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500+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults!

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Hi Folks. Some people asked me to put together some ideas on stocking stuffers. It appears that I got a little bit carried away and wrote 500 stocking stuffer ideas for adults. I hope that it is helpful to you!

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They’ll work will work for the men, women, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés and fiancées, husbands, wives, friends, best friends and family in your lives. These stocking stuffer ideas are for teens, adults and maybe even seniors. Please visit our list of the Most Incredible Stocking Stuffer ideas for literally everyone on your list, if you don’t find what you need here!

They are all generally affordable, with most being under $20.

In case you find yourself having a lot in common with an exhausted Santa, the ideas on the list have been set up to take you to places where you can buy them, or at least find out where to buy them. 

All nice and easy, “clickety, clickety, delivered!”

These are in a very loose order, so please, keep scrolling until you find things that strike your fancy!  Something in the Hobbies list may be just perfect, you never know.

Adult Stocking Stuffers for the Sporty and Outdoorsy

These are perfect for folks who like to spend their time at the gym or outside. They’d also be great for sports players and coaches, including adults who coach kids’ sports.

Cliff Bars

A hiking staple, Cliff bars come in tasty flavors and fit with so many different dietary needs. They’re handy to keep around but also more grown up than typical granola bars.

Luna Bars

Another great hiking or sports friendly bar, Luna bars are meant to give you a boost of energy to keep up your stamina.

Electrolyte Tabs

Gotta stay hydrated! Skip the gatorade an add. someelectrolyte tabs to their stocking instead. They’re great because you can add the to any drink.

Climbing/Gym Chalk

If they’re into weight lifting or rock climbing extra chalk is always appreciated. It’s also perfect adult stocking stuffer size too.

Climbing Carabiners

Speaking of climbing, you can never have too many of these lying around. They have a habit of going missing.

Climbing Nuts

See above – but they also make great stocking stuffers so I can’t complain!

Bike Tools

Hardcore cyclists and hobby bike riders all apprecaite (and will definitely use) bike tools. Get a small kit that fits in their stocking.

Head Lamp

Handy for all kinds of uses: camping, hiking, walking the dog at night, power outages, etc.

Bike/Stroller/Ski Lock

These are so handy for anyone who has any gear to have on hand. You can lock up your skis in the winter, a stroller if you’re shopping for someone with kids, your bike, or virtually anything else that the lock can wrap around.

Sports Socks

Get something specific to whatever sport or outdoor activities they’re into or some good all-purpose althetic socks.

Sports Gloves

Again, sport specific if possible. If you’re not sure then a general pair of gloves is great for a variety of sports like biking and weight lifting.

Bike Tire C02 Cartridges

If they like to cycle these are really handy for quick tire repairs and refills. Plus they’re small enough for a stocking stuffer! Great for adults or teens.

Bottle Cleaning Tabs

Get that reusable water bottle, camelback drinking bottle, or Yeti cleaned up properly with these tabs.

Camping Spork

There are so many camping accesories that would make great adult socking stuffers but you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned spork.

Waterproof Matches

Ever tried to strike wet matches? Yeah, it doesn’t work. These are great for camping or folks who spend time boating and kayaking.

Hiking First Aid Kit

You can never have too many first aid kits!

Hot/Cold Pack

Great for those sports injuries or all around aches and pains. Especially if you’re shopping for someone who’s not in their 20s anymore!

Ski Wax

Make sure you get the right wax for the type of skiing they do. There’s different wax for downhill and cross country skis!

Hockey Puck

If they enjoy a fun game or are super into hockey a puck is a great stocking stuffer addition.

Indoor/Outdoor Hockey Balls

Not everywhere gets snow and ice, but that shouldn’t stop the adults in your life from having fun. These hockey balls work indoors or outside, perfect for all-season fun.

Hockey/Sports Tape

Hockey players always appreciate more tape but sports tape is also used by baseball players and other athletes too.

Surf Wax

Keep the surfers in your life at peak perfection with accessories like surf wax.

Collapsible Water Bottle

These are so handy to have – you can throw them in your bag and fill it up at the gym without having to worry about lugging a water bottle.

Waterproof Notebook

For anyone who might want to write down some paper notes in places that might get the paper wet.

Bike Inner Tubes

Cycling enthuasists know how valuable having spare parts on hand is.

Jump Rope

Make sure to get an adult sized one! These are great for staying active and adding some different cardio workouts to the mix.


You can get them any kind of fitness tracker as a stocking stuffer but when it comes to athletes the Fitbit is still one of the best ones. Depending on what model you get (like this one) it can do all kinds of useful measurements like steps, activity, and heart rate.

Weight Collars

If they have more than one dumbbell or barbell that uses plates then having another set of collars makes your workouts so much easier. You could also get them a pair in a fun colour.


Either a high quality one or something with their favourite team on it would be great.

Gear Wash

This stuff is great for cleaning your waterproof gear without ruining it. It also helps restore the water repellant coating on older gear. Win-win.

Gym Bag Deoderizer

Enough said here. Even if we don’t want to admit it we could all use this adult stocking stuffer idea.

Tick Remover

No one wants to have to use this gift but it is super useful, especially for folks who spend a lot of time hiking in the woods.


Either a sports whistle (especailly if they coach) or a rescue one, depending on their activity of choice.

Stretch Bands

Everyone should really have these in their home, not just atheletes. That being said, an athletic person will definitely apprecaite them for stretching and exercises.

Emergency Blanket

For the outdoor adventurers in your life! You never know when you might need this.

Edible Treats and Snack Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Everyone likes treats in their stocking! These are more grown-up friendly options, although I also included a few treats that will remind the adults in your life of their childhood Christmases. 

Christmas Candy

You can’t go wrong with their favourite childhood Christmas treats!


Especially local or gourmet honey!

Hot Chocolate Packets

It’s a winter staple and a perfect stocking stuffer. Make sure to get nice ones that adults will enjoy. Even better, add a little “adult” touch with a mini bottle of Bailey’s.

Premium Coffee

We’re big fans of this brand of premium coffee and the bags are perfect size to fit most stockings. All their varities are delicious, and prices range from affordable to Kopi Luwak. The only downside is this coffee also smells great which might give the gift away before they even unpack the stocking…

Coffee Pods

If you have a Kurieg or Nespresso add some gourmet pods to their stocking. Perfect for the holidays.


If you’re feeling adventerous choose fancy teas or ones that make sense for the holiday season… Like Christmas tea!

Microwave Popcorn

You can get some great gourmet microwave popcorn packs nowadays and they’re such a handy snack to have on hands for adults. They also fit perfect into stockings.

Popcorn Seasoning

Pair it with the popcorn for an instant movie night!


Most adults appreciate having packs of gum on hand so use Christmas as an excuse to stock someone in your life up with their favourite brand.

Wild Game Meat Sticks

Any meat sticks make great stocking stuffers for adults but I love all the varieties in this pack. You might be able to fit all these into one or spread them out between multiple stockings for a tasty treat.

Coal Bubblegum

Has someone been naughty this year? Give them a little treat and prank all in one by slipping some coal bubblegum in their stocking.

Tic Tacs

I like giving these to folks who can’t chew gum (or just don’t like it) but still enjoy a breath mint.

Beef Jerky

Mmm… Beef jerky. Enough said here – but make sure you get a flavour they’ll enjoy.

Soup Packets

I love this stocking stuffer idea! Not only do they get a yummy snack, but it’s perfect if you’re on a budget but still want to give a gift.


Even better if it’s homemade!

Homemade Fudge

You can make your own, buy it from someone locally, or grab some delicious fudge online. Whatever you choose they’ll be happy.

Gourmet Chocolate

Chocolate is a stocking stuffer tradition but adults might perfect a higher end variety.

Hot Sauce

You can get little bottles of hot sauce in all kinds of unique flavours! Great for sampling some new ones.


Instead of chips choose the small packs of Pringles for stocking stuffers because they fit better and are less likely to get crushed.


Some adults may not want candy or treats in their stocking. Instead get these folks a different kind of treat: their favourite canned fish.

Fruit Cups

These are another healthy option for adult stocking stuffer treats! Plus they’re inexpensive too.

Smoked Oysters

Smoked oysters are a delicacy for a lot of folks and you can get really creative with brands and flavours. These ones are pretty spectacular for someone who really enjoys their oysters.

Deluxe Mac and Cheese

Another tasty snack that fits with your budget. Instead of kiddie varities opt for tasty adult friendly flavours or the deluxe option.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

These are a Christmas tradition in many parts of the world! If the adult you’re shopping for doesn’t usually get these it’s time to add one to their stocking. They’re delicious!

Trail Mix

Great for someone who’s always on the go.

Nutella Dippers

You could also give them a little container of Nutella if they don’t like the dippers. These are a fun treat though!

Gourmet Maple Syrup

Little bottles of maple syrup are out there and perfect stocking size. Choose something fancy like this bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. Trust me, it’s delicious.

Cured and Dried Salami

Gotta love meat that can stay in the stocking without going bad!

Honey Sticks

These are handy for adding to tea or just eating as a yummy treat.

Baking Mix

You can get all kinds of mini baking mix packs thay don’t involve a lot of ingredients or effort. Think cookie mixes, Jell-o, pudding, and so on.

Water Enhancer

You can get pretty much every flavour in these water enhancer squeezes now. Find their favourite brand and load it up their stocking with it.

Flavoured Coffee

Yeah, coffee is great, but flavoured coffee is even better.

Adult Stocking Stuffers For the Foodie or Home Cook

Kitchen gadgets and tools, as well as cooking supplies, are great stocking stuffer ideas for people who like to cook. Just don’t give them things the household needs; instead stick to fun food related gifts that are uniquely for them. 

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans are expensive but well-appreciated by an avid baker. You might get some goodies out of it too so it’s worth the splurge.


Another pricey ingredient, saffron is used for gourmet recipes. Thankfully a little bit goes a long way.

Stainless Steel “Soap”

Cleaning supplies aren’t usually good Christmas gifts but if you think someone in your life will appreciate this as a stocking stuff I say go for it!

Silicone Pot Clip Spoon Rest

Gadgets for the home cook always work well as stocking stuffers. This one is practical too.

Kitchen Timer

Even though we have other technology a good old fashioned kitchen timer is handy to have.


Mini whisks are especially great stocking stuffers! If you have enough space get a set of 3.

Coffee Stirring Spoons

These long spoons are great for stirring coffee or other tall drinks. Most people who don’t have them won’t buy them on their own but they’ll sure appreciate getting a set as a gift.

Gourmet Salts

These gourmet salts can be used in a variety of ways: both in recipes and for flavouring at the table. Great for the foodie!

Bamboo Strass

Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday things make great stocking stuffers and they straws are no exception.

Toothpick Dispenser

Isn’t this cute! Yes, I would like a toothpick – thank you mr. bird.


Aprons can be rolled up and stuffed in a stocking pretty easily, especially if you get one that’s not too bulky.

Paring Knife

Just make sure it’s wrapped up so they don’t get cut reaching in!

Meat Thermometer

Another gift that’s super handy to have if you don’t already have it in your life: a meat thermometer. Get a simple one for the BBQ or a fancy electric one. At least you know Christmas dinner will be cooked to temperature!


Not everyone uses these but for folks who do a nice pair is so worth it.

Tea Infuser

You could also add some packages of loose leaf tea into their stocking alongside this gift idea. There are so many tea infusers out there too that you can really have fun with this stocking stuffer idea.

Brown Sugar Saver Disc

I didn’t know how useful these were until I got one and I’ll never go back. If they’re still putting bread in the brown sugar it’s time for an upgrade.

Knife Sharpener

Depending on what style you get there are knife sharpeners that should fit comfortably in most stockings.

Bamboo Utensil Set

This is perfect for a foodie who packs a lunch for work!

Espresso Cup

Tiny espresso cups are perfectly stocking stuffer size! You can get some pretty unique ones out there too.

Milk Thermometer

If the adult in your life likes to wake up to a latte then warm milk is a must. This helps you figure out if the milk is at the right temperature so you don’t end up with a cold drink.

Candy Thermometer

A candy thermometer is an important kitchen tool that almost anyone who bakes or cooks needs. Not only will it help determine if candies, fudge, and caramels are done but it can also temp frying oil too.

Seafood Cracker and Pick Set

This might come in handy for holiday entertaining too!

Banana Slicer

It seems a bit silly but a banana slicer is actually pretty useful. Especially if they add banana to other foods like yogurt or cereal.

Egg Cup

These have kind of gone out of style but I say bring them back. Egg cups make your breakfast feel a bit more fancy, and they’re a must if you want soft boiled eggs.


These are so much better than using a grater for zesting citrus. If they don’t already have one add it to the stocking stuffer shopping list!

Pure Vanilla Extract

This is another cooking and baking item that can be considered a luxury because of the cost. Treat them to the real thing!

Mason Jar Lids

These lids fit on top of mason jars so they can use them as food storage or for drinks.

Canning Jar Lids

While you can reuse canning jars, you can’t use the mason jar lids again – so these are a thoughtful stocking stuffer for someone who likes to can.

Recipe Cards

You could even fill out a few with some favourite recipes before tucking them in the stocking!

Coffee Syrup

A great idea for a coffee lover: coffee syrup. There are so many delicious flavours out there to try. Or get a sample pack so you can fit more options!

Food Choice Dice

If you love food it can be hard to narrow down dinner options. Especially when choosing take-out. If that sounds like the person you’re shopping for, these food dice are a perfect stocking stuffer idea.

Egg Mold

Put a hard boiled egg in this mold and it wil change shape! Fun for adults who don’t take things too seriously.

Ice Cream Scoop

Too bad you can’t add ice cream in their stocking too!

Specialty Gourmet Oils

Add this to the list of things folks don’t buy for themselves because they’re too pricey at the store. Choose something tasty but exotic like this black truffle oil.

Splatypus Scraper and Spreader

I just think this little guy is really cute! It’s also practical for getting the last bit out of the jars.

Novelty Pizza Cutter

Even if they have one a novelty pizza cutter will be a fun upgrade.

Magic Mushroom Silicone Funnel

I love when they take something ordinary (like a funnel) and make it more fun to use in the kitchen. It also makes it more fun to gift too.

Corn Forks

These make eating corn on the cob so much less messy.

Adult Stocking Stuffers For the Baker

So many baking supplies are perfect stocking stuffer size! One of my favorite stocking stuffer gifts is giving bakers unique cookie cutters for Christmas. Here’s some other ideas too: 

Food Coloring

Choose good quality brands – it’s worth the extra.

Cake Decorating Sprinkles

So many fun options you there! You can get a mix or find some cute Christmas decorations to add to their stocking.

Cupcake Liners

Either some fun pattern paper ones or silicon cupcake liners will do the trick. You can never have too many of these if you bake often.

Even better if you can get something custom made like this Christmas cookie cutter!

Pie Vent

This little friend keeps the pie from collapsing in the middle. An important job, and great gift idea.

Pie Weights

Pie weights are used for pre-baking pie crusts. How do you know if this is a good gift idea? If they’ve been using beans or other things found around the kitchen to weight down their pie crust!

Cake Stencils

Stencils make it easy for anyone to decorate fancy cakes. If you can fit it add some sanding sugar too.

Silicone Baking Sheet Liners

If you roll these up they should fit in the stocking ok.

Piping Bag Tips

Piping bag tips get lost, dirty, rusty, and worn out. Plus a new baker may not have a big selection yet.

Cake Pop Sticks

Hey, why not? You could add these in if they’ve been thinking of making cake pops but haven’t tried it yet.

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Love that these all stick together so nothing gets lost in the drawer!

Egg Separator

Not everyone is great at separating eggs by hand. Enter: the egg separator. Handy for cakes!

Adjustable Rolling Pin

The silicone rings on this rolling pin help a baker roll out exactly the right size and shape of dough or fondant.

Dusting Wand

This wand is perfect for dusting cakes and pastries with sugar. This is really tricky to do without a dusting wand so they’ll definitely appreciate this stocking stuffer if they don’t already have one.

Pouring Chute

A handy tool for pouring into the mixer without making a mess.

Frosting Bulb Kit

Unlike piping bags these frosting bulbs are easier to use and fill.

Reusable Bread Bags

If you’re stuffing the stocking for an adult who likes to make homemade bread but doesn’t know how to store it wow them with this gift. These bags keep homemade bread from getting too dry or moist.

Mixer Whisk Guard

Saves so much time and effort cleaning!

Pie Molds

These mini pie moulds are perfect for the holidays to make some delicious treats.

Adult Stocking Stuffers For the Entertainer

Some people love hosting parties and events all year ’round! Here’s some great adult friendly ideas for folks who love to entertain guests that are small enough to fit inside a stocking.

Cocktail Napkins

Bonus points if they have a fun pattern!

Wine Charms

You can get wine charms in so many styles and themes that there’s bound to be a set that works for the adults in your life. Even if they don’t drink wine they’re handy to have for parties!

Cheese/Paté Knife

Cheese knives are the ultimate accesory for fancy party hosting. Even better, add in a cheese ball seasoning with it for a fun gift.

Wine Aerator

A small wine aerator should fit in a stocking nicely. If you want to make this an even better gift tuck their favourite bottle under the tree.

Cocktail Swizzle Sticks

Handy, especially for making high balls.

Table Topics Cards

These are nice to have on hand as icebreakers and conversation starters when you’re hosting a party or have a new group of friends.

Whiskey Stones

Chill the whiskey without watering down the drink! Perfect.

Plastic Drink Swords

Any cocktail or drink accesosry would be great additions to a stocking but I’m partial to these classics.

Wine Out Stain Remover

You never know when this might come in handy! Great for the furniture and your clothes.

Wine Stopper

The sky is the limit with wine stopper options and they’re almost always appreciated even if they already have one in the house.

Extra Fondue Forks

If you do fondue it’s always nice to have extra forks on hand. You could also look for some good quality ones and give them an upgrade.

Cocktail Cubes

These cubes can be dropped into a glass with alcohol for an instant cocktail. How cool! They’d make a great party trick for friends.

Novelty Ice Cube Trays

If you entertain ice on hand is a must. But novelty ice cube trays can up their entertaining game with fun shapes!

Decanter Cleaning Beads

A gift you didn’t know you wanted for a wine lover. These beads help clean the inside of a decanter when hands can’t fit.

Drink Rimmers

There are so many fun drink rimmer flavors to try. This is a great chance to get them something really unique.

Bar Towel

A practical gift and good idea for someone who has everything.

Chopstick Rests

So much classier than just putting the chopsticks on the table or side of your plate.

Sugar Tongs

No putting your hands in the sugar cube dish! So cute for tea parties or jsut keeping things classy anytime.

Pickle Fork

Why shouldn’;’t your pickles have a dedicated fork? This makes reaching them out easy. I love that it stays on the side of the jar too.

Olive Stuffer

You could buy them pre-stuffed but where’s the fun in that!

Novelty Bottle Opener

What’s better than a regular bottle opener? A novelty one! This is a great gift because you can give it even if they already have a perfectly good one. Plus it’s fun.

Place Card Holders

Place card holders are making a comeback in table settings so get them ahead of the curve with this stocking stuffer idea.


Ramekins are useful for cooking, baking, serving, and prep – plus they’re perfectly stocking stuffer sized.

Napkin Rings

Another great formal place setting accessory, you can get something trendy that can be used year round or a Christmas set to put on the table for dinner.

Reusable Drink Umbrellas

These are so much better than buying the disposable kind. Plus they double as drink markers.

New Years Decorations

It’s the next holiday coming up. I love giving New Year’s decorations as a stocking stuffer to keep the party going.

Some Stocking Stuffers for Wintertime

Since Christmas lands at the start of winter (and winters are cold and snowy where I live), I love giving wintertime-themed holiday gifts. 

Hand Warmer Hot Packs

There’s nothing worse than being cold in the winter and hand warmers make a good stocking stuffer idea. I like these ones because they’re handy, but you can also get rechargable ones too.

Lip Balm

It’s chapped lip season!

Winter Gloves

You can never have too many pairs of winter gloves. This is an especially great stocking stuffer idea for that adult who always seems to lose their gloves or leave them places.

Face Lotion

Again, perfect for the cold, dry winter months. Get something luxurious for a special treat!

Mulling Spices

These are so nice for making delicious mulled drinks. Perfect for a winter warm up or gathering with friends.

Personal Steam Inhaler

With winter comes cold and flu season – get ahead of it with a steam inhaler. Trust me, they’ll be thanking you.

Vicks Vaporub

See above. Replace this with your favorite brand.

Cough Drops

More cold and flu remedies for the stocking! These are a nice addition if you want an inexpensive stocking stuffer but are skipping the candy.

Beanie Hat

If they already have a great hat you can also get a beanie with something cool on it for them instead.

Mini Humidifier

So handy for dry places including the office. Love that you can bring it with you whenever you go.

Blooming Teas

These are gorgeous! Put the ball into hot water and it blooms into a beautiful flower that also brews tea.

Nutcracker & Nuts

Nuts are a Christmas staple (if you’re not allergic) and both the nuts and nutcracker make great stocking stuffer ideas. Plus you’ll have a Christmas day snack to share.

Mini Ice Scraper

We don’t want to think about it but ice on the car is inevitable in most northern places. Get them prepared with this handy scraper.

Thermal Socks

For warm toes all winter long!

Ear Headband

If they’re less of a hat person a headband style ear warmer is a way to look cute while staying warm.

Snow Gauge

How much did it snow? Take the guesswork out with a snow gauge. It’s a bit long for a stocking but should fit if you put it sticking out.

Adult Stocking Stuffers For Stylish Folks

Adults who like to dress up in stylish outfits for work or who frequent fancy events will appreciate these sophisticated gift ideas. Some are also great luxury stocking stuffers to really pamper someone special in your life. 

So many options for cufflinks out there! You can get something super nice and stylish or go silly and fun in their stocking this Christmas.


Perfume is perfectly stocking size! You could also get some smaller sample bottles so they can try out a few scents this holiday season.


Just like perfume, most cologne also is great as a stocking stuffer idea.


Make sure it’s a stylish wallet! If this stocking stuffer is for your spouse you can also include a photo inside for a thoughtful touch.


Costume jewelry or something fancy – it’s up to you!

Collar Stays

These are practical and make you look a lot more put together. Tip: you can also get customized ones if you’d rather it be a more personal gift.

Money Clip

Not everyone wants to carry around a wallet – especially now that we keep our cards on our phones. A money clip is a nice accessory, especially for high-end occasions.


A nice tie… Or maybe a Christmas themed one?

Bow Tie

Bow ties are cool!

Pocket Square

Another great gift for someone who likes to dress up. You can get a variety of pocket trendy squares or a unique custom one that has sentimental value.


These really need to make a come back!


Scarves are great for looking stylish, especially in winter. Get something that matches their cold weather wardrobe for a thoughtful gift.


A great accessory gift for someone who wears them! The soft kind fit into stockings perfectly.

Belt Buckle

So many options here so have fun with this one.

Shoe Horn

One of those little gifts you never knew you needed until you get it. Treat them to an easier life this Christmas with a shoehorn in their stocking – trust me, they’ll be thanking you.

Extra Earring Backs

If you wear earrings then you know these are always getting lost.


From the fashion style to the designer, there are so many options for sunglasses to slip into their stocking this year.

Clutch or Wristlet Purse

A small one should fit into a stocking, especially if it’s soft enough to bend.

T Shirt

T-shirts can be rolled up and added to a stocking for almost limitless gift ideas.

Jewlery Cleaner

If they wear jewellery then they’ll also need jewellery cleaner. Gift it with a piece or on its own for a practical adult friendly stocking stuffer idea.

Leather Belt

Leather belts are super classy and go with anything.

Fabric Shaver

No self respecting stylish person is going out with pilled clothes! This helps make removing those easier – no more using the razor.

Adult Stocking Stuffers For Travelers

Travel gifts are great on their own in a stocking, but would be even better alongside a surprise trip for Christmas. It’s very convenient that travel-sized items are also perfectly stocking sized too. We also have a post filled with travel stocking stuffers too.

Luggage Tags

Travel Toothpaste

Hand Sanitizer

Pocket Language Book

Travel Bottles

City Guide

Ear Plugs

Travel Toiletries

Passport Holder

Cocktail Kit

Money Belt

Airplane Phone Holder

Mini White Noise Machine

TSA Lock

Luggage Scale

Wet Wipes

Adult Stocking Stuffers For Tech Lovers

These are for all the nerds, geeks, tech bros, and anyone who needs some technology additions or upgrades around the holidays. Extra chargers are probably my go to, but there are so many cool techy gifts to add to an adult’s stocking. 

Electronics Cleaning Putty

Cable Organizer

Cable Ties

Extra Chargers

Phone Holder

Memory Cards

Screen Cleaner

Screen-Friendly Gloves

Electric Air Duster


Wireless Mouse

Video Games

Emergency Batery Charger

Wireless Heaphones


Adult Stocking Stuffers For Artists and Musicians

You can’t fit a whole guitar or easel in their stocking, so art and music supplies are the next best thing.  

Art Supplies

Guitar Strings

Guitar Picks

Personalized Guitar Capo

Mini Moleskine


Mini Stationary

Wooden Drawing Model

Art Dice


Music Book Clip

Adult Stocking Stuffers For The Office

Honestly, most of these gifts would be perfect for anyone who spends any time at work, whether it’s in the office or at home. 

Good Pen

Wrist Support Pad

Mini Desk Sign

Headphone Holder

Cute Push Pins