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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Kids

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the grown-ups. We love our littles, and Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to lavish them with some extra love. Here are some ideas to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your miniature sweethearts. Let your kids know that you appreciate and love them with some fun and tasty gifts, to put a smile on their faces.

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Clever Ways Of Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Kids

Bake sweet treats

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Together you can bake some pancakes and use cookie cutters to make them into hearts. Bake some heart shaped cookies and go a little crazy with pink frosting and red and white sprinkles. A strawberry cake would be a nice addition to your day. Use those little candy hearts to decorate the frosting. Do a quick search online and find a plethora of super creative sweet treat ideas.

Take it beyond baking and make a meal together. Choose your child’s favorite meal, or make a combination of all of your kids’ favorite foods, and set the table for the occasion. You could make it fancy and have everyone get dressed up. Have a little photo op before sitting down to your special dinner.

Craft and hang decorations.

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Cut out all sorts of hearts in various shapes and sizes and write little love notes on them. Tie them to a string and hang them from a doorway or across your mantel.

Make a heart-shaped sun-catcher with bits of pink and red tissue paper and contact paper. Cut a hollow heart shape out of construction paper for the outline and place it on the sticky side of the contact paper. Fill it in with the pieces of tissue paper being sure to leave some gaps, then cover the heart with the second piece of contact paper. Cut the heart out and use a hole punch to make a place to tie a string. Make several in different sizes and hang them in the windows throughout the house.

These are simple and easy ideas that you could expand on together. Just about anything that involves pink, red, and hearts will make for a great Valentine’s Day decoration.

Create and deliver Valentine’s Day cards

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As with the decorations, you and your kids can come up with some pretty and fun cards simply using hearts, pink, and red. Glitter is always a winner this time of year, too! You could copy down a little poem or a Scripture verse or whatever your child comes up with. Then bag up some of those sweet treats you have left over from baking, or make some extra special just for this, and stop by a few of your neighbors’ houses together and hand-deliver the special gifts. Drive to grandma’s and deliver hers with a hug and a kiss. Or take a trip to the post office together to send them out to some long-distance loved ones.

Read Valentine’s Day books

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Take a trip together to the library and pick out a handful of books about Valentine’s Day or just about love. (You could find some good Valentine’s craft and baking books here, too!) Read some together while at the library or bring them home and snuggle up for an afternoon of reading.

Wear heart-covered PJs and snuggle in front of a movie

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If your kids don’t have Valentine’s Day PJs yet, head on out to the store and buy some! It’ll be fun to go shopping together (don’t forget the sprinkles and candy hearts), and it’ll be extra special to find some matching jammies. Go ahead and grab some super soft heart-covered socks, too.

The movie you watch together doesn’t need to have any sort of Valentine’s Day theme, but if it’s something your kids love and you are right there watching it with them, your kids will feel the love.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with the little people in your life can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it. In the end, your kids will know you love them, and that is the ultimate goal.

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