be all about wearing green, the leprechauns, pots of gold, and whatever else it is usually about. You can set a nice tradition for your family by getting your teen a gift for the holiday.

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