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Easter Gift Ideas for Church | Ministry gift ideas | Christian Easter Gift Ideas | Fun ideas for Easter at Church | What to buy our Congregation for Easter | Easter prizes | Easter Egg Hunt at Church | Jesus inspired presents | Sunday School prizes

Help spread the news of the resurrection of Jesus this Easter at during Sunday school, and brighten the children’s day with fun gifts that fit perfectly into the Easter holiday. I have some wonderful gifts ideas perfect for Sunday School! If you are thinking of giving each child a small gift or incorporate the gift …

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Gift Ideas for a Pastor | Creative Christian Gifts | Thank you gifts for a minister | What to buy a priest | Christmas presents for ministry | Jesus gift ideas | Birthday presents for clergy

The pastor at your church would love a gift from you to say thank you, just because, or maybe he has a special occasion coming up soon. You feel like he has everything he could ever want or need, and aren’t sure what to get him. Don’t despair, this list is just waiting for you! …

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Gift Ideas for a Pastor's Wife | Pastoral team gift ideas | Fun gifts for a pastor's wife | Spouse of a pastor gifts | Thank you gifts for wives | Christian gift ideas | Cute Jesus gifts | Ministry gift ideas | How to say thanks to a spouse

When your friend is a pastor’s wife, or you simply need to get a gift for the wife of the pastor at your church, it might be hard to find just the right one. She is not the one who does the sermon every Sunday, but she does so many other things for the church …

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Father's Day Gifts for Christian Dads | Creative Father's Day Gifts for My Dad | What to buy my dad for father's day | Gifts for men | Unique presents for my daddy | What to get my husband for father's day | Gifts for Dads | Presents for Men | Presents for my child's father | Step-Dad gifts | Affordable Father's Day gifts | Stepfather Gifts | Jesus Gifts | Christian presents

Whether your dad or another dad you know is a Christian, you will probably want to customize his gift for Father’s Day. There are so many different things you can choose for him and at the same time, you want to get him something he will truly like. He is a godly man, trying to …

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Baptism Gifting - Essentials for Godparents and Guests

The baptism ceremony is important for Christians around the world. Godparents and guests may wonder what the most appropriate gifts are for this event that celebrates the infant’s entrance into the faith and the etiquette surrounding baptism gifting. Gifts may differ in accordance with a particular branch of Christianity. The following tips will help godparents …

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