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20 Inventive Gift Ideas for the Letter H for Adults

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Are you on the hunt for gift ideas that start with the letter ‘H’? For your next scavenger hunt or themed party, we have you covered. 

Attending a letter themed party? Maybe you're setting up an epic scavenger hunt? Try these gift ideas for the letter H for adults on for size!


Gift Ideas for the Letter H

Look no further! Below you’ll find 20 H-themed presents to please even the most hard-to-buy-for person. If you need more letter ideas, check out the letter C!

Heart-Shaped Tiny Temporary Tattoos

Gift Ideas for the Letter H - they'll love these heart temporary tattoos

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Tattoos are a lifetime commitment. They require a large amount of planning and a certain amount of bravery – after all, they’re on you forever! Unless, of course, you get these no-risk, super-cute heart-shaped temporary tattoos, perfect for the indecisive person!

Hand Sanitiser – All Natural & Kid-Friendly

Hand sanitiser - practical Gift Ideas for the Letter H

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Gift-giving is a messy business. That’s where this hand sanitising spray comes in. It’s made with witch hazel and is all-natural, antibacterial, child- and baby-friendly. It even moisturises your hands when applied!

Hippopotamus Print

Great Gift Ideas for the Letter H - Hippopotamus print

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If your friend is an animal-lover, look no further than this gorgeous print. Hippos are surprisingly graceful animals, and this picture would look wonderful on any wall. This print comes as an instant download, so is perfect for the last-minute gift!

Hula Hoop – Custom Made

Custom made hula hoop Gift Ideas for the Letter H

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Remember hula hooping at school as a kid? Well, it’s making a comeback, with people everywhere taking it up as a way of exercising and having a huge amount of fun! These hoops are custom-made, and would make an awesome, personal gift.

Hip Flask

This is the best Gift Idea for the Letter H - hip flask

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A great hip flask is something everyone should own. This one is no exception – covered in trendy tweed, this flask even comes pre-wrapped. It’s a win-win!

House Plant Kit

Gift Ideas for the Letter H - House plant kit

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House plants not only look beautiful, but they can help to purify the air in a home as well. This starter pack comes with 12 easy-to-care-for air plants, fertiliser, and care instructions to ensure even the blackest of thumbs will have no trouble keeping them alive.

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Hogwarts acceptance letter set

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This wouldn’t be a real H-themed gift list without mentioning Harry Potter somewhere! This incredible personalised acceptance letter to Hogwarts will make any fan’s heart race.

Handmade Coffee Scrub Soap

Gift Ideas for the Letter H - Hand soap

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Soap is one of those things that we all use every day – so why settle for boring, generic-brand stuff? This beautiful handmade soap contains coffee beans, cocoa butter, and clay which will exfoliate and cleanse your hands, leaving them soft and smelling fabulous!

Headphone Organiser

Headphone organizers are great Gift Ideas for the Letter H

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Never experience the frustration of tangled headphones again. These awesome cable organisers are made from real leather and come in a huge range of different colours. They’re sure to become a staple item in anyone’s bag!

Hammock Chair

Looking for unique Gift Ideas for the Letter H? Buy a hammock gift

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Let your friend lounge in style with this chic and comfortable hanging hammock chair. It’s easy to put up and take down, and can be used inside or outside for optimum luxury!

Helmet Beanie

Cool helmet beanie Gift Ideas for the Letter H

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This beanie is undeniably awesome, and anyone wearing it will automatically be the envy of everyone. It’s even made so the visor can be slid down over the face like a real knight’s helmet. Seriously.

His and Hers Leather Bracelets

His and hers leather bracelets

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Fully customisable and made from 100% pure leather, these bracelets are beautiful and thoughtful. Also, this is technically two gifts for the price of one – even better! His or hers anything are super fun personal gift ideas for the letter h. 

Hand Cream

They'll love this hand cream Gift Ideas for the Letter H

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This gorgeous hand cream is all natural and scented with pure essential oils. It doesn’t contain any nasties like aluminium or parabens, and will leave hands feeling soft and hydrated.

Hello Kitty Wine Charms

These cute Hello Kitty wine charms are perfect Gift Ideas for the Letter H

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Never lose your glass of wine again! This pack of 8 cute wine glass charms feature everyone’s favourite kitty, combined with a funky Day of the Dead theme, and are made from upcycled Scrabble tiles!

Hourly Water Bottle

Practical Gift Ideas for the Letter H - hourly water bottle

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So many of us don’t drink enough water, and it’s detrimental to our brains, our bodies, and our overall wellbeing. This cool drink bottle will make sure your friend never gets dehydrated again! It can also be customised to feature names or a motivational quote.

Heat-Reactive Mug

Heat reactive mug with solar system

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Whether your friend is a coffee fiend or a tea lover, this mug is sure to make them smile. The face on the mug is fast asleep while it’s empty, but once it’s filled with hot liquid it’s wide awake!

Harmonica Necklace

Fun Gift Ideas for the Letter H - Harmonica necklace

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Your friend is sure to be the life of the party with this adorable necklace. The harmonica charm is fully playable in the key of C, and is sure to be noticed!

Hangover Remedy

Who doesn't need this letter H gift idea? Hangover remedy

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What!?” I hear you cry! “This must be too good to be true!” Well, you’re in luck, because this awesome balm is legit, and it is brilliant. It minimises nausea and headaches, detoxifies the body and lifts your mood. The only challenge now is giving this away!

Hot Sauce Shirt

Fun unique hot sauce shirt Gift Ideas for the Letter H

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Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t smother everything in hot sauce. If your friend is a fellow lover of all things spicy, this shirt has their name on it.

Hematite Necklace

Lovely hematite necklace Gift Ideas for the Letter H

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If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle and chic, look no further. Genuine hematite is suspended on a 14K gold chain, making this a stunning present. This necklace is beautiful and delicate and will suit just about anyone.

Have you found the perfect H-themed gift? We hope so! Let us know if you purchase any of these awesome items! We’re @uniquegifter on Instagram and @ugifter on Twitter.

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