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50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for My Wife

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Why is it that Christmas always seems so far away…and then all of a sudden you’re seeing countdowns to Christmas, Costco has their trees and giant nutcracker décor out, everyone seems to be bypassing all the fall holidays, and you’re wondering where all your time went. Hopefully, you got a head start on gifts. Don’t forget to fill that stocking! After all the hard work of buying the big gifts, let us help you find some small treasures to drop in your wife’s stocking this Christmas.

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50 Thoughtful & Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas For My Wife

Your wife is going to go bonkers for these awesome gifts! Get her a few of them and she will be so pleased. We have more ideas for adult stocking stuffers here

#1. Key Clip

If your wife likes bigger purses or totes, you have likely witnessed her digging into the depths to find her keys. Help her out and grab some key clips to help her keep her keys within reach. This flexible little hook will attach onto her bag without damaging the fabric and be a handy addition!

#2. Bake-even Strips

Does your wife love to bake? Here’s a handy little gadget that will give her level cakes with just a few simple steps!

#3. Bracelet Helper

Do you often find yourself helping your wife with her bracelets? This handy little tool will give her more independence, especially when you aren’t around to help!

#4. HEROCLIP Carabiner

A handy tool for random occasions, the HEROCLIP carabiner clip not only hooks onto her bag, but a swivel hook will allow her hang it on virtually anything. It’s the tool she never knew she needed!

#5. Chapstick Holder

Married to a chapstick junkie? This handy little chapstick holder will help her keep that little stick close by!

#6. Emergency Escape Multi Tool

A practical gift, for sure, but an emergency escape tool should be an essential in any vehicle. This particular one has a seatbelt cutter and window breaker. It’s also compact enough to fit in a glove box or center console without taking up much room at all.

#7. Socks

Not just any socks, but Sherpa lined socks! These are as comfy as they are warm. Do yourself a favor and stuff these in her stocking this year – maybe she will stop warming her cold feet on you!

#8. Stainless Steel Odor Absorber

These really work! Ever cut up onions or garlic then smell it on your hands for a ridiculously long time? Use this bar like a bar of soap and the odor is gone! A unique gift for the avid cook.

#9. Poo-pourri

For a little joke or perhaps something she will really love, Poo-pourri  allows her to be more discreet than ever in the restroom.

#10. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Whether she wears glasses or lives with her phone, cleaning cloths are handy for many reasons. A multi-pack allows her to stash them all over and never be without one!

#11. EOS Lip Balm

While it may seem like a small gesture, what woman ever turned down lip balm? She will appreciate how well you know her, if you buy her particular brand and flavor of choice.

#12. How to Sew a Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew

Grandmothers did everything themselves, from growing their own vegetables to folding a fitted sheet. Learn how to do these things for yourselves! A must-have for newlyweds or a fun way to learn new things, this handy book is sure to bring a smile to your wife’s face.

#13. Portable, Rechargeable Hand Warmer

What woman doesn’t have cold hands? Get her a hand warmer that she can not only take with her, but she can recharge it for multiple uses!

#14. Blanket Scarf

Scarves are a winter staple, or at least they should be! A blanket scarf is a cozy all-in-one piece that she can wear around her neck or wrap herself in. Either way, it’s a win-win.

#15. Pass the Pigs Game

A fun game for the whole family or just the two of you! Pass the Pigs is a simple, quick game that can travel anywhere with you.

#16. Handy Hook Car Headrest

Help her keep the car organized with the Handy Hook. She’ll be able to hang her purse, so it won’t fall over and dump everywhere, keep her umbrella within reach, or hang a grocery bag close by.

#17. Loofah

We all need them. It’s nice to let her not have to remember to buy extras for a while.

#18. Messy Bun Beanie

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If your wife likes to wear her hair in a ponytail, this is a truly thoughtful gift! Wearing a hat over a ponytail is uncomfortable, so this beanie allows for her hair to poke through, but still keeps the rest of her head warm.

#19. Touch Screen Winter Gloves

Finding warm gloves that still allow you to function in winter without removing them is tough. These gloves are fleece lined, but still allow her to use her phone! What a great combination.

#20. Boot Shaper Stands

Storing boots is annoying. They get creases in all the wrong places. Enter Boot Shaper Stands! This is simple contraption will help her keep her boots upright and organized in the closet, which let’s face it, will make everyone happy.

#21. Phone Bank

We’ve all had that day. The one where you forgot to charge your phone overnight, you don’t have a long enough commute to charge it in the car, and you forgot a phone cord to charge it at work! Get your wife a phone bank. It’s the gift she thinks she won’t ever need, but you will be a hero when she does. Just make sure you get the correct cord for her phone!

#22. Brain Twisting 3-D Puzzle

For the wife who likes to challenge her brain, this handy little 2-D or 3-D puzzle will have keep her on her toes. Try the 2-D challenges to start and once she has mastered that, move on to 3-D! It’s fun (and challenging!) for all ages.

#23. Cruelty Free Nail Care

Certified by PETA, Ella Mila nail care (and their polishes!) are vegan and animal cruelty-free. Your wife will feel good about putting these products on her nails! This particular set comes with Cuticle Oil and a Top Coat. Many polishes are also available and come highly recommended!

#24. Bath Bomb

Relaxing can be a hard thing to come by. Encourage her to take some time for herself this Christmas by getting her some bath bombs. Throw in a bottle of wine, some chocolates, and a few candles, and she will find her stress melting away.

#25. Silicone Straw

Is your wife passionate about saving ocean life? Then she definitely needs reusable straws. They are eco-friendly and she’ll be able to do her part to save the sea turtles. If you decide to purchase these, you may want to consider…

#26. Drinking Straw Cleaning Brushes

This contraption is super handy! If your wife wants to drink something other than water in her glass, grab her some cleaning straws so she can get her reusable straws nice and clean.

#27. Quick Dry Hair Towels

I know you’ve seen her do it – the flip her head down and wrap a towel around her head trick. Do her a favor and get her these quick dry hair towels. They are smaller than full towels, so they aren’t as awkward on her head. Plus, they help her hair dry faster. You can’t beat that.

#28. Smartphone Stand

Sometimes, it’s really helpful to be able to be hands free. Like when she’s cooking from a recipe on her phone, but her hands are messy and she doesn’t want her phone in the fray. Grab her a phone stand. It’s both adorable and extremely helpful!

#29. Silicone Reusable Food Bag

Here’s another way to reduce your carbon footprint: reusable food bags. These are a great size to fit her lunch, save you money, and reduce waste. They also work well for packing small items in a suitcase!

#30. Quiet Fidget Toy

Do you find your wife needing to keep her hands busy? Give her this fidget toy. This particular one is discreet, but still interesting enough that she can relieve a little stress with her hands.

#31. Drop Stop (Car Seat Gap Filler)

Why don’t these come standard in every vehicle? The Drop Stop will save your wife from the awful moment when her phone or lipstick falls between the seat and center console into the under-the-seat abyss.

#32. Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator Bags

Notice some odd smells, especially with shoes or restrooms? Grab a thoughtful gift of odor eliminator bags and let her discreetly deal with unwanted scents! Go ahead and throw a couple in your shoes, while you’re at it.

#33. The Handiest Whisk/Scraper Ever

Whisks are such a helpful and necessary kitchen tool. You know what is less helpful – having to dirty a rubber scraper to get the batter out of the bowl. Not anymore! This whisk has a silicone scraper edge that allows you to whisk and clean the bowl with one, handy tool.

#34. Unique Christmas/Winter Necklace

Whether your wife loves Christmas jewelry or just loves that red and black plaid, this adorable necklace can make a festive statement for any outfit. It also supports a small business, so you can feel good about that, too!

#35. Customized Leather Toiletry Bag

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A thoughtful, personal gift, this leather toiletry bag will add some more class to her traveling or even just to the bathroom counter. What woman doesn’t love a new bag?

#36. Reusable Starbucks Hot or Cold Cup

For the woman who loves to make her coffee at home to get it just right, get her a snazzy, personalized cup to take it to work in! You can choose from a hot or cold cup and make it just for her.

#37. Feejays – Sweatpants With Feet

Does your wife have cold feet (literally)? Get her a pair of sweat pants that will cover her feet, too. The feet are Sherpa lined (so soft!), plus the pants have pockets. She will probably laugh, but love them.

#38. Expandable Trivet

Married to a kitchen gadget lover? An expandable trivet will take up less space that traditional trivets, plus it will expand to fit multiple sizes of dishes. It’s a helpful addition to any kitchen.

#39. Single Serve Portion Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper

Ever want some popcorn, but a whole bag is just too much? This single serve microwave popcorn popper is your answer! She will love the portion control, but simplicity of this silicone wonder.

#40. Left Right Center Dice Game

Another simple, small, and fun game! It does take three or more players, but it’s an easy one to learn and sure to be a favorite.

#41. Five In One Kitchen Utensil

Want to downsize your kitchen utensil collection? Grab one of these bad boys and toss out more than one of your old ones! With this single tool, you will have a slotted spoon, solid spoon, spatula, turner, and cutting tool.

#42. Smart Funnel

Getting to the bottom of the soap, lotion, or shampoo can be frustrating. You want to open a new bottle, but you just know there is still quite a bit of product left in there! She will thank you for this little gadget. It adjusts to fit various shaped containers and will attach securely to both to transfer the last dregs of one bottle into another.

#43. Birthstone Necklace

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A thoughtful gift, this small business will combine any birth stones to create a sweet gift. Whether using the stones for the two of you, kids, or grandkids, she will love the thought you put into it.

#44. ¼ Cup Measuring Cup

It may seem silly, but a ¼ cup measuring cup is more handy than you think. It’s a simple, inexpensive addition to her stocking.

#45. Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game

For two to five players, Sushi Go uses probability, visual discrimination, and strategic thinking in a fast-paced card game. It’s simple to learn and the combinations are endless.

#46. Chutney Gift Set

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For the cheese lover, she will never suspect a Chutney Gift Set in her stocking!

#47. Three-in-One Avocado Slicer

Preparing avocados is not always a simple task. Maybe your amazing wife has figured it out, but even if she has, she will love this handy gadget! It cuts open the avocado, pits it AND slices the insides.

#48. Lightweight Earrings

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A unique pair of earrings will make any woman happy. These are not only a statement piece, they are lightweight and come in a variety of sizes.

#49. Dutch Blitz Card Game

If you love games like Pit, you will love Dutch Blitz. It can be played with two to four players, but with the expansion, you can play with up to eight! It’s fast-paced, short, simple, and fun.

#50. Custom Face Socks

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For the wife who likes a laugh, these face socks allow you to customize a pair of socks with your face, hers, or the whole family. You have to see it to believe it, but she will be showing the socks to everyone, guaranteed.


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